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2007 Finalists

These are the Golden Dragon Award finalists for the NWN 2007 AME cycle (awards for 2006).

Debut Author Award:
Winner: Fester Pot (Almraiven)
Andarian (Sanctum of the Archmage I - The Sight)
Proleric (Enigma Island 1 - Treasure)

Community Contribution Award:
Winner: Player Resource Consortium’s (PRC Pack v3.1e)
Phaere (Custom Portraits)
CEP Team (CEP 2.0)

Veteran Author Award:
Winner: Savant

Best Sound/Music:
Winner: David John: Composer Nomination
David John: Tyrants of the Moonsea Music
ClarkyCat: True Colors of a Hero Tracks

Best Hak Tileset:
Winner: Immersive Swamps by lord rosenkrantz
Lord of WoRm’s ‘Undersea’ tiles Tileset hak
City Interior Tileset Add-on by goaneng

Best Hak - Other:
Winner: ACP Alternative Combat animations v3 - Override version
CODI Content Package
Starship Interiors (Placeables) by stacy_19201325

Best Multiplayer Module:
Winner: Good vs. Evil II by John “Gestalt” Bye

Best RPG Module:
Winner: Avertine -A Nation Dreamed by Aristan
Enigma Island - Treasure by Proleric

Best Action Module:
Winner: Perchance to Dream by Hugie
Aylomeigers’ Magical Curios
The Fall of Aielund, Part 2 by Savant

Best Adventure Module:
Winner: Almraiven by Fester Pot
Prophet - Chapter I - By the Will of Kings and Mortals
The Fall of Aielund, Part 2 by Savant

Most Re-playable Module:
Winner: Surviving Horror 2 by Berra
Darkness Over Daggerford by Ossian Studios


About AME

The AME (Academy for Modding Excellence) is a group... for Neverwinter Nights.