The finalists for the 2008 AME Golden Dragon Awards for Neverwinter Nights 2 have been announced! To see the list, please visit the announcement page here.

To discuss the NWN2 Golden Dragon award finalists for 2008, please feel free to visit our forum thread.

Andarian - AME Chairman

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 AME Golden Dragon Awards for Neverwinter Nights 1! To see the list, please visit our Winner Announcement Page here. To see the full list of finalists — and to view the fabulous finalists video produced by our very own qkrch — please visit our Finalist Announcement Page here.

If you’d like to discuss the NWN1 Golden Dragon award finalists and winners for 2008, please feel free to visit our forum thread. You can also listen to my appearance with AME Vice-Chairman Tybae announcing the finalists on Episode 107 of the Neverwinter Nights Podcast.

Andarian - AME Chairman

The finalists for the 2008 AME Golden Dragon Awards for Neverwinter Nights 1 have been announced! To see the list — and to view the fabulous video produced by our very own qkrch — please visit the announcement page here.

The finalists are also announced on the NWN Vault. To discuss the NWN1 Golden Dragon award finalists for 2008, please feel free to visit our forum thread. You can also hear my appearance with AME Vice-Chairman Tybae announcing the finalists on Episode 103 of the Neverwinter Nights Podcast.

Andarian - AME Chairman

NWN1 GDA Finalists Podcast!

From Tybae, Vice-Chairman of the Academy for Modding Excellence

The Academy for Modding Excellence and The Only NWN Podcast have teamed up to announce the finalists for the 2008 NWN1 Golden Dragon Awards. For those of you who don’t know, the NWN Podcast has recently been streaming the host recordings of their shows. The AME has asked the Podcast if we could stream the finalists on their scheduled recording night and they have agreed. On Tuesday May 12 at 7:00pm PDT (UTC-8) Andarian and I will announce the finalists for the 2008 Golden Dragon Awards and Ashercon and Skunkeen will be the representatives from the Podcast team. To find out how to listen, please visit their forum page here. You will need some kind of media player that can stream from a URL. Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.

In addition to that, the NWN Podcast has an irc chatroom on You can drop by the chatroom to ask questions, comment or just chat with whoever shows up on May 12th. Liso will be manning (womanning) the chatroom fielding questions and giving them to Andarian and I at the end of the announcements so we can answer as many as we can in the time allowed.

So save the date and drop by to find out who the finalists will be for The 2008 Golden Dragon Awards!

To discuss the NWN1 GDA Finalists Podcast, please feel free to visit our forums here.

A New AME Chairman and Vice-Chairman

I am sorry to announce that Ben Wynniatt-Husey, who has led the AME since October of 2007, has decided to step down from his position as AME Chairman. Ben’s adept guidance was instrumental in helping the AME to realize its founding dream of honoring the talented builders of the NWN community with a serious set of awards. His tireless leadership and innovative ideas were a tremendous asset to our team, and I believe that I speak for all of our membership when I say that I would like to sincerely thank him for everything that he has done to make the Academy for Modding Excellence a success. Thanks, Ben!

Ben will be retaining his AME membership, and still participating in some of our work in this year’s awards cycle. After a call for volunteers and a vote, I’m pleased to announce that the AME membership has elected me (Andarian) to serve as the AME’s new Chairman, and Tybae to serve as our new Vice-Chairman.

I’ve noticed that we’ve had a fair amount of traffic to the site recently, which I hope indicates that people are starting to check it to see if we’re ready to make any announcements yet. We haven’t had time to update the front page recently, so I just want to let everyone know that we’re still working hard on our awards! We’re just finishing the nominations phase for the NWN1 awards now, and should be in a position to start announcing the finalists fairly soon. Our NWN2 nominations phase is still ongoing, and the NWN2 finalists will be announced a little later in the year. We’re also still actively recruiting new members for the NWN2 awards, so if you’d be interested in volunteering to help us, feel free to drop me a PM on our forums. :)

Thanks for your attention, and good gaming!


Chairman, The Academy for Modding Excellence

Looking back at 2008 (iii)

Our look back at 2008 continues…


August saw a furious burst of NWN2 winner interview posting, culminating with an interview with Zach Holbrook, a double Golden Dragon winner for Best Sound and Debut Author with Harp & Chrysanthemum. All told, 8 NWN2 Golden Dragon winners granted us interviews.

Also in August we closed a poll of over 800 people on the most important Golden Dragon award that was running on the Vault. Topping the charts were Best Roleplaying Module, Best Adventure Module and Best Custom Content. If you think otherwise, why not vote on the poll here on the forums?

And all this while the olympics were going on!


Not content with written interviews with the Golden Dragon winners, we teamed up with NWNPodcast to produce a series of winner podcast interviews with several of the 2007 winners. We also got together with a number of the NWN2 winners for a public IRC chat and then followed that up with the NWN1 winners, which was a blast!


In October I took a break from looking at NWN works, and headed over to Edmonton, Canada, for a top secret look at Dragon Age. Together with a handful of other lucky NWN modders (including 3 Golden Dragon winners), we not only saw the game, but got a first exclusive hands-on with the toolset. I then returned to Greece and tried to keep my mouth shut for the next few weeks while I waited for Bioware to go public with the news!


In our final NWN1 Golden Dragon Award winner interview of the year, we tracked down savant, winner for Best Action Module with his final instalment of the Aielund Saga. His interview marked the final of 8 2007 NWN1 Golden Dragon winner interviews for the year.

The AME members then took some well deserved downtime, with a few of us heading over to the NWNPodcast for a roundtable, where we answered what we really get up to inside the private forums of AME!

I finished the year with something of a fall to earth though, following riots in Greece. But we all survived to make it to Christmas, and to gear up for…

The 2008 cycle!

Looking back at 2008 (ii)

The review of 2008 continues…

2007 Tag


Big news! After 210 votes the 35 finalists were wittled down; the NWN2 Golden Dragon winners were announced! Highlights were a double win for Zach Holbrook and Adam Miller, whilst Alex Hugon completed his NWN 1/2 pair. Grinning Fool scooped the Community Contribution award, and Sorceress Ashura clinched the Custom Content award with a wonderful VFX pack.


We returned for our second public IRC chat, with community questions for the nominees of the NWN1 awards, including such weighty matters as how to model for ninjaweaselman’s animations. The chat generated a long free for all, including some attempts to get a winner modding group together…

Finally I manage to track down Fester Pot for our final 2006 Golden Dragon winner interview. He was late to the party, but forgiven, since he scooped two of the NWN1 2006 awards: Best Adventure and Debut Author. In 2008, his second module Shadewood also came out. The interview with Fester Pot was the 9th for the NWN1 Golden Dragon winners of 2006.

2007 Tag

Even bigger news was the release of the NWN1 2007 Golden Dragon Winners!. After 258 votes, the 34 finalists had been culled to the final 11. The clutch of winners featured a second dragon for savant, a pair for the Citadel team, and second time lucky for Andarian and WoRm. On top axe_murderer took the coveted Community Contribution award, and Lance Botelle scooped the Debut Author award.

Looking back at 2008…

AMe Logo

Since we’re now deep in the 2008 nominations cycle, I thought I’d take a time-out, and take a look at some of the highlights from last year for the Academy…


After a time on our temporary home hosted by the Review Guild, AME moves to it’s brand spanking new website, designed and implemented by AME guru Qkrch. What more need I say - you’re looking at it now!


With the members of AME now slaving over their nominations, the public forums went silent for a couple of months… much like this year!


In the first of several awesome videos led by Qkrch, the inaugural nominations for NWN2 were released. Leading the charge for awards were Wyrin D’njargo, Zach Holbrook and Adam Miller, whilst Alex Hugon was going for the distinction of taking a Golden Dragon Award for both NWN1 and NWN2 (in seperate years).


May saw the release of the NWN1 Golden Dragon nominations with Jim Grimsley featuring heavily, with 5 nominations. Coming back for a second try at gold from the previous year were also thegeorge, Andarian, WoRm and previous winner savant. But who was to go away empty handed?

In our first ever public IRC chat, we fielded questions from the community, and shot them straight at the NWN2 nominees, in a highly enjoyable chat. Getting a group of nominees in channel proved no easy task, and controlling them once there even harded, but the session was a great success, and so we planned to do a second one for the NWN1 nominees…

More to come…

New Award rules

In response to a question as to whether authors should be able to permanently withdraw their work from consideration, we recently polled the members. As a result of the poll, we have added the ability for authors to exclude themselves from consideration. The deadline for doing so is the end of February for the 2008 awards. Authors who wish to withdraw should message a current member and await confirmation, or post on the Golden Dragon Disucssion forums.

Award changes, part 2

In probably the longest and closest debate that we have yet had in the Academy, we finally came to a conclusion on the Custom Content Awards for 2008.

For NWN1: the awards will stay as per previous years, namely, a Best Tileset Award, and a Best Custom Content Award.

For NWN2: All 3D content such as tilesets, placeables and creatures, are now encompassed in the new Best 3D Content Award. All other custom content remains in the Best Custom Content Award.


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