Vision & Goals

It is our vision for our Golden Dragon Awards to be the gold standard for recognition of excellence in modules and custom materials design for NWN and NWN2.

Our goals:

• For the community are to:
1. Highlight excellence in modding and content in order to help people find the best examples of exactly what they are looking for. To do this we will offer awards in several categories, ensuring maximum relevance for the community.
2. Be recognised as a credible body to make recommendations (via awards), based on the past experience and conduct of our members who make up the Academy.

• For module and content creators, to:
1. Recognise and reward excellence in module making and custom content creation by bringing it to the attention of the community.
2. Offer equal opportunity to all creators, by not only examining work that is in the public eye through other means.

What we are not:
• A mechanism to judge the popularity of modules or content as judged by the community at large – this function is amply served already by the Vault.
• An organisation to individually critique works for the public. This role is already well served by the Review Guild.


About AME

The AME (Academy for Modding Excellence) is a group... for Neverwinter Nights.