2011 Winners

Here are the Golden Dragon Award winners for the NWN 2011 AME cycle (awards for 2010).

GD Award Winners

Community Contribution Award
Community Contribution Award
The Custom Content Challenge
This outstanding contribution has breathed new life into the NWN community, inspiring and encouraging both CC veterans and beginners alike to produce custom content on a regular, nearly monthly basis for themed compilations of brand new, high quality work.

Veteran Award
Veteran Author Award: Custom Content
Gavin “Sixes Thrice” Jones is in the forefront of excellence of tileset building in NWN. He works tirelessly and diligently to produce the finest work in NWN and is the author of Wildwoods, Wildlands & Wildlands Winter, Undead Redux 2, Dwarven Chasms / Catecombs / Dwarven Lands / Deep Dungeon / Undercity Sewers, and Colossal Arena / Spectral Woods / Rural Interior.

Veteran Award
Veteran Author Award: Modules
“Sanctum of the Archmage” is an ambitious story with a rich setting that’s heavy on character interaction and believable romance, and another of its prominent features is the ongoing support and high level of polish. Andarian has regularly upgraded and completely overhauled the available chapters over the years, which now include some of the community’s best available custom content.

Best Tileset 07
Best Tileset
Wild Woods  by sixesthrice
This is a truly extraordinary NWN tileset, both in terms of visual quality and creative use of effects. Wild Woods is gorgeous, effective, and has an efficient design that doesn’t try to be everything — allowing for greater depth to the design as a result.


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