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Author Topic: IRC Chat log with NWN1 Golden Dragon nominees  (Read 12627 times)
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« on: July 12, 2008, 11:25:14 AM »

We had a great IRC chat, which went on for several hours after finishing (in fact it's still going now!). You can read the chat and some of the free-for-all that followed here, with a bit of editing to keep it understandable:

[2008-07-12 19:13:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK , off we go then
[2008-07-12 19:13:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> =========================
[2008-07-12 19:13:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> Welcome everyone!

[2008-07-12 19:14:08] <@AME_BGPHughes> Some basic ground rules for the chat:
[2008-07-12 19:14:21] <@AME_BGPHughes> 1.   Questions will be directed by Tybae either at individuals or groups of people, but feel free to chip in.
[2008-07-12 19:14:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> 2.   From time to time, Tybae the whipmaster (or me) will move the chat onto the next topic, to keep the pace going and help keep on topic.
[2008-07-12 19:14:40] <@AME_BGPHughes> 3.   If you have a question, just open a private channel and give it to me or Tybae, so we can add it to the list.
[2008-07-12 19:14:41] <@AME_Tybae> Hold on a sec, I'm printing them now
[2008-07-12 19:14:53] <@AME_BGPHughes> To get things started, let's very briefly introduce ourselves, running top to bottom on the attendance list. Please type a one line introduction to yourself.
[2008-07-12 19:15:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> This is the only time you are not allowed to lurk! Maddy gets two lines, one for each of you.

[2008-07-12 19:15:17] <@AME_BGPHughes> and since I'm at the top of the list...
[2008-07-12 19:15:39] <@AME_BGPHughes> I'm Ben, Chairman of AME, former NWN contributor now doing other stuff
[2008-07-12 19:16:07] * AME_BGPHughes elbows Six
[2008-07-12 19:16:10] <@AME_Six> I'm sixesthrice, often known as other things, NWN1 custom content person and AME member.
[2008-07-12 19:16:51] * @AME_Tybae elbows Starlight
[2008-07-12 19:17:02] <@AME_Starlight> I'm Starlight, member of AME, now managing Overlooked Module List and Romance Module List. I live in Hong Kong Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:17:15] <@AME_Tybae> Greetings, I'm Tybae.  AME Member, Class Clown and Master of All Things Insignificant, like pocket lint & Gnomes.
[2008-07-12 19:17:43] <+Ninjaweasel> thanks
[2008-07-12 19:17:55] * @AME_Tybae slaps TK
[2008-07-12 19:18:15] <@BioBrianC> I'm a talentless hack that pretends to work at BioWare.
[2008-07-12 19:18:23] * AME_BGPHughes nods
[2008-07-12 19:18:26] <@NOM_Andarian> My name's Andarian. I'm Vice-Chairman of the AME, although I'm participating today primarily in my capacity as a nominee in the Best RPG category, for my module, Sanctum of the Archmage 2 - The Miracle Worker, Act I.
[2008-07-12 19:18:37] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> good one Wink
[2008-07-12 19:18:58] <@AME_BGPHughes> I'm not sure Qk is actually here
[2008-07-12 19:21:00] <+FesterPot> Hi! I'm Fester Pot and I'm a nomination for the 2008 NWN1 award for best Veteran Author for Shadewood and best Adventure Module. Smiley Smiley Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:21:31] <+NOM_Axe> hi I'm Axe Murderer -- how's that?
[2008-07-12 19:21:48] <+fluffyamoeba> and i'm fluffyamoeba and i lurk around irc a lot :p
[2008-07-12 19:21:50] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> NOM_LanceBotelle - I'm Lance and have been nominated for Debut Author with Soul Shaker. *Where is the witty response mode in IRC?*
[2008-07-12 19:21:59] <+NOM_Ashercon[NWNP]> Hey Ashercon Zelo aka Trey from the NWN Podcast, Honored to be finalists in the Community Contribution category!! GO NWN GO!!! And get in game and LEVEL UP!!!
[2008-07-12 19:22:04] <+Khaveen> Khaveen, NWN2 Community Representative-current focus: DM Cient, Gallows Bird NWN1&2 PW Admin, Shadow Thieves Guild Leader
[2008-07-12 19:22:23] <+NOM_Axe> I have no idea why I am here. Am I getting an award for something?
[2008-07-12 19:22:36] <@AME_Tybae> No.  You're nominated.
[2008-07-12 19:22:39] <+FesterPot> And loved.
[2008-07-12 19:23:05] <+NOM_Axe> nominated for doing what exactly?
[2008-07-12 19:23:07] <@AME_Tybae>
[2008-07-12 19:23:36] <@NOM_Andarian> See Here:
[2008-07-12 19:23:44] <+DrDreadlock> sorry.. had to tend to my dog.
[2008-07-12 19:23:58] <@AME_Tybae> You're nominated for the Community Contribution Golden Dragon Award for your selfless contributions to the community
[2008-07-12 19:24:14] <@AME_Tybae> Let's see, Maddy and Jeff, you're up
[2008-07-12 19:24:21] <+NOM_Maddyanne> I'm Madeleine. I'm here for Citadel. Jeff is next, since we are on one computer.
[2008-07-12 19:24:44] <+NOM_Maddyanne> I'm Jeff. Citadel music.
[2008-07-12 19:24:46] <+lord_rosenkrantz> uh, i'm lord rosenkrantz also known as paulokrantz, custom content author
[2008-07-12 19:25:24] <+NOM_Skunkeen> I'm Skunkeen! "Neverwinter Connections" Grand Hall of Fame "Dungeon Master of the Year" and I am a Talk host for the "Neverwinter Nights Podcast"
[2008-07-12 19:25:40] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> hi i'm ninjaweasel
[2008-07-12 19:25:57] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> notorious for the "intimate anims suite"
[2008-07-12 19:26:14] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> nominated for custom content, i think
[2008-07-12 19:26:18] <@AME_Tybae> Yup
[2008-07-12 19:26:29] <+NOM_SubBassman> I'm Zoltan Gonda from Hungary. I'm a game designer nominated for this and that.
[2008-07-12 19:26:38] <+NOM_thegeorge> Hi I'm thegeorge, evil and infamous NWN module author.  Also, I'm strikingly handsome.  Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:26:55] <+NOM_SubBassman> CHA 15+?
[2008-07-12 19:27:05] * @AME_Tybae thinks thegeorge has a great face for IRC chat
[2008-07-12 19:27:07] <+NOM_thegeorge> Comeliness 15+
[2008-07-12 19:27:26] * @AME_Starlight casts spell onto thegeorge that -cha
[2008-07-12 19:27:35] <+USAgraplr> I'm Todd, nobody terribly important, I think I've got all of two vault submissions from a few years back, just renumbering heads and robes for rangarok_mr4's ACP.  I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain....
[2008-07-12 19:27:57] <+NOM_thegeorge> ah but I love rangarok's stuff
[2008-07-12 19:28:13] <+Zyphlin> Oh, Hello. I was asked to introduce myself. I go by Zyphlin, I'm a DM over at Narfell PW and will isten to anything Thri says ever since 1.69 released Wink Working on a rework of the server with 1.69 tilesets and placeables at the moment

[2008-07-12 19:28:26] <@AME_Tybae> **** Question*****
[2008-07-12 19:28:33] <@AME_Tybae> This is for the Ninjaweasel

[2008-07-12 19:28:46] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> ?
[2008-07-12 19:28:57] <@AME_Tybae> How much did you have to pay your models and are you still hiring?
[2008-07-12 19:29:05] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> ROFL
[2008-07-12 19:29:17] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> nothing, they work for free
[2008-07-12 19:29:24] <+lord_rosenkrantz> they are supermodels, you know?
[2008-07-12 19:29:39] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> yes, i work with supermodels a lot
[2008-07-12 19:29:44] <+NOM_SubBassman> chinese outsourcers? Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:29:56] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> if you want to contribute, feel free Wink
[2008-07-12 19:30:02] <@AME_Tybae> Hehe
[2008-07-12 19:30:05] <+Eat2surf> *slinks in quietly and sits in the back*
[2008-07-12 19:30:21] * @AME_Six tries not to think about Eat2surfs comment in context
[2008-07-12 19:30:23] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> well, asian, anyway
[2008-07-12 19:30:39] <@AME_Starlight> NOM_Ninjaweasel: I'm asian, is that means I'm qualified? Wink

[2008-07-12 19:30:39] <@AME_Tybae> ******Question*******
[2008-07-12 19:30:46] <@AME_Tybae> This is for the Citadel team
[2008-07-12 19:31:16] <@AME_Tybae> What brought you 3 together and why did you decide to create Citadel?

[2008-07-12 19:31:40] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Jim, Jeff, and I have been friends and collaborators for years. We started doing music and theater together back in the long ago. Jim got very much into gaming. He lured Jeff in with Torment and then both of us in with Shadows of Amn. NWN came out and there was the toolset. We just started building and kept it up, making this and that. Citadel just grew, as we learned how to do what we wanted to make happen. Jeff had some scripting k
[2008-07-12 19:32:25] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Once you start, it's hard to stop.
[2008-07-12 19:32:30] <@AME_Tybae> Indeed.
[2008-07-12 19:32:40] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> line got cut, i think
[2008-07-12 19:32:42] <@AME_Tybae> Any word on the Evil path's release?
[2008-07-12 19:32:51] * @AME_Tybae prods innocently
[2008-07-12 19:32:59] <+FesterPot> Jeff had some scripting ketamine?
[2008-07-12 19:33:08] <@AME_BGPHughes> knowledge maybe?
[2008-07-12 19:33:11] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Jim is out of town for a month. He'll be back on the 17th.
[2008-07-12 19:33:12] <+FesterPot> Kites!
[2008-07-12 19:33:18] <@AME_BGPHughes> Ketchup?
[2008-07-12 19:33:21] <@AME_Six> potassium?
[2008-07-12 19:33:23] <+Khaveen> kiddies.
[2008-07-12 19:33:28] <@AME_BGPHughes> ROFL
[2008-07-12 19:33:35] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> knits ...
[2008-07-12 19:33:36] <+NOM_thegeorge> heh, let's all fly our scripting kites!
[2008-07-12 19:33:37] * @AME_Starlight can't stop laughing
[2008-07-12 19:33:39] <+Eat2surf> kittens
[2008-07-12 19:33:44] <+NOM_Maddyanne> And he and I, when he recovers, are going to get on the fast track.
[2008-07-12 19:33:46] <@AME_Starlight> kitchnes
[2008-07-12 19:34:03] * AME_BGPHughes starts to gently steer us back on topic...
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B G P Hughes
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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2008, 11:34:23 AM »

[2008-07-12 19:33:57] <@AME_Tybae> *******Question**********
 [2008-07-12 19:34:15] <@AME_Tybae> This is for all the nominees
[2008-07-12 19:34:30] <@AME_Tybae> What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated?

[2008-07-12 19:34:37] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> WTF?!
[2008-07-12 19:34:40] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Absolutely delighted!
[2008-07-12 19:34:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> You should start with Axe, sine he just found out!
[2008-07-12 19:34:44] <@NOM_Andarian> I was very pleased, of course. Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:34:44] <+Eat2surf> holy crap
[2008-07-12 19:34:50] <+NOM_SubBassman> I said: Hmm
[2008-07-12 19:34:52] <+NOM_thegeorge> I was like 'What, again?'
[2008-07-12 19:34:52] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> followed by "reeaaaaally now..."
[2008-07-12 19:34:58] <+NOM_Axe> Still figuring that out.
[2008-07-12 19:34:59] <+NOM_Skunkeen> not worthy , not worthy
[2008-07-12 19:35:24] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Pleased, flattered, all that. Thanks, by the way.
[2008-07-12 19:35:34] <@AME_Tybae> No, thank you
[2008-07-12 19:35:47] <+Eat2surf> ..then .. sweeeeet.
[2008-07-12 19:36:06] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Eat2Surf and I both feel Trey , Jay & Michele deserve the attention the most for the Podcast and wish they all could be here
[2008-07-12 19:36:13] * @AME_Tybae looks at AME_Starlight funny
[2008-07-12 19:36:31] <+NOM_Skunkeen> they started it up and Eat2Surf and I joined the team this year
[2008-07-12 19:37:03] <+NOM_Skunkeen> and Neverwinter Connections wish their staff was still active to be here too

[2008-07-12 19:36:30] <@AME_Tybae> ********Question***********
[2008-07-12 19:36:42] <@AME_Tybae> For everyone again
[2008-07-12 19:37:03] <@AME_Tybae> How did you learn to do what you do for NWN and how long did it take before you got anything useable?

[2008-07-12 19:37:39] <+Eat2surf> Well.. since I talk about NWN.. it took.. oh.. a year or so.. and my first word was "Batman"
[2008-07-12 19:37:39] <+NOM_thegeorge> by trial-and-error, and 4 months
[2008-07-12 19:37:55] <@NOM_Andarian> I'm still constantly learning new things about modding, so I can't really describe it in terms of a finished process. That's one reason why I've released several updated versions of my modules. I learned enough to produce a pretty good 8 hour debut module in about a year. But that was working on it in bits and pieces in spare time that I didn't really have.
[2008-07-12 19:38:09] <+Eat2surf> followed by "cracker".. and "ball".. I started in 1965
[2008-07-12 19:38:13] <+NOM_Axe> Came natural to me I've been programming C, C++, and C# for about 30 years. Took me about 2 weeks to learn NWScript. And the rest I've just been picking up over time.
[2008-07-12 19:38:14] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> well, just like Ragnarok_mr4, i animate professionally - and made the transition to NWN1 quickly enough.  Took about 2 weeks before i had my first animations in the game
[2008-07-12 19:38:18] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> I learned everything from fresh .... I did not know anything prior to NWN. It depends what you mean by useable. I would say 8 months by my own standards.
[2008-07-12 19:38:31] <+NOM_Axe> And I have the patience of Job
[2008-07-12 19:38:38] <+NOM_SubBassman> I used sample scripts, asked several people, used the editor a lot (I think I needed at least half a year, but the result was still messy)
[2008-07-12 19:39:29] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> I am still learning ... especially now we have NWN2 ....
[2008-07-12 19:39:33] <+NOM_Maddyanne> 4 months to get something we ourselves could multiplay. 4+ years for Citadel. Learned by messing around.
[2008-07-12 19:39:38] <@NOM_Andarian> Same as Axe regarding the scripting -- I've been coding for almost as long myself
[2008-07-12 19:39:49] <+NOM_Skunkeen> for NWN I learned all I know from the Builders Project building wise and Maximus from the vualt viewlets, DMing thanks to the Community at NWC and the DMFI being involved there too
[2008-07-12 19:40:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> Did anyone else use David Gaider's excellent tutorials for scripting?
[2008-07-12 19:41:18] <@NOM_Andarian> Ben: No, I pretty much used the Lexicon to learn everything. I use that as my reference manual.
[2008-07-12 19:41:20] <+Eat2surf> I used the scripts that were in the OC.. and Lilac Soul for my first few scripts.. then found it much easier to start from scratch.
[2008-07-12 19:41:22] <+NOM_SubBassman> i didn't
[2008-07-12 19:41:35] <+NOM_thegeorge> nor I, Lexicon for me
[2008-07-12 19:41:46] <@NOM_Andarian> I write my own scripts and have never used Lilac Soul
[2008-07-12 19:41:49] <+Eat2surf> lexicon..  yes!
[2008-07-12 19:41:54] * +NOM_Ninjaweasel can't script to save his life and relies on pastebin and lilac soul's tools
[2008-07-12 19:42:06] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Lexicon and own scripts only ...
[2008-07-12 19:42:16] <+Eat2surf> lilac seems to come at things a bit backward for my tastes
[2008-07-12 19:42:32] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Ditto LilacSoul and Lexicon. Also some individuals were very helpful (thanks SubBassman!)
[2008-07-12 19:42:35] <+NOM_Axe> I've never really needed any tutorials for NWN since it all seems very easy and well designed. But I did pick up lots of what I now know by participating in the forums and looking at things like LSSG generated scripts people were struggling with.
[2008-07-12 19:42:43] <+NOM_SubBassman> you're welcome Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:42:44] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Eat2surf ... agree.
[2008-07-12 19:42:45] <+NOM_Axe> And the Lex of course
[2008-07-12 19:43:27] <+NOM_Skunkeen> for the NWN Podcast the whole team always actively read any news on NWN1&2 and really a team thing helping each other with recording skills

[2008-07-12 19:43:13] <@AME_Tybae> Ok, now for the *******Question********
[2008-07-12 19:43:29] <@AME_Tybae> For everyone
[2008-07-12 19:43:40] <@AME_Tybae> Will you be moving over to NWN2?

[2008-07-12 19:43:52] <+NOM_SubBassman> No
[2008-07-12 19:43:54] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> no
[2008-07-12 19:44:05] <+NOM_thegeorge> If anyone remembers my "Stormy Night" module, I actually converted it to NWN2...but there are...issues...
[2008-07-12 19:44:09] <@AME_Tybae> I intended for a little elaboration.
[2008-07-12 19:44:10] <@NOM_Andarian> Yes, although exactly when is still slightly up in the air...
[2008-07-12 19:44:16] <+Eat2surf> For the record.. we at the podcast try very hard to cover both games fairly.
[2008-07-12 19:44:24] <+NOM_Skunkeen> the NWN Podcast loves both NWN1&2 and try to balence out things more
[2008-07-12 19:44:24] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Yes ... I am already trying to get used to the differences. I prefer the companion system among some of the differences ...
[2008-07-12 19:44:27] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Big learning curve, but yes, eventually. Will not abandon NWN1, however.
[2008-07-12 19:44:30] <+Eat2surf> when more things are happening in one game.. it gets more press
[2008-07-12 19:44:32] <+NOM_Axe> haven't decided yet. Tending towards not right away at the moment
[2008-07-12 19:44:35] <@AME_Tybae> Indeed the Podcast crew does.
[2008-07-12 19:44:43] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> tbh, NWN2's exporter does make exporting my animations easier by removing certain "bridge" steps, as opposed to NWN1 - but I don't really LIKE NWN2
[2008-07-12 19:44:57] <+NOM_Skunkeen> really we need more NWN1 folks willing to be interviewed
[2008-07-12 19:44:59] <+Eat2surf> personally.. I think they are 2 fine games.. very different methods to tell stories
[2008-07-12 19:45:10] <@BioBrianC> I'm working on Secret Project R!
[2008-07-12 19:45:11] <+NOM_thegeorge> NWN2 is known to sometimes crash while saving too
[2008-07-12 19:45:12] * +NOM_Ninjaweasel is willing to be interviewed Wink
[2008-07-12 19:45:13] <@NOM_Andarian> My plan was to move to NWN2 for the next chapter of the Sanctum saga. I think I'm one of the few wh
[2008-07-12 19:45:17] <+NOM_Skunkeen> least I feel so
[2008-07-12 19:45:27] <@NOM_Andarian> ...who's actually considering a mid-saga switch.
[2008-07-12 19:45:30] * +NOM_Ninjaweasel is a glory hog :{
[2008-07-12 19:45:32] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> Tongue
[2008-07-12 19:45:41] <+Eat2surf> If you go to NWN2 .. turn off autosave!!
[2008-07-12 19:46:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> True
[2008-07-12 19:46:04] * @AME_Tybae is enthralled with Ninjaweasel's humility and modesty
[2008-07-12 19:46:15] <@NOM_Andarian> I may or may not do the next chapter in NWN1, but I will be moving to NWN2 within the next six months or so at latest.
[2008-07-12 19:46:16] <+NOM_Maddyanne> NWN1 toolset is such a great sandbox. Can't quit playing it.
[2008-07-12 19:46:20] <+NOM_Skunkeen> myself NWN1 will always be my main love, Ashercon , Eat2Surf and Myself are currently involved as voice actors for a NWN2 module
[2008-07-12 19:46:37] <+Eat2surf> NWN1 is soooo fast.. especially once you build an area in NWN2
[2008-07-12 19:46:46] <@AME_Tybae> As long as you don't sing, I'm fine with that Skunk
[2008-07-12 19:46:46] <+NOM_SubBassman> i don't have enough time for modding
[2008-07-12 19:46:46] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> ... I also like playing around with the GUI. However, it is still quite hard to use in places - and sometimes I do not know even where to start.
[2008-07-12 19:46:57] <+Eat2surf> but.. NWN2 allows you to make something look exactly like you envision it.
[2008-07-12 19:46:59] * @BioBrianC shamelessly promotes 1.69, that was released this week! =)
[2008-07-12 19:47:12] <+NOM_thegeorge> it could use alot more custom content too, methinks
[2008-07-12 19:47:13] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Michele aka LIso is a NWN2 finatic and reviews NWN2 modules and custom content
[2008-07-12 19:47:31] <+NOM_SubBassman> it takes much more time to build areas in NWN2
[2008-07-12 19:47:59] <+Eat2surf> and having to update plug-ins seems to slow everything down
[2008-07-12 19:48:05] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Neverwinter COnnections has the option for NWN2 games to be scheduled I believe many are unaware of
[2008-07-12 19:48:07] <+NOM_Axe> unfortunately I think the Obsidian guys rushed that out too quickly. I've heard more complaints that compliments
[2008-07-12 19:48:09] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> @SubBassman - Agreed - Takes ages!
[2008-07-12 19:48:20] <+NOM_SubBassman> and a team
[2008-07-12 19:48:25] <+NOM_SubBassman> which i don't have
[2008-07-12 19:48:31] <+NOM_SubBassman> for modding i mean Smiley

[2008-07-12 19:48:04] <@AME_Tybae> ********Question*********
[2008-07-12 19:48:17] <@AME_Tybae> For Lance
[2008-07-12 19:48:55] <@AME_Tybae> Soul Shaker is such a unique experience.  It seems you spent a lot of time scripting for it.  How long did it take start to finish?

[2008-07-12 19:49:33] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Well, I am still adding the odd patch. However, the main module from start to release was about fur years if I recall correctly.
[2008-07-12 19:49:44] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Make that four years. Wink
[2008-07-12 19:49:54] * AME_BGPHughes pats that dog

[2008-07-12 19:50:25] <@AME_Tybae> ********Question*********
[2008-07-12 19:50:30] <@AME_Tybae> For everyone
[2008-07-12 19:50:56] <@AME_Tybae> Have you tried any of the other nominated items for this year?  If so, which ones?

[2008-07-12 19:51:23] <+NOM_thegeorge> ummm...oh I did try Citadel come to think of it...
[2008-07-12 19:51:26] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> I had planned to, but circumstances did not allow me the time ... Sad
[2008-07-12 19:51:29] <+Eat2surf> uh.. yes.
[2008-07-12 19:51:30] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> citadel, sanctum
[2008-07-12 19:51:31] <+NOM_SubBassman> citadel
[2008-07-12 19:51:35] <@NOM_Andarian> As a member of the Academy, I've had to play and evaluate a number of candidates in categories other than the one I was nominated in. Probably too many to name all of them offhand...
[2008-07-12 19:51:36] <+NOM_Axe> None of it -- not even sure what is up
[2008-07-12 19:51:54] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Axe Murderers stuff before the nomination were announced
[2008-07-12 19:52:07] <+Eat2surf> before I was on the podcast.. I think I downloaded everything that hit the new content feed on the vault.. and at least looked at it.
[2008-07-12 19:52:29] <+NOM_Skunkeen> without people like Axe there wouldnt be a active Neverwinter Connections or a NWN Podcast
[2008-07-12 19:52:48] * @AME_Starlight agrees
[2008-07-12 19:52:55] * @AME_Tybae agrees too

[2008-07-12 19:52:58] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> city bridge hak - I helped test it, community skybox pack, tortured hears II, Enigma Island 2
[2008-07-12 19:52:59] <@NOM_Andarian> And I use Ninjaweaselman's "Space Tileset" in Sanctum 2
[2008-07-12 19:53:00] <+NOM_Axe> *blushes
[2008-07-12 19:53:05] <+NOM_Axe> how do you do the red ?
[2008-07-12 19:53:07] <@AME_Starlight> I'm just a humble player and I enjoy a lot of great contents Smiley
[2008-07-12 19:53:13] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> that's not nominated though
[2008-07-12 19:53:20] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> space tileset, i mean
[2008-07-12 19:53:24] <@NOM_Andarian> ... which is primarily what made the "wind-walking" scenes possible
[2008-07-12 19:53:36] <+Eat2surf> the podcast is only what the community makes it..
[2008-07-12 19:53:42] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Every time I've tried to start playing anything, I get the guilts because I'm not play-testing Citadel. I really want to and miss playing just to play. *sighs* Plan to play them ALL post-evil path.
[2008-07-12 19:53:43] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> methinks Enigma Island 2 would be nice with the intimate anims suite Wink
[2008-07-12 19:53:48] <@AME_Starlight> NOM_Ninjaweasel: that's really marvelous...I can asure you...
[2008-07-12 19:53:50] <+Eat2surf> without evryone from players to builders.. we don't exist
[2008-07-12 19:53:51] <+NOM_thegeorge> windwalking?  I'll have to try Sanctum sometime...
[2008-07-12 19:54:09] <@AME_Tybae> It's a goodie thegeorge
[2008-07-12 19:54:10] <@NOM_Andarian> Ninja: right
[2008-07-12 19:54:23] <+Eat2surf> all we can try to do is be a mirror for the good folks here.. and hope we energize them to continue their excellent work!
[2008-07-12 19:54:33] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> especially when you catch the 2 buggers at it in the next room - ROFL
[2008-07-12 19:55:07] <+Eat2surf> please keep building so I can keep playing my game
[2008-07-12 19:55:10] <+NOM_thegeorge> ok fine

[2008-07-12 19:55:29] <@AME_Tybae> *******Question********
[2008-07-12 19:55:34] <@AME_Tybae> This is for SubBassman
[2008-07-12 19:56:06] <@AME_Tybae> When you first started Tortured Hearts II, did you have such an epic adventure planned, or did it just blossom?

[2008-07-12 19:56:26] <+NOM_SubBassman> i wanted it as big as it is today
[2008-07-12 19:56:52] <+NOM_SubBassman> of course, new and new ideas emerge every now and then
[2008-07-12 19:57:00] <@AME_Tybae> I stopped counting hours at like 70.  I'm sure it was at least 100+
[2008-07-12 19:57:28] <+NOM_SubBassman> i like long RPGs

[2008-07-12 19:57:34] <@AME_Tybae> ******Question********
[2008-07-12 19:57:43] <@AME_Tybae> For everyone
[2008-07-12 19:58:00] <@AME_Tybae> What do you think about the 1.69 release?

[2008-07-12 19:58:07] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> it rocks!
[2008-07-12 19:58:08] * @AME_Tybae hands TK earplugs
[2008-07-12 19:58:11] <+NOM_SubBassman> I like it
[2008-07-12 19:58:17] <+NOM_thegeorge> I've barely touched it yet.  I'm excited about it though.
[2008-07-12 19:58:19] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Beautiful.
[2008-07-12 19:58:25] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> though there were some things i REALLY wish made it in there
[2008-07-12 19:58:33] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> but alas those were not to be
[2008-07-12 19:58:36] <+NOM_SubBassman> seems very polished
[2008-07-12 19:58:40] <+Eat2surf> I'm totally stoked about it.. but bummed that it's the end.
[2008-07-12 19:58:40] <+NOM_Axe> Haven't looked at it much at all. But I like what I've seen so far very much
[2008-07-12 19:58:41] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> it still is an excellent patch
[2008-07-12 19:58:50] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Love Castle Rural so much.
[2008-07-12 19:58:54] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> From what I saw in the pre-release notes, it should be good. Smiley I have been looking forward to it ... Although it has come a bit late for much practical use now I am considering doing all new material in NWN2.
[2008-07-12 19:58:56] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> hats off to TK and the gang for that
[2008-07-12 19:59:02] <+Eat2surf> I only know what I've heard.. the size of it gives me hope.
[2008-07-12 19:59:07] * @AME_Starlight Eat2surf, yup...its the final update Sad
[2008-07-12 19:59:09] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> and to DLA for all the stuff in WCoC that made it into 1.69
[2008-07-12 19:59:21] <@NOM_Andarian> I haven't actually looked at it very much yet. But I'm excited about some of the features that I've become aware of that will become available. I'm especially excited about Hardpoints' work in developing ridable Pegasi, which builds on 1.69.
[2008-07-12 19:59:39] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> though i shake my fist at Ragnarok_mr4 for making my life especially difficult with the cloaks, coats and tabards add-ons
[2008-07-12 19:59:42] * AME_BGPHughes loves the tilesets and the creatures
[2008-07-12 19:59:52] <+NOM_Skunkeen> I hoped to see more supported community content groups in the downloaded newsletters with the patch Updates
[2008-07-12 19:59:55] * @AME_Tybae me too
[2008-07-12 20:00:01] <+NOM_Axe> I still have my hopes. I remember when those Bio guys were saying v1.67 was to be the last
[2008-07-12 20:00:31] <+NOM_Axe> wouldn't put it past them to find some more time if it stays popular
[2008-07-12 20:00:45] <+NOM_Axe> after all they love it too -- maybe even more than us

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« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2008, 11:53:25 AM »

[2008-07-12 20:00:55] * @AME_Six had his tile making life transformed by new console commands
[2008-07-12 20:00:56] <+Eat2surf> well.. I'm gatherin computers as the get "old" so I'll have a lan of NWN forever
[2008-07-12 20:01:04] <+NOM_Skunkeen> I love the tilesets the most with the update and looking forward to Brian Chungs water update in the future
[2008-07-12 20:01:36] <+NOM_Maddyanne> It comes along at a perfect time for us, because we will be working on the Evil Path, we can integrate 1.69 content.

[2008-07-12 20:00:50] <@AME_Tybae> *******Question********
[2008-07-12 20:01:00] <@AME_Tybae> A follow up to the last one
[2008-07-12 20:01:57] <@AME_Tybae> Do you think it will push you back into building in NWN1, or continue for some of you?

[2008-07-12 20:02:05] <@AME_Starlight> NOM_Maddyanne: will you rebuild some of the existing areas?
[2008-07-12 20:02:22] <+NOM_SubBassman> I'm going to update TH1 and TH2 and put some 1.69 stuff in them
[2008-07-12 20:02:32] <+NOM_thegeorge> Continue, since I now have 16 modules to update.
[2008-07-12 20:02:34] <+NOM_SubBassman> working on th1 atm
[2008-07-12 20:02:45] <@NOM_Andarian> That's a tough one. I will be updating Sanctum I and II as needed to work with 1.69. That will be my next project, once Hardpoints has completed the 1.69 compatible version of ridable pegasi that he's working on, and which I plan to incorporate into Sanctum II.
[2008-07-12 20:02:46] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> NICE
[2008-07-12 20:02:47] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Starlight: Haven't discussed it yet.
[2008-07-12 20:02:50] <+NOM_Axe> I'll keep going until NWN1 dies off significantly. Then if NWN2 is hot I'll likely go over there
[2008-07-12 20:02:54] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i'd love to re-play those modules with 1.69 stuff in them
[2008-07-12 20:03:08] <@AME_Starlight> me too
[2008-07-12 20:03:10] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> I don't think I could spread the time I have across two platforms ... The only reason I would consider going back to NWN1 now would be if NWN2 really does get more complicated to use than it is at the moment.
[2008-07-12 20:03:12] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Neverwinter Connections already has a strong force of NWN1 games and I believe it will be stronger now thanks to the latest patch
[2008-07-12 20:03:21] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Will continue building in NWN1, yes.
[2008-07-12 20:03:33] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> NWN1 for me
[2008-07-12 20:03:34] <@NOM_Andarian> I'm going to make that decision when I do the 1.69 update for Sanctum, which is my next project.
[2008-07-12 20:03:40] * +NOM_Ninjaweasel has a hate-hate relationship with NWN2
[2008-07-12 20:03:58] <+NOM_Skunkeen> and the NWN Podcast looks forward to reviewing and interviewing anyone who shows new awesome creativity with the new NWN1 content
[2008-07-12 20:04:20] *** lord_of_worms ( joined
[2008-07-12 20:04:30] <@AME_Tybae> IMO, I believe with such an extensive patch, it will reinvigorate the community
[2008-07-12 20:04:40] <+lord_of_worms> how late am I?
[2008-07-12 20:04:44] <@AME_Tybae> 1 hour
[2008-07-12 20:04:48] <+lord_of_worms> doh!
[2008-07-12 20:04:52] <@AME_Tybae> Probably my fault though
[2008-07-12 20:05:15] * @AME_Tybae can't get these darned time zones figured out
[2008-07-12 20:05:30] <@AME_Tybae> Well, since you're here WoRm.......
[2008-07-12 20:05:32] <+NOM_Maddyanne> The tilesets all have such possibility. I've just started exploring creatures and placebales in 1.69.
[2008-07-12 20:05:35] <@AME_BGPHughes> Don't worry, we have plenty of questions
[2008-07-12 20:05:37] <+lord_of_worms> yeah cause its 1pm here and I am in EST
[2008-07-12 20:05:46] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Would be awesome for Atari and Bioware to publish least one more expansion with premuim modules that folks couldnt get with not having credit cards
[2008-07-12 20:05:57] <+NOM_Skunkeen> and include the latest patch

[2008-07-12 20:05:44] <@AME_Tybae> ********Question*********
[2008-07-12 20:05:58] <@AME_Tybae> For WoRm
[2008-07-12 20:06:07] <+lord_of_worms> shoot
[2008-07-12 20:06:17] <@AME_Tybae> Your tileset is still listed as being in Beta.  When are you ever going to finish it?  Wink

<+lord_of_worms> I posted a section on my vault page, I am going to be getting all the finals up by sunday night[2008-07-12 20:07:12] <@AME_BGPHughes> wooohooo
[2008-07-12 20:07:16] <@NOM_Andarian> Very Nice!
[2008-07-12 20:07:24] <+lord_of_worms> was away on vacation and didnt get the 1.69 final until last night
[2008-07-12 20:07:32] * @AME_Six faints
[2008-07-12 20:07:40] * +FesterPot claps softly.

[2008-07-12 20:07:50] <+NOM_Maddyanne> That is great news.
[2008-07-12 20:07:51] <+NOM_Axe> I've only looked at a couple of 1.69 scripts so far but I gotta say that one of those Bio scripters needs to learn what the spacebar is for.
[2008-07-12 20:08:10] <@AME_Tybae> ROTFLMAO
[2008-07-12 20:08:11] <@AME_Tybae> Literally
[2008-07-12 20:08:13] <+lord_of_worms> yeah seasonal forest, mirkwood, undersea, fantasy dungeons are all set for release at the same time
[2008-07-12 20:08:18] <+FesterPot> Bad script padding? Hard to read?
[2008-07-12 20:08:32] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Awesome Worms
[2008-07-12 20:08:38] <+NOM_SubBassman> those tilesets are very nice
[2008-07-12 20:08:53] * @AME_Six applauds Tybaes type fu yet again
[2008-07-12 20:09:06] <+NOM_Axe> yeahsomeofhiscodeisverydifficulttogetthru
[2008-07-12 20:09:07] <+lord_of_worms> hey skunkeen...sent you an email awhile back thanking you for your praise on the nwnpodcast...but guess you never got!!
[2008-07-12 20:09:14] * @NOM_Andarian thinks that's another reason to consider doing another chapter in NWN1
[2008-07-12 20:09:18] <@AME_Tybae> Nice Axe
[2008-07-12 20:09:30] <@AME_BGPHughes> I hope that's not any of my code from WCoC
[2008-07-12 20:09:37] <+NOM_Skunkeen> THank you for doing the awesome work
[2008-07-12 20:10:03] * AME_BGPHughes points at someone else
[2008-07-12 20:10:07] <@AME_BGPHughes> must be their fault
[2008-07-12 20:10:17] <+lord_of_worms> yeah too bad about Diademus, I have a slew of cool stuff that I worked on with him and am awaiting a reply as to whetehr I can release it, if i dont hear from him soon I will release it anyways...with a dedication to him
[2008-07-12 20:10:23] * @AME_Tybae thinks Ben blames everyone but himself Wink
[2008-07-12 20:10:45] * @AME_Starlight agrees Smiley

[2008-07-12 20:11:05] <@AME_Tybae> ******Question*******
[2008-07-12 20:11:11] <@AME_Tybae> For thegeorge

[2008-07-12 20:11:15] <+NOM_thegeorge> oh boy
[2008-07-12 20:11:27] <+NOM_Axe> what is he up for again?
[2008-07-12 20:11:41] <@AME_Tybae> You seem to have a knack for drawing players into your modules.  Do you plan this, or does that just come naturally.
[2008-07-12 20:11:47] <@AME_Tybae> He's up for Veteran Author
[2008-07-12 20:11:50] <@AME_BGPHughes> (Veteran)
[2008-07-12 20:12:02] <@AME_Starlight> Angel Falls
[2008-07-12 20:12:12] <+lord_of_worms> * has to mention I love thegeorges modules*
[2008-07-12 20:12:20] <+NOM_thegeorge> I'd say naturally, as a result of DMing for nearly 20 years.
[2008-07-12 20:12:23] <+FesterPot> Should be Old Man Senior Award with the # of modules he's released.
[2008-07-12 20:12:30] * @AME_Tybae thinks WoRm is not the only one
[2008-07-12 20:12:48] <+NOM_thegeorge> heh, just think I have 10 more waiting to be finished on my hard drive atm
[2008-07-12 20:12:53] <+NOM_Maddyanne> is a thegeorge fangirl.
[2008-07-12 20:13:01] <@AME_Starlight> me too
[2008-07-12 20:13:11] <@AME_Starlight> woo...10 more? :O
[2008-07-12 20:13:21] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> thegeorge - How many game hours does that equate to?
[2008-07-12 20:13:23] <+NOM_thegeorge> yeah, well I do alot of pnp conversions too so...
[2008-07-12 20:13:52] * @AME_Starlight keeps his mouth open and is speechless
[2008-07-12 20:13:52] <+NOM_Axe> I play the online ones but I think I have a couple of his early ones (2004 or so) so now I believe I will try them out
[2008-07-12 20:14:05] <+NOM_thegeorge> game hours?  I couldn't even guess really, 50?
[2008-07-12 20:14:07] <@AME_Starlight> Axe, try Angel Falls
[2008-07-12 20:14:08] * +Stratovarius wanders in and waves
[2008-07-12 20:14:11] <@AME_Starlight> it is really awesome
[2008-07-12 20:14:22] <+NOM_Maddyanne> It is indeed.
[2008-07-12 20:14:25] <+NOM_thegeorge> ah yes Angel Falls came to me in a dream
[2008-07-12 20:14:42] <@AME_Starlight> Yup...and I have asked you before how to reach 100% ending
[2008-07-12 20:14:51] <+NOM_thegeorge> it's tricky but not impossible
[2008-07-12 20:14:54] <@AME_Starlight> that's fabulous Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:16:28] <+lord_of_worms> this is crazy to see some of the best of the best in one shot...
[2008-07-12 20:16:45] <@AME_Tybae> Well, ladies and gentlemen.  I have to go and I'll be handing over the reigns to Ben for the rest of the chat.  This was a really good chat and good luck in the finals!
[2008-07-12 20:16:51] <+Stratovarius> Hang out around here enough, you see a lot of them Tongue
[2008-07-12 20:17:22] * AME_BGPHughes steps into the breach
[2008-07-12 20:17:44] * @AME_Tybae waves by and hands ben the reigns
[2008-07-12 20:17:45] * @AME_Starlight "once more into the breach, my friend"

[2008-07-12 20:18:04] <@AME_BGPHughes> *****Question********
[2008-07-12 20:18:07] <@AME_BGPHughes> For all nominees
[2008-07-12 20:18:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> What do you hvae planned next for NWN1?

[2008-07-12 20:19:02] <+NOM_thegeorge> updating my 16 modules, then releasing my next 10...
[2008-07-12 20:19:27] <@NOM_Andarian> I will be updating Sanctum I and II as needed to work with 1.69. That will be my next project, once Hardpoints has completed the 1.69 compatible version of ridable pegasi that he's working on, and which I plan to incorporate into Sanctum II.
[2008-07-12 20:19:34] <+NOM_SubBassman> updating TH1 and TH2 atm
[2008-07-12 20:19:49] <@NOM_Andarian> After that, I'll have to decide whether to do one more chapter in NWN1 before switching to NWN2
[2008-07-12 20:19:50] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Nothing new, but I will continue to support my module indefinitely. That said, if 1.69 inspires me in some way, I may be back ... Wink
[2008-07-12 20:19:51] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> romantic anims suite and dancing anims suite
[2008-07-12 20:20:10] <+NOM_Maddyanne> 1. Finish Citadel.<br>2. Talk amongst ourselves about what next.
[2008-07-12 20:20:15] <@AME_Starlight> Andarian, CEP v2.1 also contains such creatures...
[2008-07-12 20:20:21] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> also, intimate anims-PG13, integrated into the romantic anims suite
[2008-07-12 20:20:46] <+NOM_Axe> Right now I am in the process of updating my stuff to be compatible with v1.69. I am always looking for ideas for things to do. I like to keep my stuff pretty focused and simple so more people can use it. So I just look for requests most of the time. I don't usually come up with my own ideas -- Creativity 6
[2008-07-12 20:21:05] <@AME_Starlight> Ninja, how to get intimate action while keeps it PG13?
[2008-07-12 20:21:07] <@NOM_Andarian> NJ: Romantic and dancing animations for NWN1? Good god, more custom content that I desperately wanted for my upcoming chapters!
[2008-07-12 20:21:40] <@NOM_Andarian> Starlight: I've checked that, the CEP 2.1 pegasi aren't ridable. But Hardpoints is working on an update:
[2008-07-12 20:21:47] <+NOM_Skunkeen> the Community of Neverwinter Connections has plans to hold a 3 day online game convention in september & "WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND A BIG INVITE to all of you to become a part of it by scheduling a session for NWCon4 to showcase your talents and works!
[2008-07-12 20:21:49] <@AME_Starlight> oic...
[2008-07-12 20:21:58] <@NOM_Andarian> See here:
[2008-07-12 20:22:44] <@AME_Starlight> Andarian, that's absoultely beautiful...
[2008-07-12 20:22:57] <+NOM_Skunkeen> feel free to contact me for any details for NWCon4
[2008-07-12 20:23:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK - 2 more questions I think...
[2008-07-12 20:23:11] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> romantic anims + dancing anims are nearly ready
[2008-07-12 20:23:17] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> all those who want beta access
[2008-07-12 20:23:30] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> email me at
[2008-07-12 20:23:41] <@NOM_Andarian> NJ: I'll do that
[2008-07-12 20:23:47] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> sorry, AME_BGPHughes
[2008-07-12 20:24:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> np

[2008-07-12 20:23:07] <@AME_BGPHughes> *********Question*********
[2008-07-12 20:23:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> 1 for the Podcast team
[2008-07-12 20:23:21] <@AME_BGPHughes> What brought about the NWN Podcast?

[2008-07-12 20:24:19] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Jay and Trey aka Nevinka and Ashercon love NWN alot and saw there wasnt a POdcast like other games and started one up
[2008-07-12 20:24:43] <+lord_of_worms> love the podcasts(:
[2008-07-12 20:24:44] <+NOM_Skunkeen> the whole team inst here now so im speaking on their Behalf
[2008-07-12 20:25:03] <+NOM_Skunkeen> things really took off great when they included Liso aka Michele to the show
[2008-07-12 20:25:31] <+NOM_Skunkeen> she has become one of the most respected and loved NWN reviewers
[2008-07-12 20:25:31] <+FesterPot> A woman's voice is soothing and their laugh magical. Good move on that one!
[2008-07-12 20:25:54] * AME_BGPHughes agrees!
[2008-07-12 20:25:57] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Jay & Trey love the community and wanted to become a part of it like many of us
[2008-07-12 20:26:21] <+NOM_Skunkeen> and the NWN Podcast was born

[2008-07-12 20:26:45] <@AME_BGPHughes> *************Question***********
[2008-07-12 20:27:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> (not last, as I just got another)
[2008-07-12 20:27:04] <@AME_BGPHughes> For the nominees who were nominated last year as well, how do you feel about being nominated for 2 years running?

[2008-07-12 20:27:20] <+NOM_SubBassman> that's not me Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:27:54] <+NOM_thegeorge> I believe that applies to me.  I feel like I'd better win!
[2008-07-12 20:28:02] <+FesterPot> lol
[2008-07-12 20:28:10] <@NOM_Andarian> I'm very happy about it, of course. I look at it as recognition from the Academy that I'm creating consistently good work, which is a compliment that I am very gratified by.
[2008-07-12 20:28:42] <+lord_of_worms> I think its great ( I believe I was nominated for undersea) although I was kind of caught off guard the first time, at least this time I was aware what
[2008-07-12 20:28:44] <+FesterPot> We'll roit if you don't george Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:28:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> roit?
[2008-07-12 20:28:59] <+FesterPot> riot I mean.
[2008-07-12 20:29:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> I think we can cope with that!
[2008-07-12 20:29:02] <+lord_of_worms> edit: what AME is..
[2008-07-12 20:29:32] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK... last question...
[2008-07-12 20:29:33] * @AME_Starlight casts epic warding onto himself
[2008-07-12 20:29:58] <+NOM_Maddyanne> hides in shadows.

[2008-07-12 20:29:38] <@AME_BGPHughes> *******Question*********
[2008-07-12 20:29:51] <@AME_BGPHughes> What is the single thing you are most proud of in your NWN work?

[2008-07-12 20:30:17] <+NOM_thegeorge> the scripting
[2008-07-12 20:30:31] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> That I gave other players a fun time with what I had spent a long time doing. Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:30:51] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> the animations?
[2008-07-12 20:31:04] <+lord_of_worms> that I kept my sanity during the entire creation process
[2008-07-12 20:31:13] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Sticking with it till we could release it.
[2008-07-12 20:31:13] <+NOM_SubBassman> the story management system i finally created
[2008-07-12 20:31:35] *** Hugie ( joined
[2008-07-12 20:32:05] <+FesterPot> Hugie's never late. He arrives exactly when he means to!
[2008-07-12 20:32:08] <@NOM_Andarian> The writing and scripting in my modules are the core of my work, and I'm very proud of them. But the most gratifying thing has been the response it has had from players who have written to tell me that they have enjoyed them.
[2008-07-12 20:32:24] <@NOM_Andarian> That's what makes it most worthwhile
[2008-07-12 20:32:25] *** QSW (QSW@4E4DD74A.2E5AE7E0.4A1681F2.IP) joined
[2008-07-12 20:32:29] <+NOM_Skunkeen> being here now with the lot of yall. I was low profile on PW's and now im in a chat with the biggest names in the game that have a massive Passion for NWN also
[2008-07-12 20:32:34] <+FesterPot> And here comes Hugie's side kick Tongue
[2008-07-12 20:32:58] * QSW laughs and says hi to all in room
[2008-07-12 20:33:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK - luckily, I just got another question!

[2008-07-12 20:33:09] <@AME_BGPHughes> *******Question******
[2008-07-12 20:33:22] <@AME_BGPHughes> After building what you've built and learning what you've learned through the process, if you could go back, what would you change with the knowledge you've gained?

[2008-07-12 20:33:44] <+lord_of_worms> Could I ask a generalized question possibly?
[2008-07-12 20:34:08] <@AME_BGPHughes> (pm)
[2008-07-12 20:34:09] <Hugie> And I have a question for AME, eventually
[2008-07-12 20:34:11] <+NOM_SubBassman> I would have started my own company earlier Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:34:22] <@NOM_Andarian> That's hard to answer because I have a tendency to actually go back and update my work when I figure out ways to improve it. So I've actually made a lot of those changes.
[2008-07-12 20:34:48] <+NOM_thegeorge> It's not that I'd change anything but that my current toolset knowledge would let me build faster back then.
[2008-07-12 20:34:51] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i'd go much further back in time and started remaking the anims for many OC creatures
[2008-07-12 20:34:56] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> I would not have spent time adding an underlying turn-based system as that part is no longer to be used. I would also probably change some of the mechanics to require less work.
[2008-07-12 20:35:05] <+NOM_Maddyanne> I've learned to do things so much better and more efficiently now. But that's part of the process, I guess. (Jeff) No save games in real life.
[2008-07-12 20:35:20] <@NOM_Andarian> I would probably re-write my utility scripts to make them more efficient, and delete the ones that have become extraneous over the years.
[2008-07-12 20:35:24] <+lord_of_worms> I wish I could have started earlier when it was in full bloom
[2008-07-12 20:35:32] <+NOM_SubBassman> also, I wouldn't use HCR again...
[2008-07-12 20:35:36] <+NOM_Skunkeen> I believe the NWN Podcast team wishes it would of started from the release of NWN1
[2008-07-12 20:35:45] <@AME_BGPHughes> I'd go back and redo all of my scripts
[2008-07-12 20:35:55] <@AME_BGPHughes> plus the henchmen in my early modules, now they can have brains
[2008-07-12 20:36:32] <@AME_BGPHughes> Here's another question
[2008-07-12 20:36:37] <@AME_BGPHughes> and this one's a massive one!

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B G P Hughes
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« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2008, 11:56:49 AM »

[2008-07-12 20:36:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> **********Question********
[2008-07-12 20:36:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> how would everyone feel about doing a collaborative module using the nominees here?

[2008-07-12 20:36:53] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Ooooh.
[2008-07-12 20:36:57] <+NOM_SubBassman> heh
[2008-07-12 20:36:58] <+NOM_thegeorge> I knew that was coming somehow...
[2008-07-12 20:37:03] <+FesterPot> That must be Hugie's Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:37:13] <@AME_BGPHughes> nope
[2008-07-12 20:37:13] <+lord_of_worms> i think it would hit top 10 from the names alone
[2008-07-12 20:37:23] <+NOM_SubBassman> how big is the mod? Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:37:27] <+NOM_Maddyanne> (Jeff) If logistics could be worked out satisfactorily. . . .
[2008-07-12 20:37:30] * @AME_Starlight make a wish
[2008-07-12 20:37:43] <+NOM_thegeorge> oh good point, the names would make people take notice
[2008-07-12 20:37:44] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> ..... Liking to do so and being able to give that commitment may not have a very high correlation. Wink
[2008-07-12 20:37:50] * +FesterPot is glad I wasn't nominated Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:37:56] * AME_QSW wonders if all the different styles would work?
[2008-07-12 20:38:06] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> that would be interesting
[2008-07-12 20:38:08] <+NOM_Skunkeen> that would be wicked and hope there wouldnt be too many roosters in the hen house
[2008-07-12 20:38:12] * @AME_Six just had QSW steal words from his mouth
[2008-07-12 20:38:15] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i'd probably fit in easiest with any team
[2008-07-12 20:38:18] <+NOM_Maddyanne> (Jeff) Delegate, delegate, delegate.
[2008-07-12 20:38:21] *** NOM_Axe ( joined
[2008-07-12 20:38:24] <@NOM_Andarian> If I had the time, I would love to do something like that. But I've still got too many other irons in the fire to think much about a collaborative project (unless it was mine, of course. Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:38:26] <+NOM_thegeorge> another good point, stylewise could be very strange...
[2008-07-12 20:38:41] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i'd just animate to spec
[2008-07-12 20:38:50] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> whatever creature or cutscene was called for
[2008-07-12 20:38:55] <+FesterPot> Well George, you'd be the guy who wrote all the horror quests Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:38:56] <+lord_of_worms> i would do tileset specific to the module
[2008-07-12 20:39:18] <Hugie> @fp that wasn't my question Cheesy
[2008-07-12 20:39:24] <+NOM_thegeorge> probably more surreal than horror persay Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:39:26] <+NOM_Skunkeen> I would do story quests or voice acting
[2008-07-12 20:39:38] <+NOM_SubBassman> (maybe i could realize my fallout idea) Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:39:45] * AME_QSW would review the module *winks*
[2008-07-12 20:39:57] <+FesterPot> lol!
[2008-07-12 20:40:20] * @AME_Starlight will gives out ideas...and put it into Overlooked Module List (I hope not)
[2008-07-12 20:40:28] <+lord_of_worms> lol
[2008-07-12 20:40:32] <@AME_BGPHughes> This was kind of what the HoF team was for
[2008-07-12 20:40:38] <@AME_BGPHughes> on Tales of the Sundering
[2008-07-12 20:40:44] <+FesterPot> And Axe can do all the scripting!
[2008-07-12 20:40:46] <@AME_BGPHughes> it sort of worked, but lacked a clear leader
[2008-07-12 20:41:17] <@NOM_Andarian> ...which is what you need to make it really work, I think
[2008-07-12 20:41:21] <+NOM_thegeorge> isn't that itself in the HoF now?
[2008-07-12 20:41:28] <@AME_BGPHughes> Yes, it is
[2008-07-12 20:41:33] <NOM_Axe> You can script Fester no need to volunteer me tor all of it
[2008-07-12 20:41:41] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Podcast would interview and NWC gamers would Schedule to play it if it was multiplayer
[2008-07-12 20:41:42] <@AME_BGPHughes> we had lots of 'big names', but because of that, we all tiptoed a bit!
[2008-07-12 20:42:01] <@AME_BGPHughes> Didn't want to really offend each other, or cause aggro
[2008-07-12 20:42:08] <@AME_BGPHughes> though that also happened from time to time of course
[2008-07-12 20:42:16] <@NOM_Andarian> FP: I'll do your scripting if you want. Wink
[2008-07-12 20:43:18] <NOM_Axe> what is this podcast you are all mentioning all the timE?
[2008-07-12 20:43:34] <@NOM_Andarian>
[2008-07-12 20:43:42] <+NOM_Skunkeen> ok im going to have to Interview Axe
[2008-07-12 20:43:45] <@AME_Starlight> heh
[2008-07-12 20:43:46] <+lord_of_worms> he doesn't know...giggle
[2008-07-12 20:43:53] <+FesterPot> For a guy who posts a lot on the NWN Community Forum, you're very out of the loop Axe Tongue
[2008-07-12 20:43:54] <@NOM_Andarian> Right, that's your cue, Skunk Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:44:00] <@AME_BGPHughes> OK folks the chat officially ends here, so it's now a free for all!
[2008-07-12 20:44:02] <@AME_BGPHughes> *************************

B G P Hughes
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« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2008, 12:00:52 PM »

And the first part of the free-for-all. This is not edited...

[2008-07-12 20:44:03] <AME_QSW> That's because he? is too busy scripting Wink
[2008-07-12 20:44:11] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> *Giggle Mode On* Giggle ...
[2008-07-12 20:44:12] <NOM_Axe> lol I spend all my time on that one site I guess
[2008-07-12 20:44:12] <+NOM_Skunkeen> Axe speak with me after the chat please
[2008-07-12 20:44:16] <@AME_BGPHughes> Please do drop by the forums and comment on eahc other, NWN, the world, etc
[2008-07-12 20:44:20] <+NOM_thegeorge> free-for-all?  how very frightening...
[2008-07-12 20:44:32] <+NOM_SubBassman> who has aggro? Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:44:39] <+Khaveen> Big thanks to the AME team for their time and to Ben for his leadership.  NWN community is the best one in the world!
[2008-07-12 20:44:40] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who spent a lot of time helping beta testing the module for me: Michael Merritt (Mike9215), Rich Barker (Phantasma) & Jean-François (Herrjeff); for everybody who took the time to play my module and/or contact me, and for the AME team who put this chat together.
[2008-07-12 20:44:50] <AME_QSW> lol George, i'm not sure what WOULD frighten you!
[2008-07-12 20:45:06] * AME_BGPHughes blushes
[2008-07-12 20:45:08] <+NOM_Maddyanne> PLUG ALERT:
 [2008-07-12 20:45:34] <+NOM_thegeorge> well there's the movie "Show Girls"...
[2008-07-12 20:45:43] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Our music site. Some free stuff for download.
[2008-07-12 20:45:50] <+NOM_Ashercon[NWNP]> ah just in time for the free for all *jumps on pile
[2008-07-12 20:46:17] <+NOM_LanceBotelle> Good night all - All the best! See you around ... Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:46:20] <+NOM_Ashercon[NWNP]> Yeah what is this podcast you keep mentioning?
[2008-07-12 20:46:26] <@AME_QSW> Night Lance Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:46:26] <@AME_Starlight> good night Lance
[2008-07-12 20:46:27] <+NOM_thegeorge> l8r Lance!
[2008-07-12 20:46:32] <+NOM_Maddyanne> gn lance
[2008-07-12 20:46:34] <+NOM_SubBassman> bye
[2008-07-12 20:46:36] <+NOM_Maddyanne> ty
[2008-07-12 20:46:37] <@NOM_Andarian> bye lance
[2008-07-12 20:46:40] <+FesterPot> What?! Where's Hugie's question?!?

[2008-07-12 20:46:47] <+NOM_thegeorge> night time by him?  not even 11am here yet...
[2008-07-12 20:47:05] <+NOM_SubBassman> 19:41
[2008-07-12 20:47:06] <@AME_Starlight> it is 1:41 am at my side
[2008-07-12 20:47:11] <@AME_QSW> Yes, what was Hugie's question?
[2008-07-12 20:47:19] <+lord_of_worms> ditto 1:41
[2008-07-12 20:47:20] <@NOM_Andarian> Yes, I'm curious too
[2008-07-12 20:47:30] * +NOM_thegeorge breaks out the slapping rod and looks sternly at Hugie
[2008-07-12 20:47:33] <@AME_BGPHughes> We sensored it
[2008-07-12 20:47:42] <+FesterPot> Oh and Hugie's coming back to build in NWN1 ... "The truth is, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to build, yet. But I know it's going to be NWN1" From is Blog.
[2008-07-12 20:47:44] <+NOM_SubBassman> censored?
[2008-07-12 20:47:45] <@AME_Starlight> oh...hide in plain site
[2008-07-12 20:47:52] *** Michael_DarkAngel ( joined
[2008-07-12 20:47:53] <+NOM_Maddyanne> It was a censitive subject.
[2008-07-12 20:48:05] <@NOM_Andarian> Hugie: is that true?
[2008-07-12 20:48:07] * @AME_QSW grins
[2008-07-12 20:48:09] <@AME_Starlight> edit: sight
[2008-07-12 20:48:15] *** AME_BGPHughes changed topic to Nominee free-for-all and shameless plug
[2008-07-12 20:48:30] <@AME_Starlight> free-for-all, does it means drinks?
[2008-07-12 20:48:32] <+Khaveen> Anybody got the inside story on CEP 2.2 and timing for it?
[2008-07-12 20:48:36] <Michael_DarkAngel> hello
[2008-07-12 20:48:38] <+NOM_Maddyanne> ***chortle***
[2008-07-12 20:48:41] <@NOM_Andarian> Hi MDA
[2008-07-12 20:48:43] <+NOM_thegeorge> hello Michael
[2008-07-12 20:48:51] <@AME_Starlight> hi Michael
[2008-07-12 20:48:52] <@AME_BGPHughes> I was surprised no one asked when the awards will be released
[2008-07-12 20:48:54] <@AME_QSW> Are you building yet George in NWN2, or are you not going to?
[2008-07-12 20:48:57] <@AME_BGPHughes> that's usually what Hugie asks
[2008-07-12 20:49:07] <@AME_QSW> When are they? Tongue
[2008-07-12 20:49:14] <@AME_BGPHughes> I don't know
[2008-07-12 20:49:24] <@AME_QSW> lol figured that would be the answer
[2008-07-12 20:49:35] <+NOM_thegeorge> ah QSW you missed my earlier post, I converted one of my modules to NWN2 (just finished 2 days ago) but there are problems...
[2008-07-12 20:49:35] * AME_BGPHughes glances at Qk
[2008-07-12 20:49:38] <+FesterPot> Hey George, can you rip the trees out of NWN2 and offer them in NWN1 as you have with the boulders and rocks?
[2008-07-12 20:50:05] <+NOM_thegeorge> NWN2 uses something called 'fasttrees' or such, but it does have some placeable ones
[2008-07-12 20:50:07] <@NOM_Andarian> Hm? What's that?
[2008-07-12 20:50:12] * @AME_QSW wants to know which module he converted
[2008-07-12 20:50:14] <+NOM_thegeorge> I actually considered doing that
[2008-07-12 20:50:17] <+NOM_thegeorge> "Stormy Night"
[2008-07-12 20:50:21] * @AME_Six thinks Brian will be offended
[2008-07-12 20:50:26] <@AME_QSW> ohhh
[2008-07-12 20:50:47] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Interesting.
[2008-07-12 20:50:51] <@AME_QSW> Brian gave up (happily I think!) his tree artist title Wink
[2008-07-12 20:51:02] <+fluffyamoeba> don't be silly, BioBrianC loves trees
[2008-07-12 20:51:03] <+fluffyamoeba> :p
[2008-07-12 20:51:05] <@AME_QSW> or was that tree hugger? *taps chin*
[2008-07-12 20:51:21] <+NOM_thegeorge> I like the willow/swamp trees for example.
[2008-07-12 20:51:23] <@AME_Six> Darn hippies, can't tell one from the other.
[2008-07-12 20:51:23] <+fluffyamoeba> erotic tree artist
[2008-07-12 20:51:44] <@AME_QSW> I have a question!
[2008-07-12 20:51:52] <@NOM_Andarian> Sure, QSW
[2008-07-12 20:52:16] <@AME_BGPHughes> WoRm - where did your trees come from?
[2008-07-12 20:52:19] <+lord_of_worms> well I have to go, I may join later but I have to get these tilesets up like I promised ( ;
[2008-07-12 20:52:30] <+NOM_thegeorge> l8r worm
[2008-07-12 20:52:37] * @AME_Six waves
[2008-07-12 20:52:38] <@NOM_Andarian> Bye, worm
[2008-07-12 20:52:39] <@AME_QSW> a basic one, but then I actually wonder what the community/you peeps REALLY think of the whole AME  awards idea. Like, it is very different from the MoTY, is that good in your opinion?
[2008-07-12 20:52:46] <@AME_QSW> bye Worm Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:52:59] <@AME_BGPHughes> I think it's great - or was that not for members?
[2008-07-12 20:53:02] <@NOM_Andarian> I think so, but you know I'm biased
[2008-07-12 20:53:04] <@NOM_Andarian> Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:53:12] <@AME_QSW> for all, free for all Wink
[2008-07-12 20:53:21] <+FesterPot> Why couldn't anyone from the Tower of Drugkor not make it?
[2008-07-12 20:53:28] * @NOM_AME_Andarian puts both hats back on
[2008-07-12 20:53:47] <@AME_BGPHughes> Not sure - Tybae did the recruiting, but some folks were on vacation etc
[2008-07-12 20:53:48] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Do they stack?
[2008-07-12 20:53:50] <@AME_BGPHughes> savant was one
[2008-07-12 20:53:54] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> lol FP
[2008-07-12 20:54:21] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> Maddy: I think so
[2008-07-12 20:54:25] <@AME_BGPHughes> Actually, I wish something like AME had been around earlier
[2008-07-12 20:54:30] <+FesterPot> I would have liked to ask then a few questions Smiley
[2008-07-12 20:54:32] <@AME_QSW> Yes me too
[2008-07-12 20:54:35] <+NOM_thegeorge> they do seem rather different to me
[2008-07-12 20:54:39] <@AME_BGPHughes> I think it would have helped to control some of that trolling and other stuff that went on
[2008-07-12 20:54:48] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> any more questions over this way? if not, i'm signing off
[2008-07-12 20:54:56] <+FesterPot> Yes!
[2008-07-12 20:54:59] <+FesterPot> I have a question!
[2008-07-12 20:55:00] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> Yes, if there are other questions, feel free to ask
[2008-07-12 20:55:00] <+NOM_Maddyanne> bye nice to meet
[2008-07-12 20:55:04] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> shoot
[2008-07-12 20:55:05] <@AME_BGPHughes> Which was your favourite position...
[2008-07-12 20:55:10] <@AME_BGPHughes> ... to model/animate?
[2008-07-12 20:55:11] * @AME_Starlight waves
[2008-07-12 20:55:14] * @AME_QSW blinks
[2008-07-12 20:55:16] * @NOM_AME_Andarian waves
[2008-07-12 20:55:17] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> LOL
[2008-07-12 20:55:25] <+FesterPot> Ninja -> What do you do to get inspirired(sp?) when you sit down to work in NWN?
[2008-07-12 20:55:32] <@AME_BGPHughes> ROFL
[2008-07-12 20:55:39] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> well, i dunno about favorite...
[2008-07-12 20:55:44] <+NOM_Maddyanne> lol x 2
[2008-07-12 20:55:51] <+NOM_Skunkeen> oh Ninjaweasel... know of any servers that uses your haks?
[2008-07-12 20:55:52] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> the the kneeling ones are the most challenging to animate
[2008-07-12 20:56:09] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> servers? well, i know of only one
[2008-07-12 20:56:14] * @NOM_AME_Andarian nods
[2008-07-12 20:56:17] <+NOM_thegeorge> and can you do any NWN2 (.mdb) modelling?
[2008-07-12 20:56:22] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i can
[2008-07-12 20:56:24] <@AME_Starlight> Ninja, hmm...where do you get the reference?
[2008-07-12 20:56:25] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> but i won't
[2008-07-12 20:56:32] <+NOM_thegeorge> darn, I need a Scarecrow...
[2008-07-12 20:56:34] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> reference? video and experience Wink
[2008-07-12 20:56:41] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> Ninja: just curious, why not?
[2008-07-12 20:57:08] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i choose not to support OEI in general, and NWN2 in particular
[2008-07-12 20:57:09] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> I've heard a lot about frustration with animation and modeling for NWN2, but haven't had a chance to look into it thoroughly yet
[2008-07-12 20:57:24] * @NOM_AME_Andarian nods
[2008-07-12 20:57:27] <+NOM_thegeorge> I've tried and tried...can't do it either....
[2008-07-12 20:57:33] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> not after how OEI treated *potential* CC devs
[2008-07-12 20:57:40] <@AME_QSW> Ninja: what made you interested in animations in the first place?
[2008-07-12 20:57:45] * @AME_Six has for the record been blindfolded for this part of the chat
[2008-07-12 20:57:52] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> it's my work
[2008-07-12 20:58:03] * +NOM_Ninjaweasel works in the same studio that ragnarok_mr4 works in
[2008-07-12 20:58:04] <+FesterPot> Is that because Ninja is going to perform one of his animations on you Six?
[2008-07-12 20:58:19] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> Is it still the case that the NWN2 Exportron won't work with 3DSMax 9?
[2008-07-12 20:58:23] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> we do animation work for TV commercials
[2008-07-12 20:58:30] <@AME_QSW> ahh!
[2008-07-12 20:58:34] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> andaris - i don't know
[2008-07-12 20:58:39] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> adarian, even
[2008-07-12 20:58:45] <@AME_Six> FP, me is too filled with youthful innocence Wink
[2008-07-12 20:58:49] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> haven't touched expotron since max8
[2008-07-12 20:58:54] * @NOM_AME_Andarian nods
[2008-07-12 20:58:57] <+FesterPot> Ah yes. None of that until you're married. Good boy!
[2008-07-12 20:58:57] <+NOM_thegeorge> oh yes that is, and issues with the Granny plugin (legal?)
[2008-07-12 20:58:58] <@AME_QSW> So you know the famous Raggyman!
[2008-07-12 20:59:00] * AME_BGPHughes waves at Don
[2008-07-12 20:59:15] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> i know him, yes
[2008-07-12 20:59:22] * +Michael_DarkAngel waves to Ben
[2008-07-12 20:59:23] * @AME_QSW waves and hugs Angel hello
[2008-07-12 20:59:23] <+NOM_Skunkeen> im getting rid of my cable TV if those animations come on the ceral comercials my kids watch
[2008-07-12 20:59:33] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> LOL
[2008-07-12 20:59:34] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> naw
[2008-07-12 20:59:35] <+Michael_DarkAngel> lol
[2008-07-12 20:59:40] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> we do mainstream stuff
[2008-07-12 20:59:43] <+FesterPot> LOL! "Now your children can do them too!"
[2008-07-12 20:59:50] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> samsung mobile phones, coca-cola
[2008-07-12 20:59:55] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> etc
[2008-07-12 21:00:11] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> my last one was for Johnson&Johnson
[2008-07-12 21:00:19] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> who, for the record, has NOT paid up yet Wink
[2008-07-12 21:00:32] <@AME_QSW> Has the community response to your animations been very good?
[2008-07-12 21:00:44] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> well, the votes are hight enough
[2008-07-12 21:00:56] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> although i suppose that not as many can make use of them
[2008-07-12 21:01:02] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> as opposed to other custom content
[2008-07-12 21:01:05] <@AME_QSW> Yep, no angry peeps then I take it?
[2008-07-12 21:01:08] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> no
[2008-07-12 21:01:18] <+FesterPot> I could use those dancing ones, if they come in pairs for a dance floor (think a big ball room)
[2008-07-12 21:01:22] <@AME_QSW> That I must say is excellent news indeed!
[2008-07-12 21:01:23] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> they do
[2008-07-12 21:01:27] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> think: waltz Wink
[2008-07-12 21:01:35] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> So what are you planning in the Romantic and Dancing update? I'm very excited to hear about that.
[2008-07-12 21:01:36] <+FesterPot> Good for a thief module idea.
[2008-07-12 21:01:41] <@AME_Starlight> I want to see a romantic moment...
[2008-07-12 21:01:47] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> though i have a few exotic dance anims as well
[2008-07-12 21:01:49] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> got some kissing
[2008-07-12 21:01:56] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> standing and lying down
[2008-07-12 21:01:56] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> and a hug
[2008-07-12 21:02:04] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Shadowdancer fight dancing?
[2008-07-12 21:02:09] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> there are issues with inter-racial stuff though
[2008-07-12 21:02:14] <@AME_QSW> Can you have a couple walking arm in arm?
[2008-07-12 21:02:18] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> they just don't line up right
[2008-07-12 21:02:23] * @NOM_AME_Andarian nods
[2008-07-12 21:02:29] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> QSW, that's a challenging one
[2008-07-12 21:02:33] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> it would have to be cutscened
[2008-07-12 21:02:41] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> can't do it while wandering about
[2008-07-12 21:03:02] <@AME_QSW> ahh
[2008-07-12 21:03:07] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> as you need to enable CutsceneGhost to allow their zones of control to merge
[2008-07-12 21:03:08] <+fluffyamoeba> could you do it with one being a tail? :p
[2008-07-12 21:03:16] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> you could, in theory
[2008-07-12 21:03:26] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> but then the tail would not be dynamic
[2008-07-12 21:03:48] * +NOM_Ninjaweasel has not explored that avenue much, admittedly
[2008-07-12 21:04:04] <+Hugie> darn parents making me carry things for them
[2008-07-12 21:04:06] <+Hugie> back now
[2008-07-12 21:04:07] <@AME_QSW> Fester, how is testing going on your latest Module?
[2008-07-12 21:04:09] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> [01:55] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Shadowdancer fight dancing? <---no, more exotic stuff
[2008-07-12 21:04:15] * +NOM_Skunkeen wonders if there is a speed control wand
[2008-07-12 21:04:17] <+NOM_thegeorge> to answer Fester's question about inspiration, I get inspired by reading my praise (and looking in the mirror of course)
[2008-07-12 21:04:22] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Have you released the kissing anim yet?
[2008-07-12 21:04:27] <+NOM_Maddyanne> sorry
[2008-07-12 21:04:44] <@AME_QSW> Axe - have you ever thought of making a module yourself (I am assuming you have not in recent years?)
[2008-07-12 21:04:56] <+FesterPot> KooKoo88 is testing the route with Falis as a companion, I'm doing Shayla Shay this weekend and have to do Annex next. Otherwise, it's done. Just minor tweaks (spelling, grammar, balance)
[2008-07-12 21:05:13] <@AME_Starlight> NOM_thegeorge: does all of the horror themes inspired from this?
[2008-07-12 21:05:24] <+FesterPot> LOL *light
[2008-07-12 21:05:36] <+FesterPot> Oh Starlight got you there George Smiley
[2008-07-12 21:05:38] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> anyone want some teaser preview stuff?
[2008-07-12 21:05:40] <+NOM_thegeorge> hee hee
[2008-07-12 21:05:48] <@AME_QSW> YES!!!
[2008-07-12 21:05:54] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> hokay
[2008-07-12 21:05:56] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel>
[2008-07-12 21:05:59] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> Well, the dancing, the exotic dance, and the kissing animations all have spots in the plot for Sanctum Act III. I was wondering how to handle them...
[2008-07-12 21:06:04] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel>
[2008-07-12 21:06:04] <+FesterPot> So when it's ready, I'll send you the module to review QSW.
[2008-07-12 21:06:05] <@NOM_AME_Andarian> Yes, teasers, please!
[2008-07-12 21:06:11] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel>
[2008-07-12 21:06:21] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel>
[2008-07-12 21:06:25] <+Hugie> haha that's hilarous!
[2008-07-12 21:06:29] <+Hugie> and awesome
[2008-07-12 21:06:31] <+NOM_Axe> Well I used to play with a small group of guys. We played on my LAN. Me and another guy did the modules and we just made tiny private ones for a sort of continuing campaign type of thing. So I've made a few but they are more like little 30-40 area prefabs
[2008-07-12 21:06:36] <+FesterPot> Are the waltz NPCs dynamic? Can we dress them?
[2008-07-12 21:07:06] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> yes
[2008-07-12 21:07:14] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> those are the base supermodels,
[2008-07-12 21:07:14] <+NOM_Maddyanne> Huzzah!
[2008-07-12 21:07:23] <+NOM_SubBassman> sorry guys i need to leave.
[2008-07-12 21:07:29] <+NOM_thegeorge> l8r Sub
[2008-07-12 21:07:31] <+NOM_Maddyanne> bye Z
[2008-07-12 21:07:31] <+NOM_SubBassman> see you around
[2008-07-12 21:07:32] <+NOM_Ninjaweasel> so, any PC or NPC that uses them will have access to the animations
[2008-07-12 21:07:32] <@AME_QSW> @Axe, needing a DM, or completly scripted to work without one?
[2008-07-12 21:07:36] <+NOM_Maddyanne> take care
[2008-07-12 21:07:45] <@AME_QSW> by Maddy Smiley
[2008-07-12 21:07:51] <@AME_QSW> oh SB I meant!
[2008-07-12 21:07:52] <+NOM_Axe> All those guys moved to NWN2 now so maybe I'll buckle down and see if I can do a full one. I never liked having to worry about coding for exploits and running one the LAN meant I got to be real aggressive script wise -- no real lag concerns to worry about
[2008-07-12 21:07:59] <+NOM_Maddyanne> We are still here.
[2008-07-12 21:08:00] <@AME_Starlight> Bye Subbassman
[2008-07-12 21:08:00] <+NOM_thegeorge> ah ha!  now my competition has left...
[2008-07-12 21:08:22] <+NOM_Axe> Now that were at 1.69 maybe I'll do it. Time will tell...
[2008-07-12 21:08:22] <+FesterPot> Not sure I'd get all exotic feeling with those swords in her hands. She might swing and chop something off.

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« Reply #5 on: July 12, 2008, 06:30:55 PM »

Wish I could have been there for the rest of the chat.  I really had fun with it and I'm happy Axe finally figured out what he was doing here. 


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QSW by Dragarta

« Reply #6 on: July 13, 2008, 06:37:35 AM »

Yep it was fun, I'm just sorry I came in so late. Still, I'll get to read all about it from the IRC log Smiley It was amazing to see so many smashing people in the same room, all just chilling out and having fun!

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« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2008, 09:31:49 AM »

Oh, and to answer FP's question about the Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial question, the creators of the module itself were on vacation.  I posted responses on who was going to make it and the maybe's.  If they weren't on the list, they didn't rsvp.  With only 1 weeks notice, I think we had an excellent turnout. 

I had a few questions for the Layonara Project Team as well and was hoping they could make it. 

To answer Andarian's question about 3dsMAX 9 export to NWN2 There is a tool.  Although, it hasn't been tested on the 64 bit versions. 
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