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Players & Builders of NWN & NWN2 needed to join the AME panel
April 08, 2020, 09:25:47 AM
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Topic: AME: A look under the hood, part III  (Read 4085 times)
« on: June 20, 2008, 04:46:02 AM »
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More brilliance and smart insight from some of the AME members,,, need I say more?!

What was your toughest moment in AME?
•   nereng - The moment I realized just how much time I would have to spend playing last years modules. It's not that I don't like playing, but when I have to schedule time for playing dozens of modules in a couple of months, it is going to hurt something else I should be doing.
•   sixesthrice - Choosing my nomination for the NWN1 Custom Content award. Somehow, knowing roughly how things were made tends to lower the mysterious magesty that the field of custom content holds (or used to for me, anyhow). And 2007 was not the best of years when you look at the number of original submissions in that catagory.
•   Estelendis: Reviewing the entirety of custom content submitted for NWN1 in 2007 (I was the champion for that award category).  That wasn't exactly a moment, though, since it took months...   
•   Starlight: Make nomination before the deadline! I'm such a slowpoke that I can hardly catch the deadline to review all of the items... 
•   B G P Hughes: I have a tough moment every time I lose a member. I find that quite demoralising. It's also tough mediating when a heated discussion breaks out.
•   SirChet: I would have to say realizing I voted on something I was involved in and had forgotten that I was, (senile?).

If the Golden Dragons were renamed, what would you call them?
•   Andarian: The Platinum Dragons. I always was a Bahamut fan.
•   Sixesthrice: The Shiny Golden Vault Logo Prize Draw
•   Estelendis: After working with the "Golden Dragon" title for so long, it's kinda hard to escape the *Substance* *Creature* formula in my mind.  Means I keep coming up with silly ideas like "Silver Turkey," "Mithril Anaconda," or "Adamantium Tarrasque"... 
•   Qk: Due to popular demand, The Golden Cockroachs.
•   Alban: The "Can I Has Modulz Lolthx" Awards ? "Hey dude, you be teh roxx" awards ?
•   nereng: How about "The Noble Prize" ? See, it is spelled different, so they can't take us to court!
•   SirChet: SirChet's awards of course. OK, I think the name it has is perfect.

What categories are missing from AME?
•   Tybae: Probably Best PW.  I’m surprised we don’t have one already.  They probably require the most attention and upkeep than your normal every day module.  Either that, or we could just go with the tried and true, “How many beers do I have to consume for the mod to be fun” award or “Best Game Breaking Bug” award. 
•   Estelendis: I think categories for Most Innovative Module/CC would be a great idea.  Some submissions are really ground-breaking and manage to do things with NWN that I never expected to see - but they might not be the "best" modules or CC in terms of typical categories of assessment.  So having a way to recognise and reward their pure originality might be helpful.   
•   Starlight: hmmm...The craziest ideas award? The funniest module awards?
•   B G P Hughes: Best Golden Dragon Award organising commitee. I also wouldn't mind adding a 'Lame Duck' or ‘Paper Turkey' Award for the worst module.
•   Over My Head: Funniest Module Category. My first nominee would be: Hugon's "A Serious Problem...Seriously." Gave a good laugh!
•   nereng: Funniest Module and Best International Module and Community Member.
•   SirChet:An award for the behind the scenes people, the ones that make our community work. Often we overlook the folks that run the many sites that bring us together allowing us to have awards, discussions, and share our creative intentions with other like-minded people. I'm speaking of the unpaid volunteers that moderate, administrate, and provide countless hours of devotion to bring these things to life. The Community Contribution Covers these, but I believe they deserve an award all of their own, so they're not overshadowed by better known community works.
•   Andarian:Best storytelling and/or cinematic module. I think that computer gaming is becoming a new medium for (interactive) storytelling, and that a category that focused specifically on the more literary and cinematic aspects of module development might be a good thing."
•   Qk: Seriously... a non-english speaking community contribution award, a Honorific Legend award (for people who has been contributing to nwn like a mad for many years). Or ‘Best official bug’.

Members were also asked if they had any other comments. Here's the best of them!
Um, Ninjas or Pirates?  (To find the answer, click here)
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B G P Hughes
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« on: June 20, 2008, 06:40:36 AM »
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Why not ask us your own questions for the next 'Look under the hood'? PM me or simply post your questions here, and we'll add them to this regular feature...
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B G P Hughes
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Wyvern Crown of Cormyr
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