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Author Topic: The AME just celebrated its 3rd Birthday  (Read 3136 times)
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« on: March 22, 2010, 08:40:29 AM »

On March 20 of this year, the AME celebrated its 3rd birthday.  Here is a tid bit from our resident member and part time mascot, QSW -

The AME will be 3 years old on March 20th.

Some AME History

20 March 2007 is the exact date that I received an e-mail from Maximus of the NWVault asking me to brain storm with MokahTGS about a new type of Vault award. Originally the idea was to perhaps change the way the MoTY  was done on the Vault. Failing that, a new Oscar's type of award that would be run by a committee of module builders and CC'ers.

It was a exciting and interesting idea, but a high risk one we felt. Originally MokahTGS suggested awards for several catagories and nominations would be restricted to a mix of criteria such as community votes, downloads, a reviewed score of 8.0 or above, etc. We at the Reviewer's Guild felt the condition of the Reviewer's Award being part of the criteria would cause far too many problems, especially for the guild. That idea was thankfully dropped! Initially there were only going to be 21 committee members, and we got that many...but many didn't/couldn't stay the course; some joined but were unable to contribute due to other commitments. As it is with many groups, the real workload is never truly realized until a while later.

There was always the risk that this new award would backfire and upset a lot of people. After all, it could easily appear to the community that an 'elite' group of people were deciding which works did and did not deserve a special award. It could have turned into a group of buddy module builders all patting each other on the back, and snubbing someone because of some gripe or jealously. Thankfully these worries did not come about, and in order that the idea did not die we got temporary forums hosted by the Reviewer's Guild until a more permanent home could be found.

We had all sorts of people involved at the start, the workload was as you can imagine, huge. Our criteria for the  first 2006 GDA awards was to be a testing ground for how well those rules worked. By the time the 2007 GDA awards came round, we wanted a solid set of criteria for both NWN1 & (the then new game) NWN2.

In late June/early July, the AME founder MokahTGS told us he wouldn't be able to continue as the chairman, or likely contribute to the AME any further as real life was bogging him down. I don't mind admitting that was a worrying time, the membership while they worked well together, needed a chairman! Andarian stepped up to the mark and kept things running for some time (months!), but could not take on the official mantle of chairman at that time. It was Andarian that recommended BenWH for that position, which became a reality towards the end of September 2007. If it hadn't been for Andarian, and later BenWH; I honestly don't think the AME would have survived its first award cycle.

Happy 3rd Birthday AME!

On behalf of the AME, I would like to thank you for your continued support!  Thank you very much!

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the members, fans and supporters of the AME.  Without you, we would not exist and none of what we have done would have been possible.  Thank you!

I live by the motto:  "Safety 3rd"
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