2008 Winners

 GD Award Winners

These are the Golden Dragon Award winners for the NWN2 2008 AME cycle (awards for 2007).

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Community Contribution Award
Community Contribution Award:
Grinning Fool
From beta testing until today, Grinning Fool has continued to support the community and NWN2 tirelessly. He has worked as a Community Rep on the toolset, answering questions and gathering up bugs on behalf of the community and making sure they reach the ears and eyes of Obsidian Entertainment. He’s also enhanced and added to the toolset’s features through a number of very useful plugins.

Veteran Award
Veteran Author Award:
Adam Miller
Adam Miller wins the Veteran Author Golden Dragon Award for his consistenly top quality modules, produced across both NWN and NWN2. With the Dark Waters campaign, he continues to innovate and stretch the engine to the very limits.

Debut Author Award
Debut Author Award:
Zach Holbrook
Zach Holbrook (aka Maerduin) produced one of the defining modules of 2007 with Harp & Chrysanthemum. His attention to detail; from landscapes to music, character writing to story, makes him this year’s Debut Award winner.

Best Sound
Best Sound/Music:
New Music Tracks for Harp & Chrysanthemum by Zach Holbrook
This year’s Best Sound/Music Golden Dragon Award goes to the new music tracks produced for Harp & Chrysanthemum, by Zach Holbrook. They combine interesting use of voice and backing with an excellent fit to the module itself.

Best Tileset 07
Best Tileset:
RWS Deep Halls by RWS
The Best Tileset Golden Dragon Award goes to Robinson Workshop’s Deep Halls tileset, a new and deeply atmospheric interior for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Best CC 07
Best Custom Content:
Sorceress Ashura VFX Pack
This VFX pack includes an astonishing array of weird, practical and beautiful visual effects: from ship wakes to the sparkles on a pile of treasure. The sheer depth and wonder of this pack makes it this year’s Custom Content Golden Dragon award winner.

Multiplayer Award
Best Multiplayer Module:
Tomb of Horrors revisited by BM Productions
Tomb of Horrors is a devilishly difficult module based on the old PnP classic that really comes into its own in multiplayer mode, where strong thinking and team play will see you succeed… or fall.

RP Award
Best Roleplaying Module:
Dark Avenger by Wyrin
Dark Avenger takes the 2007 Golden Dragon award for Best Roleplay module, because roleplaying is really central to the concept behind this superb module. You play the story character, but you define your role, your character and your background, and this impacts the world around you.

Action Award
Best Action Module:
Moonshadows Chapter 1 by Alex Hugon
Hugie’s Moonshadows is a blend of high action and gorgeous landscapes, set in the Forgotten Realms. With excellent polish, and varying difficulty, it offers an exciting journey for all players.

Adventure Award
Best Adventure Module:
Dark Waters Chapter 1 by Adam Miller
Dark Waters sets a compelling mood, tells an interesting story set in a world with a well-developed history, includes extremely well-developed companions with richly drawn personalities, and exhibits extraordinary attention to detail.

Replayable award
Most Re-playable Module:
Pool of Radiance Remastered by Markus ‘Wayne’ Schlegel
This remake of the SSI classic captures the Most Replayable Golden Dragon Award. A strong story is enhanced with a plethora of choice on gear, companions and class options, and topped off with a variety of combat situations.

PNP Award
Best PnP Conversion Module:
Tomoachan by Enoa4
Enoa4 has added a great deal of polish to the original PnP classic; with a strengthened backstory, excellent area design and smart use of custom content. Whether you have played the original or not, Tomoachan offers an excellent gameplay experience.


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