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Players & Builders of NWN & NWN2 needed to join the AME panel
July 06, 2020, 05:00:33 AM
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Topic: AME: A look under the hood, Part VI  (Read 5015 times)
« on: August 18, 2008, 04:25:53 AM »
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Some of the AME panel answer more of the questions asked by community members...

There are a number of individuals in this community that have achieved a bit of a name for themselves.  Is there anyone that has really risen even higher in your estimation since doing these awards.
B G P Hughes That's an easy one. Nearly everyone. If I had started AME before I started building, I probably never would have started building. Seeing the competition out there can be a bit intimidating. In particular, Wyrin, Maerduin and WoRm stood out for me.
Andarian Several, yes. To name a few without much explanation: Wyrin D'njargo, Alex Hugon, Zach Holbrook, Daniel Muth and Jim Grimsley come to mind offhand.
Tybae The Custom Content makers for sure.  Since I am not a builder, I really don’t know what goes into making custom content or how long it takes.  I went over to the rpgmodding site (the home of the CEP, CTP, CSP and CMP) and have really been impressed with some of the work coming out of there and learning a bit about what it takes to do what they do.  It’s really made me respect them a lot more for their time and dedication.
Estelindis Hugie has done very well for himself, and I think he deserves to be very proud of his achievements.
Starlight Yes. e.g. Jim Grimsley, thegeorge, Scott Kurkul, Proleric, Baldecaran
SirChet Actually no, what has pleasantly surprised me was how humble most of the artists are. I'm very happy that a few of the very talented people whom most have not heard of, have received a little bit of fan-fare as a result of these awards.
QSW No, I've always had a healthy respect for those in the community who I either know in some way or who's work I've experienced first hand. Those I don't know of I tend to gain a respect for (or not!) by reading their posts on forums to see how they deal with others in the community.
sixesthrice If I had already a high opinion of anyone then it has stayed as high. If I did not, then I do now. I hold those I voted for in equal regard and respect to those I didn't.
Qkrch No, they first must beat myself... and that's hard to achieve  .
But I must admit Wyrin surprised me as Debut Author.
laisee I have learned a lot from participating in AME. I have always held the mod authors in high regard, and got invited here I believe out of e-mail correspondence I had with Ben when I was immersed in the Wanderer.

Since I have been working on modules, I have met a few people in this community that I feel are now good friends and important to me in my life even though I have never met them.  Is there anyone that you have met through this process that you feel the same way about? 
B G P Hughes Yes, there are one or two around - a couple in the panel; the odd one from past projects like Martin or JP (bannor) from DLA, or Marc or Greg from the HoF team (both of whom have left the NWN community), Maximus from the Vault... a few others.
Andarian Yes, I think so. I tend to be a bit of a loner, even on the net, but I have definitely "met" (virtually) some people in the community that I consider friends. I won't name names, but several of them are in the AME. Others are among the correspondents and players of my modules, and folks that participated in the extended "romance modules" discussions that we've had on various forums over the last couple of years.
Tybae There’s a few.  I consider all of my fellow AME members my friends.  There’s a few others that I’ve met through the course of AME and the Bio boards that I consider friends.  Hugie, KooKoo, Dallo, Mask just to name a few.  I’m sure I left a few off, but you know who you are.   
Estelindis Absolutely!  Lord Rosenkrantz, Bannor Bloodfist, Dragonessa, Old Man's Beard, Mask, Christopher, MichaelDarkAngel, s030363l...  Actually, if I tried to name everyone in the community who I consider to be a friend, I'd be here all day.     Of course, everyone at the AME is great as well and I really enjoy working (and joking!) with them all.   
Starlight I'm a loner before and seldom work with any community. Then comes the start of Overlooked Module Report and I have met Berliad, El Dano, caeserbear, Hugie, jfoxtail, furnaski, etc. However, due to real life issue most of them are left. Then comes the AME now. The other AME members like Ben, Andarian, QSW and Tybae are really nice. It is great to work with them.
SirChet Yes, I consider myself very fortunate. I have been exposed to some of the finest individuals to be found anywhere. I think this is due to most of the folks that are active in this community are rather selfless and humble.
QSW I've been blessed to have met some really wonderful people in our community. Some I've even had the pleasure of communicating with in IRC chat rooms/NWN groups or via e-mail or even reviewing. A few are what I consider to be good friends online, and that is indeed a great pleasure.
sixesthrice I think I've made some pretty good friends. But they're more like I imagine business acquaintances are, I wouldn't be afraid to sue them hundreds of dollars at the slightest issue - oh wait, sorry, that's pretty much the definition of actual friends, isn't it? At least, until a real problem crops up and you learn that their lawyers are mysteriously on holiday. I'm tempted to go off on a completed unrelated comedic rant here, but I'm not funny enough to pull that off. So, in conclusion, and to answer the question (which I haven't done yet), yes.
Qkrch I am currently inside of many game communities around the world and i must say that people in AME (the members) are really a worthy group. They all have different perspectives of what NWN is for them but they keep that knowledge in a big karma of partnership. I usually share some real beers once a year with my PW builders and I'm hoping one day i could share them with the AME crew.
laisee I haven't really gotten to know that many people in the community that well, but have discovered here in AME some really neat folks.

NWN is an RPG D&D based computer game.  The question is:  Do you publicly admit to being a geek, or do you hide it from friends, family and co-workers? 
B G P Hughes A mixture! If/as I gain credibility on the professional front, I can't really hide it anymore, but I tend to judge whether I should 'come clean' by the person I am talking to! Being married, I no longer have to worry what girls think, and that's a relief! But I wouldn't mind picking up a few 'groupies' as Qk seems to have done. Anyway, Tybae's the geek, not I.
Andarian You bet I admit it. I'm actually rather notorious for being "a geek and proud of it," so to speak. And I've got a pocket protector filled with multi-colored highlighters to prove it. 
Tybae No, you’ve got it all wrong, it’s everyone else who are the geeks.  We’re the normal ones.  Really, I’m proud to be who I am, geek, dork, nerd it’s all relative. 
Estelindis I publically admit to it!  If it's something to be ashamed of, then I shouldn't be doing it.  Since I don't think there's anything wrong with it, then, why would I refuse to admit it?     I also play tabletop D&D, and I admit to that as well.      Whenever anyone asks me what I'm doing on Sunday or Wednesday nights, I happily reply: "I'm going to play nerdy role-playing games!"   
Starlight Why not? However, the term "geek" is seldom used in HK and I don't have to admit it   
SirChetHah! Great question. If anyone comes in my house, they have no problem discerning where my passions lie. The swords, dragons statues, rows of fantasy books, shelves full of D&D games and reference material. At work most folks know of my military background and are usually surprised when my GEEK starts leaking out in casual conversation, (you really can't hide it). I like to consider myself an open book, and anyone with the nerve, is welcome to turn the pages. 
QSW A couple of friends are Xbox & PS3 players, so while they prefer shoot em up games they understand the passion of gaming. Apart from my hubby, the rest of my family don't really 'get gaming' often thinking it is a childish persuit  Walk into my house and I have floor to ceiling bookcases just like my mother; unlike her though they are jam packed with fantasy books, detective, true crime and art books. My husband has one single bookshelf full of poetry  Gargoyles are on the high shelves, a few dragon statues and one very prized QSW hand drawn picture in a frame on the wall which was commissioned by a fellow NWN player for me. That raises more eyebrows than anything else. Outside of the above, the subject never actually comes up 
sixesthrice I don't talk about my work with NWN to people unrelated to NWN, simply because no one understands a word of it. It doesn't tend to get mentioned in my rather eclectic/zany conversations I have with others anyway. Oddly enough, that gives the impression of being much geekier than talking about NWN stuff would. And no one minds, either. Having said that, I'm a teenager and being a teenager gets you let off playing games pretty easily in any case.
Qkrch I have a nwn tshirt that i usually show in public expecting someone tell me "ey that's a good game", sadly never happened. And when i tell some friends that i'm a modder in NWN they say "wth is that?" so no time to discuss.. how you can explain to a mortal what NWN is?
The funniest moment was a friend who called me from his work. His co-worker was all morning explaining him that he couldn't kill the red dragon in the nwn2 oc. My friend took the phone and called me, I talked with the co-worker about how to kill the dragon and he got stunned when he realiced that was talking with "Qkrch", he covered me with gratitude and showed respect as I was his favourite rock music band or favourite novel author. Was really a funny moment.
laisee I never hide it, but also never thought of myself as a geek.  Some people watch TV or movies, I just prefer to play games and read books to balance out my highly networked work life (I run and executive search firm).
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« on: August 18, 2008, 04:43:17 AM »
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Great stuff -- group huggggg! Grin
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