2007 Winners

GD Award Winners

These are the Golden Dragon Award winners for the NWN 2007 AME cycle (awards for 2006).

Community Contribution Award
PRC 3.1E

The PRC continues to open up a whole new gaming experience for NWN, with a plethora of new content in each iteration, including classes, sub-races, spells, psionics, domains and more. This package continues to breath new life into NWN.

Veteran Author Award

Savant wins the Veteran Author Award for the highly acclaimed Aielund Saga, consisting of six top quality modules that have remained fully supported.

Debut Author Award
Fester Pot

Fester Pot wins the Debut Author Award for his extraordinary first offering to the community: Almraiven, which also won the Best Adventure Module category.

Best Adventure Award
Almraiven by Fester Pot

Fester Pot’s debut module was Almraiven, a city-based module of extraordinary detail, full of customisation and scripting wizardry. The city of Almraiven was described as the ‘most alive city…ever seen’ on winning its Reviewer’s Award.

Best RPG Award
Avertine -A Nation Dreamed by Aristan

Avertine wins the award for Best Roleplaying Module. Here you can find yourself treated with suspicion because of your race, avoid combat through your choices, or find yourself comitted to your responses.

Most Replayable Module Award
Surviving Horror 2 by Eric ‘Berra’ Karlsson

Surviving Horror 2 presents a twisted and dark story, and wins this year’s Most Replayable Golden Dragon Award not just because it has 7 different endings, but also the opportunity to change sides or elicit different reactions from you henchmen.

Best Action Module Award
Perchance to Dream by Hugie

Perchance to Dream offers a flawless, focussed and gorgeous looking adventure for arcane casters, complete with custom spells and all the spellcasting you could want.

Best Multiplayer Module Award
Good vs Evil II by John ‘Gestalt’ Bye

Something quite different wins this year’s Golden Dragon Award: Good vs Evil II presents a smoothly scripted and flawless set of battlefields that offer ‘capture the flag’ type gaming, as either a combatant or a general. The module works in single player, but is truly a blast in multiplayer.

Best Tileset Award
Immersive Swamps by lord rosenkrantz

2006 was a year with several top quality tilesets, but lord rosenkratz’ Immersive Swamps won the Golden Dragon Award for their excellent blend of creativity and versatility.

Best Hak (Other) Award
ACP Alternative Combat animations v3 - Override version by Ragnarok_mr4 (converted by Sc(+)peh)

For several years different variations of the Alternative Combat animations have beed pffered up by their author ragnarok_mr4, bringing a new look and feel to NWN hack’n'Slash. This version, converted by Sc(+)peh, makes them widely available through an override friendly version.

Best Sound/Music
David John

David John has become a well established composer for the Neverwinter community, including working on most of the Premium modules. In 2006, David John wins a Golden Dragon for his free work, featured in Tyrants of the Moonsea, Darkness Over Daggerford, the Gendalia Music Pack and SKS1: The Ruins of Tcheou Cherng, among others.


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