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Title: Adventure Building Challenge
Post by: Henesua on March 05, 2013, 04:55:26 AM
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The Adventure Building Challenge ( needs you!

Module builders completed the February cycle, and now we are ready for players to play and review them. Please visit the February thread on the BSN forums (, play some of the entries (, and let the builder know what you think. The best place to make comments on challenge entries is in February's thread.


OK let me back up a bit. At the end of January, I saw a need for something like a game jam for NWN modders, a short cycle that would encourage a builder to conceive and finish a module rather than just talk about the epic work sitting on their hard drive (which describes what I do pretty well). So I looked at the Custom Content Challenge, and decided to start a similar challenge for module builders. That is what we did in February.

Twelve people talked about what they planned to do, and six completed their works. A vast improvement over the same number talking about their module, and yet maybe none producing anything.

Some of the works are rough, as they should be. They now need some reviewers to play them and give the builders feedback. That is also part of the plan. Following the builder cycle, I have been encouraging a cycle of playing and review, and for the module builders to continue to develop their works in response to the comments.

Who better to provide feedback than members of the AME? I hope this gets your attention, and that some (or all) of you come out to play and review.