2011 Finalists

We are pleased to announce the Golden Dragon Award finalists for the NWN2 2011 AME cycle (awards for 2009 and 2010)!

Joint NWN1/NWN2 2009 Best Sound/Music Award

  • Christopher Escalante (author body of work nomination) - Christopher often works variations on a common theme. From a modder’s perspective that’s actually incredibly helpful because it allows choosing an underlying theme for some aspect of your mod, and then using different variations on it in different situations and circumstances as appropriate (much as one would do in scoring a movie). From the light guitar to the more serious piano, heroic, call to arms and sad themes, Christopher delivers a wide range of musical themes that provoke the listener to lean forwards in anticipation!
  • “Outcast” by J ‘Wildfire’ Town (individual composition nomination) - “This conjured images in my head immediately. At first I thought of Faeries, then as the piece went on, I pictured walking through a forest. The pictures fit together, which is a sure indication that the music has no jarring qualities.” Simply beautiful, soft and unobtrusive but still memorable, creating great atmosphere - soothing, sad or strange. Great music like this just serves to remind us how poor the engine is for allowing us to properly choreograph game play.
  • Travis “Darklord Snafe” Richards (author body of work nomination) - Mr. Richards has been an active musical contributor to the NWN community for a long time, and has continued that tradition through 2009. Always experimenting and striving to improve on his works, Travis’ compositions range from the battle theme, lullaby’s, triumph, remorse, love, sadness and much more. There is something for every scenario and his creative flow is constant.

NWN2 2009 Veteran Author Award

  • Azenn – Azenn won the AME’s Debut Author Award in 2009 for Asphyxia. He’s now earned a Veteran Author nomination as well for his 2009 module, Live Forever — a story based module with thought-provoking ideas and entertaining characters.
  • John McA — John McA released the module Hyborean Hack in 2009. A prolific “crossover” author from NWN1, his Conan Chronicles modules were notable for their excellent storytelling and sense of drama.
  • Markus “Wayne” Schlegel — A prolific author of both NWN1 and NWN2 modules, Markus released the NWN2 module Lolthanchwi in 2009. He has also been recognized for his excellent NWN2 work in the past with the 2007 GDA for Most Replayable module for Pool of Radiance Remastered.

NWN2 2009 Best Storytelling Module Award

  • Dark Waters III - Dark Waters presents a complex story set in a custom world with an extensive history, and a quest to save the world by solving an ancient mystery from another time. It has many many unique and innovative gameplay elements, but at its core is an ambitious tale that helped to set a new storytelling standard for NWN2 modding.
  • Sands of Solvheil III: Crusaders of Shalihir -  that my main appreciation for this author’s work springs from his embrace of adventuring as “aggressive archaeology”.  There’s often a sense in games that “story” is the thing that happens with all the words. What makes this module stand out is the way the story is embedded in the places you visit, often more so than in conversations you have or books you read - to make a story not just something the player reads, but something the player can walk around and look at.
  • Serene - One of the longest NWN2 modules out there, and a pure storytelling one — with a great story as its main focus, plot twists and lots of characters with well developed personalities.

NWN2 2009-2010 Best Roleplaying Module Award

  • Dark Waters 3 - The conclusion to Adam Miller’s epic NWN2 saga, Dark Waters 3 has many many unique and innovative gameplay elements, including strong roleplay options.
  • Trinity - Trinity has a strong “old-school” feel reminiscent of a P&P game. It features different quest paths, custom abilities like jumping and climbing, lovely music, awesome custom loadscreens, wonderful looking areas, a nice story & interesting companions.
  • The Maimed God Saga - “This is a module for Clerics of Tyr. It has a great story and dialogues, but roleplaying is also great because it makes you feel like a real Cleric, not just a buffed up warrior with some spells. You have to pray in altars, you can use spells in conversations and use them to advance or complete quests, there are many skill checks, and also important moral decisions about what is just and what isn’t.”


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