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Author Topic: 2007 AME NWN2 GDA winner IRC chat log  (Read 10585 times)
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« on: September 13, 2008, 05:16:00 PM »

Well, we had our first GDA winner IRC chat today.  We had some of the winners in the chatroom with us.  The chat started at 9am Pacific Time (GMT -7) on 13 September 2008.  We all had a good time in the chat and wish you could have been there!

Here were the attendees:

Alex "Hugie" Hugon - Best Action Module for Moonshadows Chapter 1
Adam Miller - Veteran Author Award & Best Adventure Module for Dark Waters Chapter 1:  Highcastle
Ocanthus of BM Productions - Best Multiplayer Module for Tomb of Horrors Revisited
Hellfire and Baron of Robinson Workshop - Best Tileset Award for Deep Halls Tileset
Wyrin - Best Role Playing Module for Dark Avenger Chapter 1

So, here's how the chat went.

[2008-09-13 19:16:35] <@AME_Tybae> Alright, guys.  Let's get this show on the road.  We'll start by introducing yourselves going on the list top to bottom.  If someone lags behind, go ahead and step in.  For the winners, please tell us what you won.
[2008-09-13 19:16:43] <@AME_Andarian> Adam: Again? I remember that from the 70s...
[2008-09-13 19:17:05] <Adam> I think he's working on an afro.
[2008-09-13 19:17:18] <@AME_Tybae> ActorOfVeil, that's your queue
[2008-09-13 19:17:24] <@AME_ActorOfVeil> I guess I'm on the top. I am ActorOfVeil, quite recently joined in AME.
[2008-09-13 19:17:30] <@AME_Andarian> I'm Andarian, Vice-Chairman of the Academy for Modding Excellence
[2008-09-13 19:17:46] <@AME_Tybae> I'm Tybae, organizer of chaos and random pimp slapper.  AME member.
[2008-09-13 19:18:04] * @AME_Tybae slaps Ben
[2008-09-13 19:18:12] <@BGPHughes> I'm Ben aka BGPHughes, Chairman of AME for the mo
[2008-09-13 19:18:19] <@BGPHughes> various other stuff
[2008-09-13 19:18:29] <@AME_Tybae> Mo?  Month?  Moronic?
[2008-09-13 19:18:33] <Hugie> moment
[2008-09-13 19:18:38] <@BGPHughes> money
[2008-09-13 19:18:42] <Hugie> crap
[2008-09-13 19:18:43] <@BGPHughes> rofl
[2008-09-13 19:18:51] * BGPHughes checks empty pockets
[2008-09-13 19:19:01] <@AME_Tybae> Adam, you're next
[2008-09-13 19:19:20] <Adam> I'm Adam Miller, author of Shadowlords,
[2008-09-13 19:19:26] <Adam> Dreamcatcher, Demon
[2008-09-13 19:19:29] <Adam> etc.
[2008-09-13 19:19:50] <Ashercon> Hello all Ashercon from the NWN Podcast. The one that sounds like a hick! We have really enjoyed getting to interview some of the winners! Looking forward to doing more!
[2008-09-13 19:20:02] <Baron_RWS> Baron - Robinson Workshop - best tilest winner and all around swell guy.
[2008-09-13 19:20:08] <Hellfire_RWS> IM Hellfire Co starter or RWS, Modeler, Texturer, animator.. etc
[2008-09-13 19:20:15] * BGPHughes stifles a guffaw
[2008-09-13 19:20:20] <Hugie> I'm Hugie!
[2008-09-13 19:20:24] <@AME_Tybae> lol
[2008-09-13 19:20:26] <Hugie> And I won an award!
[2008-09-13 19:20:41] <Hugie> (best action, again, huzzah!)
[2008-09-13 19:20:54] <@AME_Tybae> Johnny, you around?
[2008-09-13 19:21:11] <@AME_Andarian> Just for the record: Adam is winner of the NWN2 Veteran Author Award, and NWN2 Best Adventure Module for Dark Waters 1: Highcastle
[2008-09-13 19:21:29] <@AME_Tybae> Adam, who....?  Wink
[2008-09-13 19:21:43] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie won NWN2 Best Action Module for Moonshadows 1
[2008-09-13 19:21:49] * Ree is around
[2008-09-13 19:22:03] * Wyrin is the author of the Dark Avenger series, for which he won the NWN2 GDA for Best Roleplaying Module for Chapter 1
[2008-09-13 19:22:10] <Ree> "unless there are any other Jonny├Žs around Tongue"
[2008-09-13 19:22:16] <@AME_Tybae> I don't think so
[2008-09-13 19:22:25] <Hellfire_RWS> not yet, but your clones are growing nicely
[2008-09-13 19:22:32] <@AME_Tybae> Care to introduce yourself?
[2008-09-13 19:22:48] <Ree> uhm, sure.
[2008-09-13 19:23:11] <Ree> I'm Jonny Ree a creature/character modeller.
[2008-09-13 19:23:26] <Ree> From Bouncyrock
[2008-09-13 19:23:48] <@sirchet> Hi all
[2008-09-13 19:23:59] <Hugie> Ahoy, Sir Chet!
[2008-09-13 19:24:05] <Ree> Hello Sirchet
[2008-09-13 19:24:13] <@AME_Andarian> Hi Chet -- just in time to introduce yourself!
[2008-09-13 19:24:16] <@sirchet> almost didn't find the channel
[2008-09-13 19:24:23] <@sirchet> ok Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:24:36] * @AME_Tybae keeps things well hidden.  Wink
[2008-09-13 19:24:37] <@AME_Qk> hello, i'm just Qk... errr you all know me Cheesy
[2008-09-13 19:24:55] <@AME_Tybae> Yes, we love 2 meter tall cockroaches. Wink
[2008-09-13 19:25:20] <@AME_Qk> all but hellfire Cheesy
[2008-09-13 19:25:41] <Hellfire_RWS> :|
[2008-09-13 19:25:41] <@AME_Tybae> *******Question**********  For all GDA winners
[2008-09-13 19:25:42] * Ashercon waves
[2008-09-13 19:25:48] <@sirchet> I'm Chet, aka sirchet and Marcus "Wayne" Schlegel couldn't make it but asked if I would answer any questions for him. Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:26:04] <@BGPHughes> As long as I can answer Hugie's that's fine
[2008-09-13 19:26:20] <Hugie> w00t now I can go have lunch, thanks Ben!
[2008-09-13 19:26:20] <@sirchet> Kinda funny, I'm also part of AME, (they let me hang out)
[2008-09-13 19:26:37] <@AME_Tybae> Has winning the GDA award changed your mod, world or community relations?
[2008-09-13 19:26:50] <@sirchet> Dying to hear Hugie's take on things
[2008-09-13 19:27:13] <Hugie> Winning this award has absolutely rocked the foundations of my world-wide reputation.
[2008-09-13 19:27:18] * @AME_Tybae has something special planned for Hugie....... (insert evil laugh here)
[2008-09-13 19:27:29] <@sirchet> heh heh
[2008-09-13 19:27:49] <Hugie> *is afraid*
[2008-09-13 19:27:51] <Ashercon> nice
[2008-09-13 19:27:58] <@AME_Qk> oh yes, i'll save an email Hugie, the spanish translation of Moonshadows will be released today
[2008-09-13 19:28:02] * @AME_Tybae slaps all GDA winners, except Hugie
[2008-09-13 19:28:07] <@AME_Qk> if the vault updates
[2008-09-13 19:28:13] <Hugie> whoa!  Haha I forgot about that!
[2008-09-13 19:28:39] <@AME_Tybae> Anyone else have an answer?
[2008-09-13 19:28:45] <Wyrin> Changed the mod... not really, but watcing the comments and votes i think it attracted more p[eople to try it out and play
[2008-09-13 19:28:52] <@AME_Tybae> Baron, Hellfire, Adam???
[2008-09-13 19:29:01] <Hellfire_RWS> it hasnt changed anything for me
[2008-09-13 19:29:19] <Hellfire_RWS> just my own personal satisfaction at winning the award
[2008-09-13 19:29:31] <Wyrin> was nice extra publicity for the launch of chapter 2
[2008-09-13 19:29:42] <Hellfire_RWS> HOF can easly be set up if you know enough ppl, not so with teh GDA IMO
[2008-09-13 19:29:47] <Baron_RWS> Not substantially....since Deep halls was our first had already pretty much garnered all its downloads...i can take a quick look but we have maybe seen another 100 or so DL's of it since the GDA
[2008-09-13 19:29:52] <@sirchet> I must say tat Wayne has pushed us, (rest of his team) harder after PORR won an award
[2008-09-13 19:29:53] <@AME_Tybae> Indeed, you found out before I could even post on your forums, Hellfire.  You must have been watching the site like a hawk.
][2008-09-13 19:29:55] <@BGPHughes> I wanted to ask that - have more people stopped by since you won?
[2008-09-13 19:29:56] <Hugie> What Hellfire said.
[2008-09-13 19:30:10] <Adam> I always appreciate the recognition.  It keeps me motivated, especially during the final push for a big undertaking like Dark Waters.
[2008-09-13 19:30:13] <Baron_RWS> But it was neat being recognised...
[2008-09-13 19:30:37] <Wyrin> ditto
[2008-09-13 19:30:38] <Baron_RWS> @AME_Tybae - We were Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:30:47] <@BGPHughes> Has anyone given you negative comments because you won?
[2008-09-13 19:31:02] <@BGPHughes> (sorry Tybae - I keep interrupting!)
[2008-09-13 19:31:02] <@AME_Tybae> I think the Podcast crew has been an invaluable piece of marketing for the AME and the GDA awards.
[2008-09-13 19:31:08] <Baron_RWS> Nope nothing but positives
[2008-09-13 19:31:10] <@AME_Tybae> No worries
[2008-09-13 19:31:18] * @AME_Tybae sicks the Gnomes on Ben
[2008-09-13 19:31:26] <Wyrin> BGPHughes: i did wonder if I'd get some people stopping by and saying "what is this drivvel, H&C shoulda got it.." but thankfully no Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:31:28] <@sirchet> YAY! PodCast!!
[2008-09-13 19:31:33] <@AME_Tybae> They are good questions!
[2008-09-13 19:31:46] <@BGPHughes> They just send those to me Wyrin
[2008-09-13 19:31:48] <Ashercon> Glad to help!!
[2008-09-13 19:31:49] <@BGPHughes> Wink
[2008-09-13 19:31:53] <Wyrin> lol
[2008-09-13 19:31:53] <Hellfire_RWS> what baron said
[2008-09-13 19:32:16] <@AME_Tybae> ***********Question***********  For Adam and Wyrin.
[2008-09-13 19:32:22] <Adam> I haven't gotten anything negative . . .
[2008-09-13 19:32:42] <Adam> I used to get a fair amount of "your module sucks" e-mails back in the day.
[2008-09-13 19:32:48] <Adam> But I haven't much lately.
[2008-09-13 19:32:50] <@AME_Tybae> When making a series of modules do feel it easy or hard to make a satisfying conclusion to your sagas?
[2008-09-13 19:32:56] <@sirchet> hard to believe
[2008-09-13 19:32:57] <Adam> My standard response is "sorry it wasn't to your liking"
[2008-09-13 19:33:05] <Adam> Endings are really hard.
[2008-09-13 19:33:12] <Adam> It was nearly my undoing with Demon.
[2008-09-13 19:33:19] * @AME_Tybae thinks naysayers of Adam's work are nuts
[2008-09-13 19:33:25] <Adam> The first ending kinda sucked, so I made a very quick expansion.
[2008-09-13 19:33:30] <Adam> Which had a more satisfying ending.
[2008-09-13 19:33:45] <Adam> Note to self - people like to defeat an evil bad guy in the end.
[2008-09-13 19:33:51] <@BGPHughes> Too true
[2008-09-13 19:33:54] <@AME_Tybae> lol
[2008-09-13 19:33:55] <@AME_Andarian> Adam: The first ending to Demon, or DW1?
[2008-09-13 19:33:59] <Adam> Demon.
[2008-09-13 19:34:13] <Adam> The end was more like a family reunion.
[2008-09-13 19:34:20] <Wyrin> it's hard to get the balance of a good point to leave players wanting more... when you realise the 'more' is going to come months down the line when they won't feel as drivven to explore it
[2008-09-13 19:34:23] <@sirchet> or be the evil bad guy Wink
[2008-09-13 19:34:28] <@BGPHughes> But you also have to have a bit of 'what happened next/happy stuff' for most too
[2008-09-13 19:34:28] <Adam> And I think people responded with a "huh"?
[2008-09-13 19:34:36] <@AME_Tybae> Great segway, Wyrin
[2008-09-13 19:34:56] <@AME_Andarian> Segue
[2008-09-13 19:35:15] <@BGPHughes> Saskatchewan?
[2008-09-13 19:35:23] <Hugie> monkeys?
[2008-09-13 19:35:27] <@AME_Tybae> Sasquatch
[2008-09-13 19:35:39] <@AME_Tybae> Where's Skunk when you need him?
[2008-09-13 19:35:40] * BGPHughes scratches his head
[2008-09-13 19:35:42] <Wyrin> first time ever my writing compared to a two-wheeled electripod - thanks!
[2008-09-13 19:35:45] <Wyrin> Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:35:51] <@sirchet> darn edumacated peoples
[2008-09-13 19:35:53] <@AME_Andarian> lol
[2008-09-13 19:36:08] <@AME_Tybae> **********Question*********** for Hugie, Adam and Wyrin
[2008-09-13 19:36:09] <Adam> Do other folks try to work on multiple endings?  I'm shooting for a wide variety of endings and I find it somewhat challenging.
[2008-09-13 19:36:11] <@BGPHughes> Now we all have to go and find online dictionaries
[2008-09-13 19:36:30] <@AME_Tybae> Do you find it difficult to find a point to separate your chapters leaving the player wanting more?
[2008-09-13 19:36:37] <@AME_Andarian> Adam: hold that question, I'll come back to it...
[2008-09-13 19:36:52] <Hugie> Bwahaha, that's a mean question.
[2008-09-13 19:36:58] <@BGPHughes> Yeah - I'm not a winner, but I'd like to answer that one too
[2008-09-13 19:37:08] <@AME_Tybae> That will be the next question, Adam, since I know you do have to leave soon
[2008-09-13 19:37:26] <Adam> Sometimes chapters break nicely depending on the gameplay elements.
[2008-09-13 19:37:28] <@AME_Tybae> Ok anyone can step up.
[2008-09-13 19:37:30] <Hugie> I actually had no issues determining a good stopping point for Moonshadows.  I think the ending cliff-hanger was one of the highlights...which is mighily ironic. Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:37:47] <Hugie> (considering I won't be finishing the series -- OOPS.)[2008-09-13 19:37:55] <Adam> DW1 was a dungeon crawl while DW2 was ship focused.
[2008-09-13 19:37:56] <@sirchet> Hunh!
[2008-09-13 19:38:05] <Adam> But DW2 had to stop due to time issues.
[2008-09-13 19:38:06] * @AME_Tybae plots to assassinate Hugie.  Wink
[2008-09-13 19:38:21] <Wyrin> well, the chapter breaks are more defined by the plot for me - it's the cutscenes outro's that need the extra work to help reveal more of the plot and close off the existing chapter
[2008-09-13 19:38:22] <Adam> In reality they work best with no delay between DW2 and DW3.
[2008-09-13 19:39:02] * @AME_Andarian nods (to both Adam and Wyrin)
[2008-09-13 19:39:06] <Adam> The chapter breaks in Shadowlords and Dreamcatcher were smoother.
[2008-09-13 19:39:20] <@BGPHughes> me waves
[2008-09-13 19:39:25] <@BGPHughes> or something
[2008-09-13 19:39:36] <@AME_Tybae> Hi Ocanthus.  Just in time
[2008-09-13 19:39:41] <@sirchet> *nods to Ocanthus*
[2008-09-13 19:39:44] <Ocanthus> Sorry i'm late
[2008-09-13 19:39:46] <@AME_ActorOfVeil> Hey Hugie. If you don't finish Moonshadows can someone else?
[2008-09-13 19:39:48] <@AME_Tybae> No worries
[2008-09-13 19:40:15] <Hugie> @ActorOfVeil: Hmm.  I would have to think about it, I guess.
[2008-09-13 19:40:21] <@AME_Tybae> **********Question***************
[2008-09-13 19:40:36] <@AME_Tybae> Do other folks try to work on multiple endings?  What are the challenges you run into

[2008-09-13 19:40:47] * AME_BGPHughes has deja vu
[2008-09-13 19:41:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> Biggest challenge for me is not having a 'favourite' ending
[2008-09-13 19:41:11] <@AME_Tybae> Oh, yeah, just a note, if you think of a question, just PM me with it and I'll probably get to it.  I don't have a large list of questions.
[2008-09-13 19:41:12] <@AME_BGPHughes> and working in a way that sends people predominantly in that direction
[2008-09-13 19:41:25] <Adam> Having the endings flow logically from the player's decision is tricky.
[2008-09-13 19:41:30] <@AME_Tybae> brb
[2008-09-13 19:41:42] <Adam> I liked the two endings in Shadowlords as they weren't obviously good or bad.
[2008-09-13 19:41:42] <@sirchet> making them not to hard for the players to find, hidden endings seem to not be found... PORR
[2008-09-13 19:42:00] <Hugie> I haven't done a whole lot with multiple endings thus far...Moonshadows 2 was going to have dual-plot-paths, but, well, yeah.
[2008-09-13 19:42:03] <@AME_BGPHughes> Yeah - you can't hide the good stuff too deeply, it always gets missed
[2008-09-13 19:42:13] <@sirchet> yup
[2008-09-13 19:42:23] <@AME_BGPHughes> better to put the second rate stuff as optional
[2008-09-13 19:42:24] <Wyrin> Not multiple endings per se - but perhaps trying let the player feel he is driving the ending for his/her own reasons
[2008-09-13 19:42:24] <Adam> I tend to have multiple endings for quests more often than the overall module.
[2008-09-13 19:42:26] <@AME_BGPHughes> (or not have it)
[2008-09-13 19:42:33] <Adam> If you have too many endings, it requires a ton of extra work.
[2008-09-13 19:42:37] <@AME_Andarian> I'm not much of a fan of multiple endings, but that's because I prefer relatively linear storytelling designs.
[2008-09-13 19:42:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> I'm with Adam
[2008-09-13 19:43:08] <Hugie> I agree with Adam -- multiple endings for sidequest stuff is more up my alley.
[2008-09-13 19:43:13] <@AME_Andarian> I tend to like to focus more on variations in the path to the ending
[2008-09-13 19:43:21] * Wyrin nods
[2008-09-13 19:43:37] <Hugie> That also makes sequels easier -- you don't have to worry about which ending they got previously.
[2008-09-13 19:43:46] <Ocanthus> i don't try for multiple endings, too much additional work
[2008-09-13 19:43:49] <@AME_Andarian> Yep -- you can use the branch and re-merge plot technique to keep the amount of work from getting out of control
[2008-09-13 19:44:14] <Adam> I have to head out fairly soon . . .
[2008-09-13 19:44:27] <@sirchet> but sometimes the different endings have such very different dialogs
[2008-09-13 19:44:36] <@AME_Tybae> Any parting words, or thanks you'd like to give Adam?
[2008-09-13 19:44:52] <Adam> You can send check or money orders to . . .
[2008-09-13 19:44:54] <Adam> Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:45:13] <Ashercon> Hey Adam, we want to have you on the show again!
[2008-09-13 19:45:15] <Hugie> hehe
[2008-09-13 19:45:16] <Adam> Thanks everyone.
[2008-09-13 19:45:17] <@sirchet> visa, mastercard?
[2008-09-13 19:45:21] <Adam> That would be lots of fun.
[2008-09-13 19:45:24] <Adam> Just drop me an e-mail.
[2008-09-13 19:45:29] <@AME_Tybae> Where do I swipe my card?
[2008-09-13 19:45:30] <Ashercon> ok
[2008-09-13 19:45:35] <Adam> I'm off to watch little girls do karate.
[2008-09-13 19:45:37] <@sirchet> heh heh
[2008-09-13 19:45:39] <@AME_BGPHughes> Adam - check your PM, there's a link there
[2008-09-13 19:45:43] <Adam> Have a great weekend all . . .
[2008-09-13 19:45:47] <@AME_BGPHughes> (forums)
[2008-09-13 19:45:48] <Hugie> cya!
[2008-09-13 19:45:49] <@AME_Andarian> Bye Adam
[2008-09-13 19:45:50] <@AME_Tybae> You too Adam
[2008-09-13 19:45:52] <Wyrin> bye
[2008-09-13 19:45:57] <@sirchet> see ya!
[2008-09-13 19:46:06] <Baron_RWS> farewell
[2008-09-13 19:46:07] <@AME_ActorOfVeil> Have a nice day.
[2008-09-13 19:46:08] <Adam> I'll check it when I get a chance . . .
[2008-09-13 19:46:08] <Adam> Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:46:13] <Adam> Bye all.
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« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2008, 05:38:51 PM »

[2008-09-13 19:46:17] <@AME_Tybae> ************Question**************  For RWS
[2008-09-13 19:46:54] <@AME_Tybae> I am on your forums quite often.  I see that you guys do more than just tilesets.  Could you elaborate on those projects a little?

[2008-09-13 19:47:26] <Hellfire_RWS> I / we are getting a little burnt out on tilesets
[2008-09-13 19:47:46] <Baron_RWS> and when we say a little.. we mean.. alot
[2008-09-13 19:47:48] <Hellfire_RWS> so we are expandng to do more palceables, adn I have started working on monster conversions
[2008-09-13 19:47:55] <@sirchet> more bridges... please Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:48:03] <@AME_Tybae> You only have like 17 in construction.......  (exaggerates)
[2008-09-13 19:48:05] <@AME_Andarian> Very nice -- we need more creatures in NWN2
[2008-09-13 19:48:11] <Hellfire_RWS> I also plan on making more tutorials for other NWN2 CC
[2008-09-13 19:48:24] <Hellfire_RWS> it feels like 17
[2008-09-13 19:48:29] <Ocanthus> Yes, the lack of classic Monster Manual monsters is borderline criminal
[2008-09-13 19:48:37] <Hellfire_RWS> actually its 2-3
[2008-09-13 19:48:42] <Ocanthus> no Medusae? WHAT???
[2008-09-13 19:48:44] * @AME_Tybae agrees with Ocanthus
[2008-09-13 19:48:51] <@AME_BGPHughes> Yeah, I do too
[2008-09-13 19:48:56] <Baron_RWS> we tend to run off in a myriad of directions and then let enthusiasm finish our projects for us
[2008-09-13 19:48:58] <Hellfire_RWS>
[2008-09-13 19:49:20] <@AME_Andarian> Myconid!
[2008-09-13 19:49:21] <Ocanthus> when do we get a myconid?
[2008-09-13 19:49:24] <@AME_Tybae> Johnny, you have anything to say on the subject of creatures, since we're talking about them?
[2008-09-13 19:49:57] <Hellfire_RWS> the miconid will be ready soon as i learn how to model / weight skin correctly
[2008-09-13 19:50:09] <Hellfire_RWS> currently complete are Gel Cube and slimes
[2008-09-13 19:50:13] <@AME_Tybae> I'm assuming that's 3dsMax
[2008-09-13 19:50:19] <Wyrin> should go really well withthe fungi speedtree work
[2008-09-13 19:50:20] <@AME_Andarian> Hellfire: What program do you use for your modeling?
[2008-09-13 19:50:23] <Hellfire_RWS> yeah, thats a max shot
[2008-09-13 19:50:32] <Hellfire_RWS> 3ds max 7
[2008-09-13 19:50:41] <Ocanthus> Gel Cubes are my favorite ooze
[2008-09-13 19:50:49] * @AME_Tybae is just learning Max.  That third axis gets me confused
[2008-09-13 19:51:16] <@sirchet> will we ever get a gelatinous cube?
[2008-09-13 19:51:21] <Hellfire_RWS>
[2008-09-13 19:51:21] <@AME_Andarian> I've been meaning to ask this of someone who does modeling for NWN2: Does the Exportron support newer versions of 3DS Max yet?
[2008-09-13 19:51:33] <Hellfire_RWS> it supports max 7 and 8
[2008-09-13 19:51:35] <@AME_Andarian> Last I heard it wouldn't work with Max 9
[2008-09-13 19:51:50] <Hellfire_RWS> i need testers for the cube actually
[2008-09-13 19:51:51] <Hugie> that is kind of totally the awesomest thing I've ever seen
[2008-09-13 19:51:56] <Hellfire_RWS> more ppl testing it the better
[2008-09-13 19:52:00] <Baron_RWS> while HF works on that I'm trying to finish up 2 projects of my own...
[2008-09-13 19:52:07] <@AME_Tybae> Word is that ThriKreen is working on an exporter for Max 9
[2008-09-13 19:52:08] <@sirchet> *raises hand* to volunteer
[2008-09-13 19:52:14] <Hellfire_RWS> and im workign with baron on 2 projects Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:52:43] <Hellfire_RWS> link sent
[2008-09-13 19:52:45] <@AME_Tybae> which is the version I have.  damn you Vista!!!!!!
[2008-09-13 19:52:51] <Baron_RWS> so yeah we got alot onthe boards as it were
[2008-09-13 19:53:12] <Hellfire_RWS> dark ruins is close to complete
[2008-09-13 19:53:19] <Hellfire_RWS> then we need to finish ship decs Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:53:22] <Hellfire_RWS> decks
[2008-09-13 19:53:41] <@AME_Tybae> ***********Question***********  For RWS
[2008-09-13 19:53:42] <Baron_RWS> Back to the question though....apart from tilesets.. we have hellfires creatures...then we have our mesoamerican placeables collection (which will include a matching tileset)
[2008-09-13 19:54:01] <@sirchet> WoooT!
[2008-09-13 19:54:08] <@sirchet> ahem, sorry
[2008-09-13 19:54:21] <Hellfire_RWS> then there is the keep project
[2008-09-13 19:54:21] <@AME_Tybae> When you decide to create a new tileset, how do you choose what to create next?
[2008-09-13 19:54:34] * @AME_Tybae has seen the keep.  It's amazing.
[2008-09-13 19:54:35] <Hellfire_RWS> umm
[2008-09-13 19:54:49] <Baron_RWS> well we have run threads on the bioware forums seeking opinion
[2008-09-13 19:55:07] <Baron_RWS> we look at that first and then try to determine what WE would like to do
[2008-09-13 19:55:41] <Hellfire_RWS> I had a gothic and a jungle tileset that i scrapped
[2008-09-13 19:55:56] <Hellfire_RWS> basically we model stuff and if we get a design we like we run with it
[2008-09-13 19:55:58] <Hellfire_RWS> Smiley
[2008-09-13 19:55:59] <Baron_RWS> Then i start cranking out very basic geometry till we hit a feel we like...
[2008-09-13 19:56:27] <Baron_RWS> for example...the Deep Halls set which won the award was actually something we started for nwn1
[2008-09-13 19:56:35] <@sirchet> basic he says... heh heh
[2008-09-13 19:57:01] <Baron_RWS> I have probably 250 tiles for that set modelled many didnt make the cut
[2008-09-13 19:58:07] <@AME_Tybae> ***********Question***********  For Ocanthus
[2008-09-13 19:58:38] <@AME_Tybae> Do you find it more challenging modding for MP vs. SP?

[2008-09-13 19:59:22] <Ocanthus> Ignorance is bliss...and I'm pretty blissful. I've never made an SP module, so I don't really know
[2008-09-13 20:00:14] <Ocanthus> I only play NWN2 in MP mode, so that is what I focus on in the toolset
[2008-09-13 20:00:25] <@AME_ActorOfVeil> But Tomb of Horros can be played as a single player, right?
[2008-09-13 20:00:27] <@sirchet> PW?
[2008-09-13 20:00:55] <Ocanthus> yes, it can be, but it has almost no story
[2008-09-13 20:01:24] <Ocanthus> no, i haven't gotten into PWs yet. I've dabbled a bit, but none have grabbed me
[2008-09-13 20:01:59] <@AME_Tybae> Do you ever think of making one?
[2008-09-13 20:02:13] <Ocanthus> the biggest problems, from what i gather in the forums, is keeping the story flowing right in an MP. if you don't have much story, problem solved!
[2008-09-13 20:02:22] <Ocanthus> Making a PW?
[2008-09-13 20:02:26] <@AME_Tybae> Yes
[2008-09-13 20:02:33] <@AME_Tybae> Being vague is my specialyt
[2008-09-13 20:02:42] <@AME_Tybae> *specialty
[2008-09-13 20:02:48] <@sirchet> *pays close attention*
[2008-09-13 20:02:53] <Ocanthus> We've been asked by one PW to convert Tomb for his PW
[2008-09-13 20:03:17] <Ocanthus> But we've never explored the PW path too much
[2008-09-13 20:04:06] <@AME_Tybae> What's the reason for not exploring the PW path?  Too many things going on?  Not your specialty?
[2008-09-13 20:04:09] <Ocanthus> our current project has much more story, and it has caused some heartburn wrt convos and scripts
[2008-09-13 20:04:32] <@AME_Tybae> Some other reason?
[2008-09-13 20:04:44] * @AME_Tybae is too scatter-brained for his own good
[2008-09-13 20:04:55] <Ocanthus> no reason other than time, i suppose.
[2008-09-13 20:05:09] * @AME_Andarian nods
[2008-09-13 20:05:22] <Ocanthus> i do have a dedicated server, so i could host one, but i've just never considered it much
[2008-09-13 20:05:36] <@AME_Tybae> **********Question***********  for everyone.
[2008-09-13 20:05:47] <@AME_Andarian> If you have a plot, you have to spend time making sure to script it so that it flows well and consistently wrt conversations and possible events
[2008-09-13 20:06:04] <@AME_Tybae> Anything planned for the future?  That is, shameless plug time!
[2008-09-13 20:06:18] <Wyrin> hehe
[2008-09-13 20:06:23] <@sirchet> AHTTDR Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:07:05] * @AME_Tybae casts wall of wind in advance of ammunition coming his way
[2008-09-13 20:07:06] <Ocanthus> Tomb of Horrors DMFI version!
[2008-09-13 20:07:15] <@AME_Andarian> I've got some things planned for NWN1, but nothing soon for NWN2
[2008-09-13 20:07:16] <Baron_RWS> We plan a fairly large release about the time of SoZ release
[2008-09-13 20:07:19] <@AME_Tybae> I'm assuming some of you would have to shoot us if you told us
[2008-09-13 20:07:29] <@AME_BGPHughes> Yep
[2008-09-13 20:07:32] <Wyrin> Well, currently easing off building for a little while, but working on HalloWyreenfor the BouncyRock Halloween Extravaganza. But then plan to get back onto Chapter 3 of Dark Avenger
[2008-09-13 20:07:52] <Hellfire_RWS> Dark ruins
[2008-09-13 20:07:52] <Hellfire_RWS> monster pack
[2008-09-13 20:07:52] <Hellfire_RWS> ship tileset
[2008-09-13 20:07:52] <Hellfire_RWS> placeable pack
[2008-09-13 20:07:52] <Hellfire_RWS> more tutorials
[2008-09-13 20:07:54] <Hellfire_RWS> Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:08:03] <Baron_RWS> TKP
[2008-09-13 20:08:04] <@AME_Andarian> Eventually I'm planning to build the third part of the Sanctum series in NWN2, or more likely co-develop it in NWN1 and NWN2
[2008-09-13 20:08:04] <Ocanthus> Pharaoh Revisited before end of the year
[2008-09-13 20:08:09] <@AME_Tybae> What, that's it Hellfire.  Wink
[2008-09-13 20:08:10] <Hellfire_RWS> oh yeah TKP Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:08:24] <Hellfire_RWS> Pharaoh Revisited?Huh?
[2008-09-13 20:08:25] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie, what about you?
[2008-09-13 20:08:41] * @AME_Tybae aims flack cannon at Hugie
[2008-09-13 20:08:41] <Hugie> hmm, what, did someone say shameless plug time?!?!
[2008-09-13 20:08:43] <Hellfire_RWS> cusom mod otr a remake of I3?
[2008-09-13 20:08:53] <Hugie> hee hee hee
[2008-09-13 20:08:57] <Ocanthus> Aye, Hellfire, Pharaoh Revisited is almost done
[2008-09-13 20:09:06] <Hellfire_RWS> remake of I3
[2008-09-13 20:09:13] <Hugie> Well, school just started back up for me.
[2008-09-13 20:09:18] <Hellfire_RWS> I spent almost 2 years, making CC for the NWN1 version
[2008-09-13 20:09:30] <Hugie> So, free time is harder to find.  That said, I'm PLUGGING away (pun) on The Third Sign, my novel conversion.
[2008-09-13 20:09:34] <Hugie> Then there's Ossian stuff.
[2008-09-13 20:09:47] <@AME_Andarian> Near-term I'm still going to be building in NWN1 -- working on an update for Romantic Animations and Ridable Pegasi for Sanctum 2
[2008-09-13 20:09:50] <Hugie> if anyone's interested in that.
[2008-09-13 20:09:51] <Ocanthus> any of your CC converted to nwn2?
[2008-09-13 20:09:51] <@AME_ActorOfVeil> Currently working on BouncyRock's Halloween project. A bigger project is also on its way.
[2008-09-13 20:09:59] <@sirchet> Osian? who's that? heh heh
[2008-09-13 20:10:01] <Hellfire_RWS> yes, I started to
[2008-09-13 20:10:24] <@AME_BGPHughes> Ossian doing anything NW2 at present (if you can say)?
[2008-09-13 20:10:36] <Hellfire_RWS>
[2008-09-13 20:10:43] <Hellfire_RWS>
[2008-09-13 20:11:01] <Hellfire_RWS> I could convert the dust diggers in no time
[2008-09-13 20:11:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> Screenies are a must in an IRC chat - cool stuff!
[2008-09-13 20:11:02] <@sirchet> it's almost believable
[2008-09-13 20:11:46] <@AME_Andarian> Ben: OK, here's one:
[2008-09-13 20:11:57] <Ocanthus> DUST DIGGERS! oh my
[2008-09-13 20:12:00] <@AME_Tybae> Liking the obelisk.  
[2008-09-13 20:12:07] <Hugie> niiiiiiice Tony!
[2008-09-13 20:12:19] <Hellfire_RWS> I modeled everything that was needed for NWN1
[2008-09-13 20:12:23] <Ocanthus> that's some great stuff
[2008-09-13 20:12:25] <@AME_Tybae> Very nice, Tony
[2008-09-13 20:12:31] <Baron_RWS>
[2008-09-13 20:12:32] <Ashercon> COOL!!
[2008-09-13 20:12:47] <@AME_Andarian> Thanks Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:12:53] <@AME_BGPHughes> Tony, that's the one you were waiting for!
[2008-09-13 20:12:57] <Baron_RWS> that pegasus rocks!
[2008-09-13 20:13:00] <@AME_Tybae> That's awesome, Baron.
[2008-09-13 20:13:14] <@AME_Andarian> Ben: Yep, Hardpoints posted something that I could use a couple of weeks ago
[2008-09-13 20:13:19] <@AME_Tybae> That's with Hardpoint's
[2008-09-13 20:13:22] <@AME_Tybae> code that is
[2008-09-13 20:13:36] <Ocanthus> how can i use that CC?
[2008-09-13 20:13:57] <@AME_Andarian> Thanks, Baron!
[2008-09-13 20:14:38] <@AME_Tybae> I think that's for NWN1, Ocanthus, but could be converted to NWN2, right Tony?
[2008-09-13 20:14:50] <Ocanthus> afk
[2008-09-13 20:14:52] <@AME_Andarian> Ty, Ocanthus: That's right.
[2008-09-13 20:15:03] <Hugie> ...but it would also require "rideable" functionality.
[2008-09-13 20:15:12] <@AME_Tybae> It is rideable.
[2008-09-13 20:15:15] <@AME_Andarian> As far as I know, the NWN1 system of making ridable mounts won't work with NWN2
[2008-09-13 20:15:16] <@AME_Tybae> AFAIK
[2008-09-13 20:15:34] <Hellfire_RWS> I have found that NWN1 are very very close to NWN2 models, why coudnt they be ported
[2008-09-13 20:15:38] <@AME_Tybae> LOL, there is that, Tony.
[2008-09-13 20:15:40] <@AME_Andarian> I don't think NWN2 uses phenotypes, does it?
[2008-09-13 20:15:43] <Hugie> what tony said
[2008-09-13 20:15:49] <Hugie> correct

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« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2008, 05:39:31 PM »

[2008-09-13 20:16:15] <@AME_Tybae> ***********Question************  For Hugie
[2008-09-13 20:16:19] <Hugie> oh dear
[2008-09-13 20:16:28] <@AME_Tybae> What's this we hear about you abandoning Moonshadows?
[2008-09-13 20:16:29] <@AME_Andarian> Ridable mounts are tied up with phenotypes in NWN1. It places another creature as a tail model on the player
[2008-09-13 20:16:51] <Hugie> Yes, it's true! *gasp, faint*
[2008-09-13 20:16:54] <Hugie> Sorry guys.
[2008-09-13 20:17:06] <@sirchet> *clutches chest*
[2008-09-13 20:17:08] <@AME_Andarian> Giving it up for good, or just putting it off?
[2008-09-13 20:17:11] <Wyrin> for shame!
[2008-09-13 20:17:12] * @AME_Tybae wonders if Hugie has ever finished anything.  Wink
[2008-09-13 20:17:13] <Hugie> I'm working on too much contracted stuff to continue with Moonshadows right now.
[2008-09-13 20:17:21] <Hugie> Hmm, for good I think.
[2008-09-13 20:17:34] <Hugie> Dragon Age isn't too far away.
[2008-09-13 20:17:46] * @AME_Tybae is hearing good things about the toolset for DA
[2008-09-13 20:17:50] <Hugie> The Third Sign will be released June of 2009.
[2008-09-13 20:18:01] <Hugie> haha, Tybae, you ain't heard nothin' yet Wink
[2008-09-13 20:18:02] <Wyrin> Hugie: you working on the witcher too?
[2008-09-13 20:18:08] <Hugie> I am not.
[2008-09-13 20:18:21] <Hugie> Can't say more than that, unfortunately.
[2008-09-13 20:18:40] <@AME_Tybae> So you're tied up with TTS and Ossian stuff?
[2008-09-13 20:18:50] <Hugie> Correct.
[2008-09-13 20:19:01] <Hugie> And by the time I'm done with TTS this June, Dragon Age will be out/close to out
[2008-09-13 20:19:03] <@sirchet> where did I put those thumb screws...
[2008-09-13 20:19:11] <Hugie> so at that point I'll be able to just transition to the new game.
[2008-09-13 20:19:16] <Ashercon> How do you all think DA will impact NWN2?
[2008-09-13 20:19:28] <@AME_Tybae> Great question Trey
[2008-09-13 20:19:45] <@AME_Tybae> I think you'll see a lot happening quick, because it's Bioware.
[2008-09-13 20:19:45] <Hugie> My personal, "off the record" opinion is that when DA arrives, NWN2 dies hard.
[2008-09-13 20:19:54] <@sirchet> Is this a podcast... back in line you Cheesy
[2008-09-13 20:20:23] <Hugie> There's a lot of things to look forward to with DA.  Exciting things are happening soon. Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:20:33] <Hugie> *zips lips and runs away*
[2008-09-13 20:20:34] <@AME_Andarian> Hmm.. Hugie, I think that will depend on whether or not DA has an area editor
[2008-09-13 20:20:34] * Ashercon thinks this will make a good discussion
[2008-09-13 20:20:39] <Wyrin> would be interested to hear more generally about what people feel for the future of NWN2
[2008-09-13 20:20:40] <@AME_BGPHughes> I agree
[2008-09-13 20:20:56] <@AME_BGPHughes> ..that DA will kill NWN2
[2008-09-13 20:21:13] * @AME_Tybae does too
[2008-09-13 20:21:22] <@AME_Tybae> agrees that is
[2008-09-13 20:21:22] <@AME_BGPHughes> and NWN1 and the Witcher
[2008-09-13 20:21:29] <Hugie> yep.
[2008-09-13 20:21:29] <@sirchet> Long live NWN2 long live NWN2
[2008-09-13 20:21:37] <@AME_Tybae> Hehe
[2008-09-13 20:21:38] <@AME_BGPHughes> lol
[2008-09-13 20:21:38] * Ashercon eyes get big as he listens intently
[2008-09-13 20:21:59] * @AME_Tybae sadly has not played the Witcher

[2008-09-13 20:22:00] <@AME_Andarian> Ben: whether or not it has an area editor? I don't see hobbyist builders spending thousands of dollars on a copy of 3DSMax and learning to use it, just to mod
[2008-09-13 20:22:00] <Hugie> I'm pretty sure there'll be area creation eventually.
[2008-09-13 20:22:10] <@AME_BGPHughes> unless of course EA f**k it up with all their spyware stuff
[2008-09-13 20:22:19] <@AME_Tybae> lol
[2008-09-13 20:22:36] <@AME_BGPHughes> Area creation is needed to make it as big as NWN1
[2008-09-13 20:22:47] <@AME_Tybae> me thankfully has hook ups at AutoDesk.  They're one of my clients.
[2008-09-13 20:22:48] <@sirchet> I remember something like this disscussion for NWN1 and NWN2 hmmmm
[2008-09-13 20:22:50] <Hugie> Yep.  I'm pretty sure BioWare knows that.
[2008-09-13 20:22:53] <@AME_BGPHughes> but I still think it'll finish off the predecessors
[2008-09-13 20:23:00] <Hugie> Definitely.
[2008-09-13 20:23:25] <Hugie> I'm frankly excited to be done with NWN2. Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:23:29] <Baron_RWS> its not DnD - the rules laywers and FR apologists wont go anywhere
[2008-09-13 20:23:30] <@AME_Andarian> Ben: I agree that if DA has area creation, it will bite hard into NWN2 modding
[2008-09-13 20:23:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> It appears to provide most of the major hooks of all 3 games
[2008-09-13 20:23:37] <Hugie> We have a new D&D edition, and a new non-D&D game -- it's exciting!
[2008-09-13 20:23:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> only thing missing is D&D, and that's not a positive for everyone
[2008-09-13 20:24:05] <Hugie> haha definitely a negative for me
[2008-09-13 20:24:08] <@AME_Tybae> I have mixed feeling about the D&D piece
[2008-09-13 20:24:09] <@sirchet> especially with 4.0
[2008-09-13 20:24:19] <@AME_BGPHughes> Me too
[2008-09-13 20:24:21] <@AME_Andarian> Ben: I agree (about D&D). It's actually a minus to me, rather than a plus
[2008-09-13 20:24:24] <Hugie> (They Lynncairen Saga, anyone??)
[2008-09-13 20:24:26] <Ocanthus> i'd guess most of the casual nwn2 population will split with DA
[2008-09-13 20:24:44] <@AME_BGPHughes> Unless it sucks, I reckon so
[2008-09-13 20:24:47] <Ocanthus> the D&D purists will stay, so I won't be totally alone
[2008-09-13 20:24:50] <@AME_Tybae> While I love D&D, I've been itching to see what comes out of the DA engine and how authors, like Tony, can expand on the storylines.
[2008-09-13 20:24:51] <@AME_ActorOfVeil> What's different with Dragon Age and D&D (I know, I'm such a n00b)?
[2008-09-13 20:25:09] * @AME_Tybae whips the channel back in line
[2008-09-13 20:25:11] <Hugie> DA is not D&D at all
[2008-09-13 20:25:13] <@sirchet> where to start?
[2008-09-13 20:25:15] <@AME_Andarian> DA is being built without licensing the D&D franchise...
[2008-09-13 20:25:25] <Wyrin> given what area creationin NWN2 seemed to do to the builder community, maybe DA will  do better
[2008-09-13 20:25:36] * AME_BGPHughes can't even remember the original question
[2008-09-13 20:25:38] <@AME_Tybae> That's really a question for the free time.  I want to get a couple more in then we'll do the free for all
[2008-09-13 20:25:40] <@sirchet> or worse...
[2008-09-13 20:25:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> Weren't we trying to get Hugie's excuses?
[2008-09-13 20:25:49] <@AME_Andarian> ... so that it's not tied down and restricted in terms of what can be implemented by the need to adhere to Wizards of the Coast's licensing restructions
[2008-09-13 20:26:02] <Hugie> blast it Ben, I thought I had wiggled free!
[2008-09-13 20:26:06] <@AME_Andarian> Ty: OK, I'll stop
[2008-09-13 20:26:14] <@AME_Tybae> ************Question************  For everyone
[2008-09-13 20:26:21] <@AME_Tybae> When desinging the combat what do feel is the most important in it: tactical elements, challenge level, variety of the enemies, or something else?

[2008-09-13 20:26:38] <Hugie> All of the above!
[2008-09-13 20:26:42] <Wyrin> allowing different classes an opportunity to shine
[2008-09-13 20:26:47] <Wyrin> and what you said
[2008-09-13 20:27:31] <@sirchet> allowing the abilty to flee
[2008-09-13 20:27:36] <Wyrin> variety of enemies, the occasional scripted behanviour to throw something new into the mix, a bit of tactics required to stop alarms being raised etc
[2008-09-13 20:27:41] <Hugie> it's important to mix things up tactically (introduce spellcasters, archers, melee, creatures that make fighting "interesting".  Then, it's important to maintain good balancing.  As far as variety goes, variety is definitely good, but only within reason -- keep it all within reason.
[2008-09-13 20:27:43] <@AME_Tybae> Follow up:  Do you script to scale combat to fit classes/levels?
[2008-09-13 20:28:01] <Hugie> No. Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:28:25] <Wyrin> a few encounters I've scaled the main opponent to the player level, but generally no
[2008-09-13 20:29:24] <Hugie> er, just to interrupt with a shameless plug for podcast: episode 71 is up with citadel squad:
[2008-09-13 20:29:28] <Hugie> oops wrong link
[2008-09-13 20:29:31] <Hugie>
[2008-09-13 20:29:45] <@AME_Tybae> Another follow up:  How do you view tricks, traps and puzzles?  That is how do you come up with that stuff?  Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:30:22] <Ocanthus> i get a lot of hatemail about the stuff in Tomb of Horrors
[2008-09-13 20:30:29] <Wyrin> been playing and DMing D&D for more years than I care to mention - experience I can pick on, or just rob from classic modules
[2008-09-13 20:30:41] <Hugie> Puzzles are fun -- traps are something I tend to ignore unless they make sense (like in a rogue module, or on a personal chest belonging to a mage, or something in a heavily-guarded/warded crypt)
[2008-09-13 20:31:02] <Wyrin> Puzzles shouldn;t make a player want to reload tho - let failing give an interesting outcome too
[2008-09-13 20:31:31] * @AME_Tybae loves puzzles.
[2008-09-13 20:31:38] * Hellfire_RWS loves puzzles

[2008-09-13 20:31:44] <Hugie> *loves everyone*
[2008-09-13 20:32:08] <@sirchet> *loves hints left lying around the puzzles*
[2008-09-13 20:32:10] <Hugie> *doesn't know how to use the funky star notation for tehse posts*
[2008-09-13 20:32:29] <@sirchet> LOL
[2008-09-13 20:32:42] <Hugie> IT'S NOT FUNNY! Wink
[2008-09-13 20:33:00] <@sirchet> heh heh heh... sorry... bwahahahahah
[2008-09-13 20:33:07] <@AME_Tybae> I really like puzzles that involve a lot of thinking.  I don't mind running into things that challenge me as a player.
[2008-09-13 20:33:12] * Hugie what now suckers
[2008-09-13 20:33:29] <@AME_BGPHughes> I hate failing though, I must admit
[2008-09-13 20:33:30] * Hugie Wink
[2008-09-13 20:33:40] <@AME_BGPHughes> so I don't mind a few clues for the dumb
[2008-09-13 20:33:43] <@AME_Tybae> I do too, but that's part of the challenge, wouldn't you say, Ben
[2008-09-13 20:34:03] <@AME_BGPHughes> As long as I succeed
[2008-09-13 20:34:04] <@AME_BGPHughes> Wink
[2008-09-13 20:34:23] <Ocanthus> puzzles are really hard to make. the maker always knows the solution, so how do you test for difficulty?
[2008-09-13 20:34:28] <@AME_Tybae> Your math puzzle in ToM 2 brought me back, Hugie.
[2008-09-13 20:34:33] <@sirchet> switches, nobs, levers, oh my
[2008-09-13 20:34:48] <Hellfire_RWS> get teh books, grimtooths traps
[2008-09-13 20:34:52] <Hellfire_RWS> Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:34:52] * @AME_Tybae loves to press buttons
[2008-09-13 20:34:56] <Hugie> bwahaha
[2008-09-13 20:34:59] <Hellfire_RWS> they ahve tns of puzzles and traps Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:35:05] <Hellfire_RWS> tons
[2008-09-13 20:35:21] <Hugie> wasn't that in 1, though?  the one with imaginary numbers?
[2008-09-13 20:35:43] <@AME_Tybae> Yup that's the one.  Couldn't remember if that was 1 or 2.
[2008-09-13 20:36:04] <Hugie> I think ToM2 had the three pedestals "1 to 2 to 3 to 4, when words become numbers, blah blah"
[2008-09-13 20:36:12] <@sirchet> wasn't too hard
[2008-09-13 20:36:16] <Hugie> no wait
[2008-09-13 20:36:23] <Hugie> "1 to 2 to 3 to 1, when words become numbers, things get fun!"
[2008-09-13 20:36:25] <Hugie> tee hee hee
[2008-09-13 20:36:45] <@AME_Tybae> If i squared = -1 and the sq/root of i = ......... oh no, I've gone crosseyed.
[2008-09-13 20:37:13] <Hugie> hehehe
[2008-09-13 20:37:25] <@sirchet> *calls math teacher wife over to screen*
[2008-09-13 20:37:27] <Hugie> btw, Mysteries of Westgate includes some prime Hugie-puzzle content
[2008-09-13 20:37:39] <@AME_Tybae> Here's the final **********Question************  For all winners
[2008-09-13 20:37:41] <Hellfire_RWS> Niiiice
[2008-09-13 20:38:03] <@AME_Tybae> Any parting words, thanks, or shout outs you want to give?
[2008-09-13 20:38:09] <Hugie> lol
[2008-09-13 20:38:21] <Hugie> GO RED SOX
[2008-09-13 20:38:34] <@sirchet> all my boys in cell block C... sorry couldn't resist
[2008-09-13 20:38:56] <Hellfire_RWS> Thanks to everyone that uses our CC, thats why we make it.  well that, and we have fun doing it Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:39:00] <Hugie> thanks to the AME for all the wonderful wonderfulness.  We wuv you.
[2008-09-13 20:39:09] * AME_BGPHughes vomits
[2008-09-13 20:39:10] <Ocanthus> drop everything you're doing and make a module for nwn2
[2008-09-13 20:39:28] <@AME_Tybae> This is just for you, Hugie.
[2008-09-13 20:39:36] <@AME_Andarian> Ty: Sqrt(i) = (1+i)/Sqrt(2)
[2008-09-13 20:39:52] <Hugie> oh ***
[2008-09-13 20:39:54] <@sirchet> HAH!
[2008-09-13 20:39:56] <Hugie> that's tom brady isn't it
[2008-09-13 20:39:59] <@AME_Tybae> Yup
[2008-09-13 20:40:05] <Baron_RWS> what HF said for me Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:40:07] <@AME_Tybae> MWAHAHAHA
[2008-09-13 20:40:09] <Hugie> hahahahaha
[2008-09-13 20:40:13] <Hugie> that's pretty awesome
[2008-09-13 20:40:36] <Hugie> touche, tybae.  touche.
[2008-09-13 20:40:42] <Hugie> but I will have my vengeance.
[2008-09-13 20:40:49] <@AME_Tybae> ROFL
[2008-09-13 20:40:52] * @AME_Tybae sharpens claws
[2008-09-13 20:41:14] <Wyrin> thanks to AME for the award; an honour to recieve. Thanks to all the players, and the feedback on the vault. And to Abba, thank you for the music
[2008-09-13 20:41:53] <@AME_BGPHughes> Thanks to Tybae for handling the chat
[2008-09-13 20:42:13] <Ocanthus> Yes, thanks for putting together the GDAs. My brother and I were honored to be considered, and even moreso when we won the MP award
[2008-09-13 20:42:13] <Hugie>
[2008-09-13 20:42:17] <Ashercon> Thats looks like me when i was young and skinny!!
[2008-09-13 20:42:17] <@AME_Tybae> Well, thanks all for taking time out of your busy weekends to geek out with us.  We really appreciate us and if you're interested, please schedule a podcast by registering on our forums, PMing Ben to get access to the GDA winner Podcast forum and post.
[2008-09-13 20:42:20] <@AME_Andarian> Yes, thanks to all -- Tybae for organizing, and the winners for attending
[2008-09-13 20:42:30] <Hugie> LOL @ Wyring
[2008-09-13 20:42:33] <Hugie> *wyrin
[2008-09-13 20:42:36] <Hugie> I love abba
[2008-09-13 20:42:47] <Wyrin> Smiley
[2008-09-13 20:42:57] <Ocanthus> someone went to see Mamma Mia...whipped!
[2008-09-13 20:43:00] <@sirchet> you're showing your age
[2008-09-13 20:43:07] <Ashercon> You all rock!!

We had an open discusson for another hour and a half after this, but, sadly, we only logged the chat. 

I'd personally like to thank all of the winners who attended, AME Members and other attendees for giving up their precious time on a Saturday to have a chat with us!  Tune in next week for the NWN1 chat!
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« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2008, 02:46:11 AM »

Actually, I think I probably have a log of the afters too - do you want it?

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Sure, there was a good bit of conversation afterwards. 

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