2008 Finalists

These are the Golden Dragon Award finalists for the NWN2 2008 AME cycle (awards for 2007).

Community Contribution Award:
Grinning Fool
Robinson Workshop

Veteran Author Award:
ENoa4 (Keep on the Borderlands, Tomoachan)
Adam Miller (Dark Waters, Pirate Cards)
John McA (Conan Chronicles)

Debut Author Award:
Wyrin D’njargo
Zach Holbrook

Best Sound/Music:
To be announced

Best Tileset:
Cryptpit by witness
RWS Deep Halls by RWS
“The Sewer Tileset” by Restless

Best Custom Content:
Building Construction Kit by Nytir
TonyK’s Companion and Monster AI Hak
Sorceress Ashura VFX Pack

Best Multiplayer Module:
Tomb of Horrors revisited by BM Productions
Mystery at Willowbow by Saorsa

Best Roleplaying Module:
Harp & Chrysanthemum by Maerduin
Dark Avenger by Wyrin
Sublety of Thay by dirtywick

Best Action Module:
Tragedy in Tragidor by Phoenixus
The Corruption of Kiahoro by human_male
Moonshadows Chapter 1 by Alex Hugon

Best Adventure Module:
Dark Avenger Chapter 1 by Wyrin D’njargo
Dark Waters Chapter 1 by Adam Miller
Conan Chronicles 1: Legion of the Dead by John McA

Most Re-playable Module:
Pirate Cards by Adam Miller
Pool of Radiance Remastered by Markus ‘Wayne’ Schlegel

Best PnP Conversion Module:
Tomoachan by Enoa4
Red Hand of Doom by sgt_why


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