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Author Topic: IRC Chat Log with 2007 NWN2 Golden Dragon nominees  (Read 21049 times)
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« on: May 04, 2008, 12:17:43 AM »

This is the log from the IRC chat on the 3rd of May - it's quite long, but I've edited in places to help continuity and to remove the most off topic comments - whilst still leaving a flavour of the chat. Feedback on the session would be gratefully received.

Thanks to everyone who came to the session. It was a lot fun!

You can find the nominee videos here:

[19:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK , off we go then
[19:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> =========================
[19:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> Welcome everyone!
[19:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> Some basic ground rules for the chat:
[19:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> 1.   Questions will be directed either at individuals or groups of people, but feel free to chip in.
[19:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> 2.   From time to time, I will move the chat onto the next topic
[19:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> 3.   If you have a question, just open a private channel and give it to me, so I can add it to my list.
[19:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> To get things started, let's very briefly introduce ourselves, running top to bottom on the attendance list…

[19:01] <@AME_Andarian> OK, that's me -- I'm Andarian, AME Vice-Chairman
[19:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> I'm Ben - AME Chairman, ex-rep, mod maker and all round Mr Nice Guy
[19:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> (except today)
[19:02] <AME_Alban> I'm new to AME and couldn't help much this year, sadly.
 [19:02] <AME_Alban> I'm just a member, helping AME on NWN2.
[19:03] <AME_Carlo> I'm Carlo, I just work here. Seriously, I've been having fun with the AME, especially multiplayer.
[19:04] <AME_Carlo> Thanks to Ben, Andarian & Co. for organizing it
 [19:04] * AME_Carlo passes torch to Estelindis
[19:04] <@AME_BGPHughes> controversial
[19:04] <AME_Estelindis> I'm Estelindis - I, too, am just a member Smiley
[19:05] <AME_Estelindis> My particular areas would be CC and RP modules
[19:06] <Nyt> Hello, I'm Nyt aka Nytir
[19:06] <AME_Starlight> ok. I'm Starlight, I'm just a humble member of AME.
[19:06] <AME_Tybae> Greetings, I'm Tybae.  I am a Professor of Nothing and Master of the Obvious.  *plays Superman Theme*  Some call me Captian Obvious.
[19:06] <Ashercon[NWNP]> Hello Im Ashercon from the NWN Podcast, the ONLY NWN PODCAST Smiley
[19:07] <AME_Carlo> that's why it's the BEST NWN
[19:07] <AME_Tybae> I'm just your normal average everyday AME member
[19:07] <@AME_Qk> hi there, this is Qkrch, AME webmaster and the camera guy Cheesy
[19:09] <Entropy_HotTA> I'm team lead for an rp pw for
[19:09] <hellfire|RWS> Hellfire, Founder of RWS. I make tiles and placeables, Hopefully a monster or two in the future.
[19:11] <+Hugie> I'm Alex Hugon, writer for Ossian Studios and author of NWN2 mod "Moonshadows", nominated for Best Action.  Pleasure to be here guys, thanks for setting it up!
[19:11] <+GrinningFool> I guess I'm up.  I'm world lead for Khalidine (the world that's been in pre-beta for longer than the Universe has existed), community rep for toolset and GUI, author of a couple of plugins, and creator of the hopefully soon to be released "[Khalidine] Persistent World Package"
[19:11] <+ladydesire> ladydesire, creator of a class pack as well as lead developer of the PRG.
[19:12] <+Wyrin> OK well, I'm Wyrin ("We're-in") aka Duncan, new to module building with NWN2, but a loooong time D&Der. Author of a few mods for NWN2 - my main project being the Dark Avenger series
[19:14] <+Skunkeen> im SKunkeen the recent grand hall of fame Dungeon Master from NWC , im recently working on DM lesson videos for the vualt and youtube
[19:15] <+Sunjammer> Sunjammer: Code Monkey currently on loan to GrinningFool
[19:16] <+sirchet> I'm sirchet, a member of Gaming Parents Studios, (mostly writing). I'm also a member of the Neverwinter Reviewers Guild. I'm very happy to be here with so many of the talented people present

[19:16] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q: What's the most wonderful thing about NWN2 - or what sucks the most, take your pick.
[19:17] <+AME_Tybae> The system requirements.  Sorry had to but in.
[19:17] <@AME_BGPHughes> Hellfire? Nyt?
[19:18] <@AME_Qk> most wonderful thing is that community can give us such pieces as the nominated (and not nominated) stuff, abolutely great
[19:18] <+sirchet> The community of like minded people spred throughout all corners of the planet is my favorite part of NWN2.
[19:18] <+hellfire|RWS> How easy it is to make some CC
[19:18] <+Wyrin> most wonderful thing is the toolset - it give me a chance to bring out the wannabe writer in me, to play more D&D which I don't get to do as much anymore, to see my ideas as a 'DM' brought to life. But sometimes the thing that sucks the most is the same toolset...
[19:18] <+GrinningFool> Most sucketh: the way everything seems to be hard-coded into the engine. Most wonderful: the flexibility, especially of the toolset
[19:18] <+hellfire|RWS> easier than NWN1 in my opinion, not including monsters
[19:19] <+AME_Estelindis> What I love most about NWN2 is the ability to make fully controllable BG-style party members Smiley
[19:19] <@AME_BGPHughes> I think the Reps suck the most
[19:19] * AME_BGPHughes ducks
[19:19] <+GrinningFool> (warm and fuzzy  most wonderful: the community.  Maybe I just don't see it, but the flames/animosity between contributors just don't seem to be here)
[19:19] <+hellfire|RWS> Smiley\
[19:19] <+Sunjammer> We have reps?
[19:19] <+AME_Tybae> LMAO
[19:20] <+Wyrin> As NWN2 was my first go at making/playing modules, I was new to the community side of things. But it's pretty cool seeing others also so keen on it
[19:20] <@AME_Andarian> My favorite thing are the scripting and conversation improvements to the toolset. Being able to pass parameters to scripts makes scripting SO much easier than in NWN1!
 [19:20] <+Nyt> I think it is the baking system, I cannot make the walkmesh the way I want it. It is one of the reasons i designed BCK
[19:21] <+Hugie> I agree with Andarian!  The ability to pass parameters is awesome.
[19:21] * AME_BGPHughes also agrees
 [19:21] <+Hugie> ALso, I personally like NWN2-style cutscenes
[19:21] <+AME_Estelindis> Andarian's very right on that point, I think
 [19:21] <+Hugie> not quite as sweepingly-cinematic, but they can still be very effective
[19:21] <+Hugie> finally, I really like what can be done with exteriors.  The possibilities are literally endless Smiley

[19:22] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. For Hellfire: How did you get into tileset building?
 [19:22] <+hellfire|RWS> I started working on tilesets in NWN1 when i decided to add ceilings to all NWN1 interrior tiles
[19:23] <@AME_BGPHughes> Did you have much experience of this sort of work?
[19:23] <+hellfire|RWS> i never made it past the caves set, because i saw it was easier to amke the whole tile from scratch tahn edit existing tiles
[19:23] * @AME_Andarian nods
[19:24] * +AME_Estelindis agrees with Hellfire on this point
 [19:24] <+hellfire|RWS> I do high poly models for work, so low poly modeling to some time to get right
[19:24] <+hellfire|RWS> took

[19:25] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. For GrinningFool: What's the best plug-in out there, in your opinion?
[19:25] <@AME_BGPHughes> (apart from your own)
[19:26] <+GrinningFool> nwn2mapper was pretty great; as it's now been folded into Replug, I'll have to say Replug.
[19:27] <@AME_BGPHughes> Mod makers? How about you?
[19:27] <+Hugie> While I don't use any myself, I think PowerBar is pretty sweet
[19:27] * +Sunjammer shudders
[19:28] <+AME_sirchet> I'm addicted to the nwnpacker myself, has anyone else found an easier way to make haks?
[19:28] <+Nyt> I agree
[19:28] <+Hugie> Oh, good point--but that's not a plugin per say. Wink
[19:28] <+Hugie> is it?
[19:29] <+Wyrin> i have powerbar and SpellPlug-I don't use the others as I didn't want to be too reliant on them come patching time
[19:29] <@AME_Qk> (just a thing, nwn2mapper was retook by Sothis B, including some rws tilesets i think)
[19:29] <+AME_sirchet> aye, but a useful item just the same. Smiley
[19:29] <+GrinningFool> (ahh, cool.  Will have to check it out)
[19:29] <+Hugie> definitely, I agree
[19:29] <+Nyt> 3ds plug in, can't do anything without it.
[19:29] <@AME_BGPHughes> How much pain is the plug-in system causing people?
[19:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> Not updated plug-ins I mean
[19:30] <+Sunjammer> Ironically the real power of the plugin system isn't in general purpose plugins but rather in project-specific tools
[19:30] <+AME_Estelindis> YATT is very useful, I think
[19:30] <+AME_Estelindis> Though I think it's usefulness will vary from user to user
[19:30] <+AME_Estelindis> (um, "its" - can't believe I abused the apostrophe like that, sorry)
[19:31] <+GrinningFool> (we'll pretend we didn't see it)
[19:31] <+AME_Estelindis> (see what? ;p )
[19:31] <+AME_Tybae> (I won't!  *Points and laughs at Estelindis*  Tongue  )
[19:32] <+AME_Estelindis> (tearful times...)
[19:32] <+AME_Tybae> ( *hugs* )
[19:32] <+AME_Estelindis> BGPH's question isn't one I really understand, to be honest
[19:32] <@AME_BGPHughes> Then let's move to another...
[19:33] <+AME_Estelindis> Is it a question of plug-in updates or game updates?
[19:33] <+AME_Estelindis> Ah, right so  Smiley
[19:33] <@AME_Andarian> When the game is patched, plugins won't work with the new patch -- they need to be rebuilt
[19:33] <+AME_Estelindis> Bingo
[19:33] <+GrinningFool> As a plugin author, it drives me insane - because I can't update until the new patch is availble, which means there's always a lag of several hours to a day or two before I can update
[19:33] <+Wyrin> well tani does a great job with RePlug so it's less of an issue now

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B G P Hughes
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« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2008, 12:18:33 AM »

[19:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. How hard was it to switch to NWN2? (for those that did)
[19:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> Hugie - you moved across. Want to take a stab?
[19:33] <+Hugie> SO EASY Smiley
[19:33] <+Hugie> except for exteriors
 [19:33] * @AME_Andarian will let others go first on this one... Smiley
 [19:33] <+Hugie> Hehe
[19:34] <+Hugie> So basically, here are my thoughts on this: if you go at it with an open mind, you'll be fine
[19:34] <+Hugie> but if youc ompare everything to (the simplicity of) NWN1, you may quickly become frustrated
[19:34] <+Hugie> interiors and exteriors are both tricky to get a hang of, but once you do, they're just much more powerful
[19:34] <+Hugie> scripting in general hasn't changed a bit
[19:35] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie: true, but that cuts both ways. Some things in NWN2 are *much* easier
[19:35] <+AME_sirchet> A question: Is it harder to creat modules with the NWN1 or NWN2 toolset?
[19:35] <+Hugie> (apart from parameter passing, which I think any coder would agree is a godsend)
[19:35] <+Hugie> I agree, Andarian Smiley
[19:35] <+GrinningFool> NWN1 -> NWN2:  As long as you don't go into it expecting the NWN1 toolset, it's much easier to create what you envision creating.   As Hugie says, open mind is the key.
[19:35] <+Hugie> but in general, I think that one's first foray into NWN2 will be a tad intimidating
[19:36] <+Nyt> scripting have not changed but some nwn1 scripts don't work in nwn2
[19:36] <+AME_Estelindis> (I think, in some ways, the fact that scripting hasn't changed means that it's easier for people to adapt to NWN2 than it was for, say, people who were new to NWN1 to get used to scripting.  Remember the howls of protest as to how impossible it was to learn scripting?  Sound familiar to the howls of protest re building areas in NWN2? Wink )
[19:36] <+Hugie> even if one is an experienced NWN1'er
[19:36] * AME_BGPHughes nods
[19:36] <+Hugie> *that* was sort of a pain--the NWN1 stuff not working for NWN2
[19:36] <+Hugie> it took me a little while to figure out the VFX functionality
[19:36] <+GrinningFool> TH epeople I've seen having the hardest time with NWN2 are those who had a long history with NWN1
[19:37] <+Sunjammer> Except that there is a host of broken functions that are, usefully, undocumented.  And the scirpt editor is [bleep]
[19:37] <+GrinningFool> NWN2 has a script editor? Huh.
[19:37] <+AME_Tybae> Here's a question from a non-scripter.  Is there an easy tool to learn scripting, besides Lilac Soul's?  I'd like to learn instead of having it done for me.
[19:37] <@AME_BGPHughes> I actually find the tricky bit is making the areas look just right
[19:37] <+AME_sirchet> My experience in building is limited to the NWN2 toolset, and I found the basics to be rather intuative, (user friendly)
[19:37] <+Hugie> @Sirchet: dig through scripts in completed modules Smiley
[19:38] <+Wyrin> i used lilac souls genarator to teach me scripting basics, by seeing how they were built. and as Hugie say, going though OC or module scripts
[19:38] <+Hugie> figure out what's supposed to happen in a given script, then figure out how it's accomplished via the various functions in that script--start macro, then move micro.
[19:38] <+AME_Estelindis> There is ScriptEase, Tybae
[19:38] <@AME_BGPHughes> I learnt from David Gaider's excellent scripting tutorials
[19:38] <+GrinningFool> The nwn1 script lexicon remains a great resource, as most of it still applies to nwn2
[19:38] <+ladydesire> when i took over the PRC2\PRG, i ended up with exactly one script that wouldn't compile, out of a few thousand.
[19:39] <+AME_Estelindis> And NWN Lexicon
[19:39] <@AME_Andarian> Let me take a stab at the question about moving to NWN2...
[19:39] <+AME_Tybae> Nice.  *starts copying & pasting*
[19:39] <+Wyrin> i agree with GF - the lexicon is brilliant and the examples a real help
[19:39] <+AME_Estelindis> That's wonderful, Lady Desire
[19:39] <@AME_Andarian> I had some long threads on the Bioware boards on this question, which I've been torn about since NWN2 came out. The big issue for me has been custom content, and to a lesser extent some things that were important to me in NWN1 that were initially missing in NWN2 (like 2D portraits and cinematic cutscenes).
 [19:39] <+fluffyamoeba> ladydesire, we had mostly just commented out the stuff that wouldn't compile
[19:39] <+fluffyamoeba> and i spent a couple of weeks on the rest :p
[19:40] <@AME_Andarian> It's the patches and the new CC work in NWN2 that are really starting to ease my concerns about moving to NWN2
[19:40] <+ladydesire> the one was in stuff that you hadn't put back in yet, fluffyamoaba
[19:40] <+Sunjammer> lol

[19:40] <@AME_BGPHughes> ===========Question==========
[19:40] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. Another for GrinningFool: Why the quote bot, and how do you select the quotes?

[19:40] <+GrinningFool> haha
[19:41] <+GrinningFool> The quote bot started out of wanting to have a persistent searchable log for the #nwn2cr channel.
[19:41] <+GrinningFool> Pointless things like quotes and its tendency to spew random text into conversations were added for amusement value.
[19:41] <+GrinningFool> As far as selecting the quotes - well, anyone can add.  The best ones are those that are taken completely out of context...
[19:42] <+GrinningFool> </answer>
[19:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> (for those of you who have not been in the nwn2cr channel, the bot drops random quotes into the conversation)

[19:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> ==============Question============
[19:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. All nominees: What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated?

 [19:43] <+GrinningFool> "Qk, someone made a mistake and put my name on the list."
[19:43] * +AME_Estelindis laughs
[19:43] <+Nyt> surprised
[19:43] <@AME_Qk> xD
[19:43] <+Wyrin> suprised!
[19:43] <+Hugie> pumpeddddd! Smiley
[19:43] <@AME_BGPHughes> lol
[19:43] <+hellfire|RWS> Yeah.. same here, surprised
[19:44] <+AME_sirchet> .............
[19:44] <+Wyrin> and pleased - particularly for the roleplaying nomination
[19:44] <@AME_Qk> yeah, an uncommon feeling
[19:44] <@AME_BGPHughes> following on from that...

[19:44] <@AME_BGPHughes> ==========Question==========
 [19:44] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. Who's tried the other nominations in their category?

[19:45] <+Wyrin> i've played most of the nwn2 mods out there, so yep I've seen what I'm up against!
[19:45] <+Nyt> Tried RWS's tilesets
[19:45] <@AME_BGPHughes> (nominations are here:
[19:45] <+GrinningFool> We use BCK in Khalidine; and I've used various of Tani's plugins.
[19:45] <+GrinningFool> And all of RWS's tilesets...
[19:45] <+Hugie> er...haven't played any NWN2 mods. Sad  No time!
[19:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> What do you think of the other nominations?
[19:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> (if that's not a mean question!)
[19:47] * +GrinningFool thinks that the others in his category  should win over his.
[19:47] <+GrinningFool> There are some really talented people putting that stuff together, and it shows.
[19:47] <+Hugie> there were a few I was surprised *didn't* get nominated, to be honest--but that's purely from reputation, since i haven't played them
[19:47] <+AME_Estelindis> What a lovely, caring, humble community! Smiley
[19:48] <+AME_Estelindis> Any examples, Hugie, or would that be asking too much? ;p
[19:48] <@AME_BGPHughes> Hugie - there's more nominations than the ones that make the finals
[19:48] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie: that happens with us, too. Smiley
[19:48] <+Hugie> ah-hah Smiley
[19:48] <+AME_Estelindis> Yes - we narrow it down to a small number for the finals
[19:48] <+Hugie> well, Night Howls was the one that immediately caught my eye
[19:48] <+AME_Tybae> With nominations on this scale, there will be surprises.  It's unavoidable.
[19:48] <+Wyrin> agree with Hugie - suprised some big names weren't up there. But i nthe roleplaying category I'm up against my two favorite mods.....:-/
[19:49] <+Hugie> I was just surprised.  Exactly. Smiley
[19:49] * @AME_Andarian nods
[19:49] <@AME_Qk> well, that's my fault
[19:49] <+Hugie> lol!
[19:49] * AME_BGPHughes agrees
[19:50] <+AME_sirchet> kind words, we didn't go unnotticed

[19:49] <@AME_BGPHughes> ==========Question============
 [19:50] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. What inspires you to keep making works for free

[19:50] <@AME_BGPHughes> Nyt? Want to start us off?
[19:50] <@AME_Andarian> Psychosis?
[19:50] <+Nyt> it is good practice
[19:50] <@AME_Andarian> Smiley
[19:50] <@AME_BGPHughes> What for?
[19:50] <+Hugie> hehe
[19:51] <+Nyt> for making better mods
[19:51] <@AME_BGPHughes> Hellfire?
[19:51] <+AME_Estelindis> I think part of it... has to be the fact that most of us have already received so much from the community in terms of other people's mods and custom content.  Would others agree or disagree?
[19:51] <+AME_Tybae> Gaming is just a hobby for me.  I use it as a vice.
[19:51] <+hellfire|RWS> seeing other people get use out of what i make
[19:52] <@AME_BGPHughes> That was always a motivator for me
[19:52] <+hellfire|RWS> seeing my creations come to life
 [19:52] <+AME_Tybae> Couldn't agree more, Estelindis. Smiley
[19:52] <+Wyrin> I always wanted to be a writer and I love D&D... this is a way I can do my hobby in my own time. Might not seem it to some people coming into it, but the toolset is actually fun Wink When i get comments or emails form people who have really got into character, and for whom the NPCs have come to life, thats a rush
[19:52] <+AME_sirchet> aye, giving back feels good
[19:52] <+GrinningFool> It's fun - basicallly, it inflates my swollen ego to know that people are getting real use out of the things I create. As Estelindas says too, that's also a motivator; though perhaps not as powerful as the first Wink 
[19:53] <@AME_Andarian> Well, starting as a wannabe novelist, I became fascinated with the whole idea of telling a story in an interactive medium -- how it changes things, what you have to do to make it good, and so on.
[19:53] <+GrinningFool> Plus I enjoy the technical challenges
[19:53] <@AME_Qk> fifty fifty
[19:53] <+Nyt> I also enjoy the challenges
[19:53] <+AME_Tybae> I agree, Andarian.  It takes storytelling to a whole new level.
[19:53] <+Hugie> ditto that
[19:54] <+Wyrin> it's like writing, and film directing
[19:54] <+AME_Estelindis> GF: I agree that positive feedback from the community is also a huge motivating factor.  It's good to know that people are using the stuff one makes.
[19:54] <+Hugie> and programming!
[19:54] <@AME_Andarian> Seeing people enjoy my work helps a great deal in terms of motivation. But with any kind of storytelling, if you've got a story in you that's trying to get out, you just have to respect that.
[19:54] <+Hugie> There are some stories that are simply *made* to be told interactively rather than with a set protagonist/plotline Smiley
[19:54] <@AME_BGPHughes> Well then, leading on from that:

B G P Hughes
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« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2008, 12:19:02 AM »

[19:55] <@AME_BGPHughes> ===========Question===========
[19:55] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. Are you satisfied with the results?

[19:55] <+AME_Tybae> Of what you have put out?  (right Ben)
[19:56] <+Hugie> Eh...sorta.
[19:56] <@AME_BGPHughes> (yep)
[19:56] <+Wyrin> yes in terms of the feedback.... but I replayed DA the other day to then test out my current work on chapter 2 and there were lots of things I would like to redo. But it's hard to motivate yourself to redo old work, rather than start on new
[19:56] <+AME_Tybae> @Hugie - We all know that you're never satisfied.
[19:56] <+Hugie> I know I can do better.  Chapter Two is going to be much better than chapter 1
 [19:56:55] <@AME_Andarian> Wyrin: Yes, you'll probably always feel that way.
 [19:56:56] <+GrinningFool> Hmm.  That's a tough one.  There's always room to make things better - so while I 'm happy that people are using what I make; I'm also painfully aware of the shortcomings in it.   So in balance, I'd have to say "yes" in terms of feedback; and  "no"  in terms of the actual things I make -- perhaps that's another motivator for continuing to make more stuff Wink
[19:57:35] <@AME_BGPHughes> Who feels a bit embarassed when they go back to old work?
[19:57:39] * AME_BGPHughes puts his hand up
[19:57:44] * +GrinningFool raises his hand like 19 times
[19:57:46] <+Hugie> YES
[19:57:46] * +hellfire|RWS raises hand
[19:57:47] <+Nyt> I am never satisfied, I always find a better way to do thing later and says to myself why didn't I think of that earlier
[19:57:53] * @AME_Andarian waves frantically
[19:58:03] <+Hugie> I never ever want to look at Tale of a Mage ever again
[19:58:04] <@AME_BGPHughes> I can't believe how crap some of my oldest stuff is
[19:58:12] * AME_BGPHughes makes a note to remove that from the log
[19:58:07] * +AME_Estelindis puts both her hands up
 [19:58:17] * +GrinningFool is afraid to try to add new features to Creature Wizard....
[19:58:46] * +hellfire|RWS thinks Deep Halls shoudl be remade from scratch.. deep sewers too
[19:58:49] <@AME_Qk> i do not feel embarrased, i keep beeing the same idiot i think Cheesy
[19:58:53] <+AME_Tybae> ToM series was one of my favorites.  It got me addicted to Sorcerers, even though it was really meant for Wizards.
[19:59:14] <+Wyrin> isn;t it truw that often you'll look back at something you did a while ago and see a really clever trick you used - and then wonder if you'd still be able to come up with something that inventive/creative now?
[19:59:42] <+GrinningFool> hah - yes. There are rare gems when I look back at earlier work and am like, "Damn - did /I/ think of that?"
[19:59:52] <+GrinningFool> Sadly, they are few and far between
[19:59:53] <@AME_BGPHughes> That also happens, it's true
[19:59:56] <+Wyrin> Smiley
[20:00:08] <@AME_BGPHughes> There also times when I look at old scripts, I think: did I write that?!
[20:00:10] <@AME_Andarian> Wyrin: usually, no. For me, the tricks become part of me. It's more like I say "Oh, that's where I first figured out how to do that!"
[20:00:11] <+Hugie> I know the feeling. :/  I've avoided installing NWN1 on my new machine just so I don't have an excuse to go back and redo the entire thing Smiley
[20:00:30] <@AME_Qk> that reminds me someone...
[20:00:51] <@AME_BGPHughes> SO we've established everyone is embarassed by their old stuff
[20:01:05] <@AME_BGPHughes> that's reassuring!
[20:01:07] <@AME_Andarian> Except, not always...
 [20:01:14] <+Wyrin> AME_Andarian: I try to, but still find I suprise myself when i look back at bits i'd forgotten
[20:01:17] <+Sunjammer> I'm not
[20:01:28] <@AME_Andarian> Sometimes, you can be real proud of it too
[20:01:39] <+Hugie> I suppose that's true
[20:01:41] <@AME_Qk> yeap
[20:01:41] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK - with some caveats then!
[20:01:45] <+GrinningFool> Yes
[20:01:45] <+AME_sirchet> hey! I'm still proud of my first area I created
[20:01:55] <+Hugie> and Sunjammer, when you're the creator of Sunjammer's Tilemagic, it's IMPOSSIBLE to not be proud of it Smiley
[20:02:12] <+Sunjammer> Smiley
[20:02:26] <+AME_Estelindis> Yes, indeed!

[20:02:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> ==========Question=============
[20:02:43] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. For Wyrin & Hugie:

(Ben pastes some jibberish from the IRC logs of all channels)
[20:02:52] <@AME_Qk> ouch
[20:02:54] <@AME_BGPHughes> Sorry - weird paste bug there
[20:03:09] <@AME_BGPHughes> have fun reading that back - while I find the right one!
[20:03:15] <+Hugie> whoa, what?
[20:03:16] <+Hugie> hahaha
[20:03:21] <+AME_Tybae> lol
[20:03:25] <+hellfire|RWS> Smiley
[20:03:31] <@AME_BGPHughes> I'm gonna try again...
[20:03:39] <+AME_Tybae> Too much of the Ouzo there Ben?
 [20:03:44] <@AME_Andarian> That reminds me of a chat last year when I pasted a page of dialogue from a conversation I was editing accidentally...
[20:03:46] <+Wyrin> ?
[20:03:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. How do you design your plots for a CRPG? Do you have a specific approach, do it by instinct or trial and error, linear vs. open-ended, etc.??
[20:04:15] <+Hugie> Go ahead, Wyrin Smiley
[20:04:25] <+Wyrin> oh thnks Wink
[20:05:09] <+AME_Tybae> I'm still aspiring, but I'm going Linear for my first one, just to get used to things, then do the full world scope of things in a later mod.
[20:05:55] <+AME_Tybae> For an orignial story.  I was thinking of doing my first mod as a PnP conversion so I can focus more on creating the mod than the story.  Baby steps, baby steps.
[20:05:59] <+AME_sirchet> Doesn't a story driven adventure need to be a little linear?
[20:06:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> oooh - big question
[20:06:22] <+Wyrin> I have a big overarching plot sketched out, with set pieces planned in far detail. But the filler  isn't detailed much at all. I take that as it come - see what ideas i get doing an area, use old ideas I had from being a DM. I think with DA in particular, there's some degree of the illusion of open-endedness, which is often all you can hope for in a CRPG.
[20:06:37] * +AME_Estelindis agrees
[20:06:49] <@AME_Andarian> Sirchet: I think so, yes
[20:07:15] <+Wyrin> Linear can be really good. I've been turned off things that have too many plots going on as they can feel messy
[20:07:32] <+Wyrin> depends how its done of course
[20:07:49] <+Hugie> In NWN1, I tended to build mods where each mod was devoted to a central design decision--for The Island, for example, I was going simply for atmosphere/visuals/sound, whereas for something like Art of Death I was just going for a more complex city-based plot.  For Perchance to Dream, it was all about action--very linear.  Moonshadows was structured more around exploration, so I suppose you could say it's more "open-ended" than my past projects.  M
[20:07:51] <+Hugie> progression
[20:08:05] <@AME_Andarian> Wyrin: that's how I plot as well (plan the overall plot, and fill in the details as I build).
[20:08:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> so do I
[20:08:18] <+AME_sirchet> I think Wyrn has done a fine job of giving the player the illusion of open endedness when in fact we follow a specific plot.
[20:08:30] <+AME_Tybae> A little linear, yes, but I love side quests
[20:09:01] <@AME_Andarian> You can have a linear plot with side-quests, though
[20:09:09] <+Hugie> Definitely
[20:09:18] <+Wyrin> thanks sirchet. I think it's open-endedness in defining the PC, rather than in the plot, in some ways
[20:09:29] <+Hugie> but for linear stories, I've found that sidequests need to somehow tie in to the central plot for things to feel cohesive
[20:09:35] <+AME_sirchet> hmmn...
[20:09:45] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie: I agree
[20:09:56] <+Hugie> otherwise it just feels like you're taking a random detour Smiley
[20:09:59] <+AME_Tybae> Yes, the do this for me before I help you thing
[20:10:01] <+AME_Tybae> I'm a fan
[20:10:31] <@AME_Andarian> Wyrin: Yes, I do have to say that you did that brilliantly.
[20:10:34] <+AME_Tybae> @Hugie.  That's kind of what I meant in my scatter brain sort of way.
[20:10:50] <+Wyrin> AME_Andarian: thanks Smiley
[20:11:08] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK - moving on...
[20:11:14] <+AME_sirchet> i personally don't mind be guided when it's done the way a skilled dm would, were I don't really know I'm being guided

[20:11:12] <@AME_BGPHughes> ===========Question============
[20:11:29] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. This one is for AME:

[20:11:34] * AME_BGPHughes prepares to paste again
[20:11:41] <@AME_Andarian> Oh-oh
[20:11:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. The current categories are unbalanced: there is a entire category for Sound/Music and another for Tilesets but then everything else (animation, creatures, placeables, items, effects, plugins, guis, scripts, etc) have to battle it out in a remaining (and very crowded) Custom Content category.  Are there any plans to address this imbalance?
[20:12:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> One clarification on above - plugins and other tools actually fall under Community Contribution
[20:12:34] <@AME_Andarian> None that I can remember having discussed, but it's a good question
[20:12:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> whilst content falls in Custom Content
[20:12:42] <+Wayne> hope I didn't miss too much
[20:12:49] <+AME_Estelindis> Personally, I would love to see the CC category broken up more.
[20:13:02] <@AME_Andarian> The real dilemma is category proliferation
[20:13:02] <+AME_Tybae> I would hope so, but at the same time, it's hard to have categories for every type of custom content.  There has to be a line drawn somewhere, but the line does need to be extended.
[20:13:28] <@AME_BGPHughes> Funny thing is, it sounds like a huge category, but when we got down to it, it wasn't so large.
[20:13:28] <+AME_Estelindis> The fact of the matter is that it is rather difficult to balance off scripts, inventory items, animations, placeables, etc, against each other
[20:13:35] <@AME_BGPHughes> At least the Custom Content one wasn't
[20:13:38] <+Wyrin> Hugie: am i the only one with the toolset open whilst this is going on? Wink
[20:13:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> Community Contribution is wider
[20:13:50] <+AME_Tybae> lol.  Probably.
[20:13:52] <@AME_Andarian> It's hard to manage the number of categories we have, so my personal view is that we shouldn't split or add any unless we also eliminate others.
[20:14:02] <+Wayne> hmm, i can open it if you would feel better then
[20:14:04] <+Hugie> @Wyrin: Hah! Smiley  You are not Wink
[20:14:11] <+AME_Estelindis> What I would say is this, however:
[20:14:29] <+AME_Estelindis> Even though it is difficult to judge items that are widely different from each other, quality is a constant.
 [20:14:52] <+AME_Estelindis> One might be judging placeables against PC heads against AI...  But one can still tell whether something is well-made or not.
[20:15:08] <+AME_Tybae> I do think we need a couple of more categories to break up the Comm Con category.  That's probably the place where a lot of the work that deserves to be in the finals will get the short end of the stick.
[20:15:29] <@AME_Qk> yeap, most of all in nwn2
[20:15:31] <@AME_BGPHughes> It's always the most over-subscribed, that's true
[20:15:34] <+Sunjammer> So why the special treatment for music (for example)?
[20:15:47] <@AME_BGPHughes> It's music and sound - so it includes mods
[20:15:50] <@AME_Andarian> I tend to agree with Estelindis on this. Comparing different content hasn't usually been that hard, I don't think.
[20:15:51] <+AME_Estelindis> Because there's no real difference between music for NWN 1 and 2
[20:15:54] <+AME_Tybae> @Sunjammer.  I'd say because original music for a mod is rare.
[20:16:04] <+AME_Tybae> And deserves to be recognized.
[20:16:04] <@AME_BGPHughes> (which makes it pretty big)
[20:16:40] <+AME_sirchet> we should look at creating a section for custom music
[20:16:49] <@AME_BGPHughes> Let's send a question at Wayne, since he's just joined us
[20:16:50] <+AME_sirchet> *whistle*
[20:16:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> Prepare for another pasting...
[20:17:04] <+Sunjammer> That's an odd rationale
[20:17:07] <+AME_Tybae> Nominees can only be original works for music.
[20:17:11] <@AME_Andarian> I'm torn on that, because I personally consider good use of music in a module to be very important
[20:17:15] <+AME_Tybae> category
[20:18:13] <+AME_sirchet> choosing the correct music is just as important as choosing the correct lighting, sets atmosphere
[20:18:28] <@AME_Andarian> Sirchet: yes, exactly.
[20:18:52] <+AME_Estelindis> I agree - some of the music choices for the NWN1 module "Bloodright: The Blood Royal" literally took my breath away
[20:18:55] <+Sunjammer> However you have no "best lighting in a module" category
[20:18:57] <+Wayne> it helps a lot that the old interplay music from Baldur's Gate to Planescape Torment is free to be used
[20:19:12] * +AME_Estelindis agrees with Wayne - that music is superb
[20:19:21] <+AME_sirchet> tis perfect
[20:19:38] <@AME_Andarian> "Best Area Design" might be a useful category to add for NWN2, since it's (I think) more crucial than in NWN1
[20:19:39] <+Wayne> But besides of that the music category of NWN2 has the same problem as most of the other custom content categories:
[20:20:45] <+Wyrin> the result sof the obsidian area design should be out soon
[20:21:16] <+Sunjammer> I'm still not seeing any real justification for music/sound and tilesets having separate categories from the other custom content
[20:22:51] <@AME_Andarian> A lot of what builders do in terms of area design in NWN2 used to be part of the tileset development process in NWN1. It may be time to rethink those categories for NWN2. It's worth thinking about.
[20:22:55] <+Sunjammer> That's probably for the best
[20:22:56] <+Sunjammer> Smiley
[20:23:48] <+AME_Estelindis> Sunjammer: personally, I would prefer perhaps one extra category for custom content

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« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2008, 12:19:30 AM »

[20:17:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> =========Question==========
[20:17:27] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. For those of you converting classic modules - why did you choose the specific module?

[20:17:32] <+AME_Tybae> Man I hit enter too soon almost every tim
 [20:18:35] <@AME_Andarian> Do we have any PnP authors in channel today?
[20:18:41] <+AME_Tybae> Wyrin
[20:18:43] <+AME_sirchet> Wayne?
[20:18:44] <+AME_Tybae> That's you
 [20:19:27] <+Wyrin> Well, I my first go at modding was with Palace of the Silver Princess - a classic D&D mod I've played in pen-and-paper countless times. I knew the module and wanted to follow simple guide as I went about learning the toolset - so I could build a dungeon room by romo. But what that taught me the most was how the toolset can corrupt works in progress
[20:19:56] <+Wayne> There are only few really good masterpieces available
[20:20:16] <+AME_Tybae> I'd probably say that I'm picking one that was a simple concept, yet done originally.
[20:20:41] <+Wayne> We need to find a way to draw more attention to NWN2 and we need more hight quality content
 [20:21:27] <+AME_Tybae> @Wayne - The only problem is that there's a lot of people on NWN1 that boycott NWN2 because of the switch from Bioware.
[20:21:37] <@AME_Andarian> Area design was important in NWN1, but it's become an almost artistic endeavor in its own right in NWN2.
[20:21:45] <@AME_BGPHughes> Really Tybae? I missed that
[20:22:19] <+AME_Tybae> Yeah, I spend a lot of time on the NWN1 boards and there's bashing left and right on NWN2
[20:22:37] <+AME_Tybae> Theres some that just flat out refuse to switch over.  Funky_Swerve comes to mind.
[20:22:48] <+Hugie> that's just silly
 [20:22:52] <+Wayne> Hmmm, must have missed that.
[20:22:53] <+AME_Tybae> It is
 [20:22:57] <+AME_sirchet> i wonder how it will go if Infogames does buy Atari?
[20:23:06] <+Hugie> yeah, I saw that story
[20:23:16] <+AME_Starlight> I don't switch because of OS
[20:23:19] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> There are lots of old time NWN1 moders who feel they cant yet do all they have done in NWN with NWN2
[20:23:21] <+AME_Starlight> I'm using Linux
[20:23:21] * AME_BGPHughes decides to bring us back on topic
[20:23:29] <@AME_Andarian> Ty: Do they boycott it for the developer switch, or just because they don't like it?

[20:23:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> Another question for Wayne...
[20:23:47] <@AME_BGPHughes> ============Question=========
 [20:23:49] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> I think its more the limitations
[20:23:50] <+AME_Tybae> (A little of both, but mostly the former)
[20:23:52] <+hellfire|RWS> I know a few that say NWN2 doesnt ahve enough CC for them
[20:24:11] <+AME_Estelindis> Maybe one model-based, one non-model-based (e.g. scripting, tools)
[20:24:22] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> Yes not enough CC
[20:24:28] * AME_BGPHughes slaps the channel, since 3 questions are running in parallel...
[20:24:32] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. question for Markus 'Wayne' Schlegel if there will be any other Forggoten Realms pnp conversions or stories planned next
[20:24:35] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> yet, but NWN2 is young compared
[20:24:36] <+Hugie> lol
[20:24:57] <+AME_sirchet> Oww
[20:25:19] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> *rubs head
[20:25:31] <+AME_sirchet> *shakes it off*
[20:25:33] <+Wayne> Well, I've been asked many times if I have plans to convert other classics like Curse of the Azure Bonds to NWN2. Those games are huge
[20:25:52] <+hellfire|RWS> i vote for expedition to teh barrier peaks Smiley
[20:25:55] <+hellfire|RWS> the
[20:26:10] <@AME_BGPHughes> Keep on the Borderlands seems to be a favouurite
[20:26:10] <+hellfire|RWS> sorry, had to get that in
[20:26:10] <+Wayne> It would take literally "years" to convert them. Years I simply don't want to spend. 
[20:26:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> shame Ernie didn't make it
[20:26:21] <+AME_sirchet> I hear rumors of A Hunt Through the Darkness coming to NWN2
[20:26:38] <+Hugie> More than rumors--sweet screenshots
[20:26:47] <+Wayne> That's why I've returned to the old AHTD series. It's my child, I know every bit of it and it is much quicker to convert
[20:26:55] <+halloweenfoxy> rumor?
[20:27:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> lol
[20:27:23] <+AME_sirchet> I was attempting to be vague Wink
[20:27:24] <+Wayne> Anotehr point is, that it is much more interesting for me to do this kind of story instead of creating just another hero tale
[20:28:02] <+AME_Tybae> Indeed

[20:28:07] <@AME_BGPHughes> ============Question==========
[20:28:31] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. For the whole channel: Do you find the interviews on NWNPodcast helpful and informative?

[20:28:38] <@AME_Andarian> Yes
[20:28:41] <+hellfire|RWS> yes
[20:28:43] <@AME_BGPHughes> (I like them)
[20:28:45] <+Wayne> Of course.
[20:28:50] <+AME_Tybae> Absolutely.  Gives me ideas for later.
[20:28:52] <+Wyrin> hang on, ashercon is here...
[20:28:53] <+halloweenfoxy> What kind of question is that. YES!
[20:28:54] <+AME_sirchet> Beyond a doubt, and intertaining
[20:28:55] <+Wyrin> Wink
[20:29:06] <+Wyrin> Yes! there a fun listen
[20:29:12] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> Yes, please let us know what you want more of to hear!!
[20:29:22] <@AME_BGPHughes> Who doesn't? Maybe that would have been a better question!
[20:29:22] <+halloweenfoxy> more Bloopers!
[20:29:24] <+AME_Tybae> Let me know when Ascheron is gone so I can really speak my mind!  Tongue  j/k
[20:29:26] <+halloweenfoxy> *chuckles*
[20:29:27] <+Wyrin> they are oops
[20:29:29] <+AME_sirchet> singing by the hosts
[20:29:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> I like the bloopers too
[20:29:38] <+AME_sirchet> heh heh
 [20:29:41] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> Ty, please do
[20:29:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> Get to the interviews earlier
[20:29:47] <@AME_Andarian> We should try to do another round-table discussion. Those are fun. Smiley
 [20:29:54] <+AME_Carlo> Podcasts are a unique way for the community to keep up on things together, I've even called NWN Podcast an institution.
[20:30:15] <+AME_Tybae> *screams like a little girl*
[20:30:17] <+halloweenfoxy> I think the singing was already discussed in one of the podcast and just because Liso is building walls on that there is none
[20:30:25] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> or Carlos meant we should be institionalized HA!
[20:30:30] <+AME_Carlo> take your pick. Wink
[20:30:35] <+AME_sirchet> ha ha
[20:31:11] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> We did a another round table this morning... Realms of Annkolia DMs
[20:31:18] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> It was great!!
[20:31:34] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> An AME Round table would be cool!
[20:31:41] <+AME_Tybae> It would be
[20:31:42] <+AME_sirchet> welcome
[20:32:07] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> Ty in the Round Tables Im UNDER th table so your good!! hah
[20:32:11] <@AME_BGPHughes> Idea is to get some of the Award winners to do the AME interviews over Podcast
[20:32:17] <@AME_BGPHughes> any potential winners up for that?
[20:32:28] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> YES YES!! *pants
[20:32:42] <+halloweenfoxy> just dun always correct them on names that would be another catherding *hides somewhere
[20:32:54] <+hellfire|RWS> sure, and i will try adn talk more
[20:33:25] <+Wayne> Will the Germans amongst us get sychronized translations during the podcast interviews?
[20:33:29] <+AME_sirchet> no
[20:33:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> lol
[20:33:34] <+Wayne> Damn
[20:33:53] <+halloweenfoxy> Yah but the us people are not good at lip dubbing Tongue
[20:33:53] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> ummmm, if foxy is there
[20:34:01] <+halloweenfoxy> whats with me?
[20:34:17] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> You know german dont you
[20:34:23] <+AME_sirchet> Ist sprekin ze kline duesch
[20:34:31] <+halloweenfoxy> I am german yes
[20:34:36] <+halloweenfoxy> need a translator?
[20:34:39] <+Wayne> hey, his german is better than my english
[20:34:40] <+halloweenfoxy> I'm there for that

[20:34:48] <@AME_BGPHughes> =============Question==========
[20:35:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. ·   For the veterans: how do you feel about cutscenes in NWN2, and how they tend to be tied to conversations? Would you use a variant of Gestalt's Cutscene system for NWN2 if it were available?

[20:35:10] <@AME_BGPHughes> I guess that one's for those who moved from NWN1
[20:35:32] <+Wyrin> for those who didn;t build in NWN1 can you elaborate?
[20:35:35] <@AME_Andarian> Or even new folks, if they know what the question's referring to
[20:36:06] <@AME_Andarian> OK, I'll elaborate
[20:36:26] <@AME_Andarian> In NWN1, Gestalt developed a cutscene system that allowed the camera free motion...
[20:36:33] <+hellfire|RWS> can a cut scene be done in NWN2 without a convo?
[20:36:39] <+Sunjammer> yes
[20:36:45] <+Sunjammer> but you can't use camera
[20:36:50] <@AME_Andarian> ... so that you could pan and move the camera independently
[20:37:04] <@AME_Andarian> hellfire: it's hard to do in NWN2
[20:37:11] <+Sunjammer> *static cameras
[20:38:27] <@AME_Andarian> Sunjammer: right, in NWN2 you have to try to play games with static cameras.
[20:38:27] <@AME_BGPHughes> go ahead
 [20:39:04] <+Wayne> Well, when I was doing AHTD with the aurora toolset the game had this "outside" feelign of Baldur's Gate
[20:39:35] * @AME_Andarian nods
 [20:40:05] <+Wayne> It was hard to do any camera moves for cutscenes and so I merely relied on video sequences between the chapters
 [20:40:13] <+Wayne> NWN2 is different
[20:40:40] <+Hugie> I personally am a big fan of the static camera system.  It's a lot more exact than Gestalt, and I feel like it's actually a lot easier to place a camera than it is to specify all those camera angles for the simplest short cutscenes
[20:41:01] <+Wayne> They've added the capability to play it much like Gothic (if you know that) with following camera and there are people who like playing it that way
[20:41:14] <@AME_Andarian> I've had some discussions with Challseus, and with some of the recent patches, he and I think that Gestalt could be implemented for NWN2 now.
[20:41:18] <+Sunjammer> Static camera's are great but being able to access them via scripting and having the likes of CSI work in conversations would help
[20:41:23] <+Wayne> You can zoom in closer and so - with the new lighting - you can create more immersive adventures
[20:41:51] <+Hugie> I was about to mention that too, Andarian
[20:41:57] <+Hugie> Challseus is working on porting it over, I believe
[20:42:16] <@AME_BGPHughes> (We'll have two more questions, then wrap up)
[20:42:31] <@AME_Andarian> That's great news Hugie -- thanks
[20:42:34] <+Wayne> I like it that way - but this type of game has new problem in conversations
 [20:43:10] <+Wayne> It feels strange to have dramtic dialogues without lip movement and voice overs
[20:43:13] <+Ashercon[NWNP]> Thanks everyone for letting join the IRC today, and thanks for listening, I have run, but will keep this caht running so I save it later. Good material for podcast! The AME ROCKS!! take care
[20:43:19] <+halloweenfoxy> hmm you can zoom? So would it be doable to zoom your way along?
[20:43:25] <+Sunjammer> mmm ... with the ability to stack scripts on conversation nodes you could actually make an event driven custscene system that would work with conversations too ...
[20:43:28] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie: does that presume a fixed viewpoint, though?
[20:43:42] <+Wayne> But custom voice overs are hard to do - it's not enough to have an Englishman speak some lines into a micro
[20:43:50] <+Hugie> Honestly, not sure much about specifics.
[20:44:08] * +AME_Carlo remembers Pool of Radiance Remastered's Englishman
[20:44:37] <@AME_BGPHughes> I don't know if anyone noticed, but I'm not a voice actor
[20:44:37] <+Wayne> Iain was fantastic - he is a professional actor
[20:44:47] * AME_BGPHughes winks
[20:45:01] <+Hugie> hehehe
[20:45:07] <+AME_Tybae> Yeah, sounds like a salesman, huh?
[20:45:18] * AME_BGPHughes slaps Tybae severely
[20:45:48] <+Wayne> So to ake a final statement:  don't need more camera options for my work. I need professional voice actors - and I won't find them in Germany.
[20:45:36] <@AME_BGPHughes> next question then:
[20:46:33] <+Skunkeen> I hope to get involved in voice acting for modules , im working on a soundboard with different voices
[20:46:57] <+Wayne> You are free to work with us at AHTDR
[20:47:45] <+Skunkeen> im free and can give examples anytime
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B G P Hughes
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« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2008, 12:20:06 AM »

[20:45:41] <@AME_BGPHughes> ==============Question=========
[20:46:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. ·   I'm curious to know how mod authors in general manage time for modding -- is it hard to find time for, how do they schedule their work?

[20:46:25] <@AME_BGPHughes> (my view, with a family, very difficult indeed)
[20:46:34] <+Wayne> I try do one bit of work every day - so 1 hour a day
[20:46:54] <@AME_BGPHughes> Really, don't you find you lose the flow that way?
 [20:47:06] <+Hugie> It is hard to find time for during the school year.  College work is pretty intense for me.  This summer I'm going to be working on several different projects at once, though, so that'll be fun. Smiley
[20:47:08] <@AME_Andarian> Ben: That was my thought as well
[20:47:17] <+Hugie> I don't really "schedule" modding time.
 [20:47:49] <+AME_Tybae> Usually my time is during my train ride to/from work every day, or on the plane to where ever work is sending me that week.
[20:48:05] <+AME_sirchet> over at GPS, (Gaming Parents Studios) we all have family and kids, and it's kind of cool to hear how different people deal with their modding restrictions differently.
[20:48:31] <+Wyrin> I generally only get time to work on the toolset at the weekends. NAd then it's a case of fitting it around other things. It's difficult. Often I'll get up ealier at weekends to make a start on things. But I do a lot of planning during my commute to work - and sketch out conversations etc then
[20:48:57] <+Hugie> agreed--only weekend for me.
[20:49:00] <+AME_Estelindis> Tybae: that is my best free time as well, the train ride.  Though, if I am especially busy, I will do non-NWN work then instead.
 [20:49:09] <@AME_BGPHughes> I find that my wife sends me shopping, breaks the flow, and it can be the end of a whole day's work
[20:49:16] <@AME_Andarian> Wyrin: Yes, I know what you mean. I plotted out the entire Sanctum series driving to work with a voice recorder. Smiley
[20:49:18] <+Wyrin> that said, to make things worse, i'm not sure i'm the most efficient builder around. so any tips on organising things to stop me opening the toolset and dithering would eb good!
[20:49:36] <@AME_BGPHughes> A design doc
[20:49:50] <@AME_BGPHughes> I use extensive design docs nowadays
[20:50:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> I find it's a discipline that's necessary from pro work
[20:50:03] <+Hugie> yup, same here
[20:50:33] <+AME_sirchet> If you have ateam working on the module, A design Doc is absolutely needed.
[20:50:57] <+AME_sirchet> or people will do the same thing twice
[20:51:06] <@AME_Andarian> Yes, I'm sure that documentation is especially crucial when you're collaborating
[20:51:17] <@AME_BGPHughes> So on to the last question!

[20:51:22] <@AME_BGPHughes> ==========Question========
[20:51:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> Q. What are you working on now (for all nominees + )?

[20:51:48] <+Hugie> alphabetical?
[20:51:54] <@AME_BGPHughes> (if it's under NDA, you can keep quiet!)
[20:52:06] <+Hugie> hehe
[20:52:08] <@AME_Andarian> Nominees +? Do you mean everyone?
[20:52:08] <+Wayne> Ok, call the names
[20:52:09] <+AME_sirchet> NDA?
[20:52:22] <+Hugie> non-disclosure agreement
[20:52:23] <@AME_BGPHughes> Nominees first
[20:52:23] <+AME_Tybae> *puts on bullet proof vest*  I'm sure if they told us they'd have to shoot us.
[20:52:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> Hellfire
[20:52:30] <+AME_sirchet> ha ha
[20:52:31] * @AME_Andarian nods
[20:53:23] <@AME_BGPHughes> Hugie - you go ahead, Hellfire's afk
[20:53:30] <+Hugie> ok!
[20:53:40] <+Hugie> I'm working on 3 things, technically
 [20:53:55] <+Hugie> 1 is Moonshadows 2-- dual-path finale to the campaign
[20:54:12] <+hellfire|RWS> RWS has  Two Tilesets in the works (Near Complete)
[20:54:12] <+hellfire|RWS> Dungeons, and Dark Ruins, Also we have a placeable pack in the works that is just a big bunch of unrelated palceables. Pyramids, Teepees,Long Houses, Baskets of fruit and veggies, etc, and a Grell Monster.
[20:54:16] <+Hugie> 2 is I'm converting a soon-to-be-published novel for someone to NWN2
[20:54:26] <+Hugie> but I really need a creature modeller for that
[20:54:38] <+Hugie> (anyone interested in helping, please contact me @! )
[20:54:42] <+hellfire|RWS> all our other stuff i cant talk about
[20:54:53] <+Hugie> and finally, something I can't talk about.
[20:55:20] <+AME_Tybae> Just like Hugie.  Leave us in suspense.   After all, we did it to you.  Wink
[20:55:36] <+Hugie> Wink
[20:55:47] <+Hugie> seriously though guys.  I need a creature modeller.  Badly.
[20:56:04] <+hellfire|RWS> what creature
[20:56:09] <+hellfire|RWS> just curious
[20:56:11] <+Wayne> Well, the best one at vault is Jonny Ree (in my opinion)
[20:56:13] <@AME_Andarian> Hugie: You and me both. Smiley
[20:56:18] <+Hugie> hehe
[20:56:22] <+Wayne> But I need him too, so don't take him from us Wink
[20:56:25] <+Hugie> Jonny declined my offer
[20:56:29] <+hellfire|RWS> i agree Ree is the one for creatures
[20:56:44] <+halloweenfoxy> I hope the next in line is not an underdarkling
[20:56:54] <+Wayne> I hope he is *grin*
[20:56:56] <+Hugie> I'd be happy to discuss specifics with anyone interested in possibly helping
[20:56:59] <+Hugie> just send me an email
[20:57:00] <+halloweenfoxy> of course you do
[20:57:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> Wayne, you're working on Hunt - anything else?
[20:57:15] <+AME_sirchet> there is a promising modeler at GPS, I'll pass the word.
[20:57:20] <@AME_Andarian> BTW, does the converter work for Max 9 yet?
[20:57:27] <+Hugie> thanks SirChet!
 [20:58:16] <+Wayne> Well, I concentrate in one project at one time so this is all I'm working on at the moment. I've also compiled a portfolio for the Obsidian contest with one new area- Shadowdale
 [20:58:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> Wyrin?
[20:59:49] <+Wyrin> Well, I'm working on DarkAvenger Chapter 2 with the plot turning to the militia and their leader, which I hope to be alpha testing towards the end of the month. Got the finale, the epilogue, and some journal options to tie up. Found it hard to maintain some of the concepts from DA1 with the same momentum so keen to get input on that in the testing
[21:00:31] <+AME_sirchet> *rubs hands in anticipation*
[21:00:49] <@AME_BGPHughes> Anyone else? Lots of highly active folks in channel. Now's a good time to pump your newest work!
[21:01:12] <@AME_Andarian> Well, fingers crossed, I should be graduating this month, which will take one large item off my plate and (hopefully) afford me some more free time to mod.
[21:01:19] <+AME_Alban> Rural Weapons Pack !
[21:01:37] * +AME_Alban flees
[21:01:46] <@AME_Andarian> My plan is to develop Acts II and III of Sanctum of the Archmage in NWN2, which I hope to be starting next month. My first project is going to be developing an "intro movie" recapping the events of Act I for NWN2 players who weren't able to play the first act in NWN1.
 [21:02:15] <+ThriKreen> Uh, not sure when NWN 1.69 is due out, other than Real Soon Now.  Craig keeps saying he'll pop into the office one weekend to finish building it (he's been busy on Mass Effect PC right now)
[21:02:35] <@AME_Andarian> I'm also planning to take some time to try to learn modeling, so that I might be able to develop some of the creatures I need for it myself.
[21:02:45] <+AME_Carlo> The DM-Friendly Initiative will be coming out with a DM 101 tutorial package for NWN2. I'm doing the tutorial mod, Vendalus is doing the starter adventure mod that will come with it.
[21:02:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> 'Done when it's done' has worn out now TK!
[21:02:47] <+AME_sirchet> Well, I,m fortunate enough to get to work with Wayne on His Hunt series, and we at GPS have...Into the Forgotten Realms and A Time to Die in the Works, And of course Night Howls in Nestlehaven chapter 2 is moving along
[21:03:10] <+hellfire|RWS>
[21:03:10] <+hellfire|RWS>
[21:03:10] <+hellfire|RWS>
[21:03:10] <+hellfire|RWS>
[21:03:11] <+AME_Carlo> Hopefully the package will be done by the end of May.
[21:03:15] <@AME_Andarian> BTW: Anyone willing or able to develop a Pegasus (especially a ridable one) for NWN2 would earn my eternal and undying gratitude. Wink
[21:03:21] <+ladydesire> something i've been working on, inspired by Ree's work, of course.
[21:03:37] <+AME_Alban> And Ree will rock the 2008 AME Awards
[21:03:38] <+AME_Alban> Smiley
[21:03:59] <+AME_sirchet> A GPS modeller made a nice unicorn and he might be able to pull off a pegasis
[21:04:07] <+Sunjammer> A replacement merchant/item property/money system for Khalidine (GF's PW); an update to my visual effect's browser to include all SEFs and PBXs; and new library to "move" and rotate (round an arbitary axis) placeables; Encoutenator plugin; a Item Property Upgrade system (with plugin); etc, etc.
[21:04:10] <+AME_Tybae> Modesty seems to be your best quality, Alban.
[21:04:12] <+AME_Estelindis> Those shots are fantastic, Hellfire! Cheesy
[21:04:20] <+hellfire|RWS> thx
[21:04:31] <+ladydesire> profile view as well.
[21:04:32] <+Wayne> I hope he will do the rest of his list, too, before somebody finds him an hires him away from the vault
[21:04:59] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK folks, let's wrap up the official chat there, as there's an AME multiplayer session in a few minutes
[21:05:00] <+Wayne> This would give me enough wonderful creatures to do future project 2009 and 2010 Wink
[21:05:02] <@AME_Andarian> Sirchet: I'll get back to you about that, thanks. Smiley
[21:05:20] <@AME_BGPHughes> Thank you everyone for coming - sorry if I did not get to your questions
[21:05:27] <@AME_BGPHughes> ===end====
[21:05:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> the floor is now open for general chat!

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You just had to leave *screams like a little girl* in the log, didn't you BenWH?  Thanks buddy.  I have a cat you can run over too, if you like.  Wink

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I AME to please...

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« Reply #7 on: May 06, 2008, 10:14:02 PM »

Haha  Grin. I can not believe I missed it. Sounds like a whole lut of fun, especially seeing the great members of the community also have a good sense of humour. Too bad I missed it, really wanted to have a chat with Sunjammer and Grinningfool, one of the best scripters out there. Always looked up on them, even though I surpass the level of an average scripter, I still don't get any sense of what they're scripting, especially Grinningfool.

When is the next IRC going to be! Make sure you've got as much talented people as you had the last time, else I won't come  Kiss.

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I AME to please...

 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Waiter, cheese plate, table 2. 

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