2011 Finalists

We are pleased to announce the Golden Dragon Award finalists for the NWN 2011 AME cycle (awards for 2010)!

Recognition and Custom Content Awards

NWN1 2010 Community Contribution Award

  • The Neverwinter Nights Podcast — The only podcast devoted to the Neverwinter Nights roleplaying games, it does absolutely invaluable work in creating a sense of a community that is still thriving, still producing things, and still worth getting excited about.
  • NWNCQ by Chico400 — This amazing piece of work completely revamps most of the default Bioware tilesets. An essentially “drop-in” update, it allows modders to quickly, easily, and radically update and improve the look of areas built using them the default game resources.
  • The Custom Content Challenge — This outstanding contribution has breathed new life into the NWN community, inspiring and encouraging both CC veterans and beginners alike to produce custom content on a regular, nearly monthly basis for themed compilations of brand new, high quality work.

NWN1 2010 Veteran Author Award: Modules

  • Baldecaran — Author of the highly acclaimed Hall of Fame modules “The Cave of Songs” and “Honor Among Thieves”, he’s been providing the community with quality modules since 2003. His chef-d’oeuvre, the continueing “Prophet” series, features one of the most clever and intriguing plots ever seen in a NWN module, the equivalent of a perfect page-turner.
  • Fabien Cerutti — His genuinely original and extensive series about “The Bastard of Kosigan” (translated from French by Ginni Swanton) steeps in a real knowledge of and appreciation for European history, with lots of complex ideas, roleplaying opportunities and witty dialogue. He’s seriously committed to the series and his enthusiasm and dedication shine through in all of his work.
  • Andarian — “Sanctum of the Archmage” is an ambitious story with a rich setting that’s heavy on character interaction and believable romance, and another of its prominent features is the ongoing support and high level of polish. Andarian has regularly upgraded and completely overhauled the available chapters over the years, which now include some of the community’s best available custom content.

NWN1 2010 Veteran Author Award: Custom Content

  • Lord of Worms – is widely recognized in the NWN community as one of the finest CC builders in its long and illustrious history. He’s a three time GDA finalist for Undersea Tiles in 2006, Seasonal Forest in 2007, LOW’s Creature Pack in 2008, and winner of the NWN 2007 Best Tileset GDA for his legendary Seasonal Forest tileset.
  • Six_Six_Six – Gavin “Sixes Thrice” Jones is in the forefront of excellence of tileset building in NWN. He works tirelessly and diligently to produce the finest work in NWN and is the author of Wildwoods, Wildlands & Wildlands Winter, Undead Redux 2, Dwarven Chasms / Catecombs / Dwarven Lands / Deep Dungeon / Undercity Sewers, and Colossal Arena / Spectral Woods / Rural Interior.
  • Helvene – Helvene has shared her work with the NWN community since 2006 - a lot of it tileset-related (original, reskins, merges and fixes) but also placeables with very nice texture work. Her 2006 reskins of (and additions to) BioWare’s Castle Interior tileset include White Marble Castle and Arcanum Castle. Her Maze (2006) is a limited set with few tiles, but with beautiful mosaic textured walls, and a mini map version of empty squares that prevents the players from cheating their way out. She is the author of the famous Wood Elven Interiors tileset (2006/07) that’s also part of CEP 2 now, as well as the Suspended City (2008/09) tileset.

NWN1 2010 Best Tileset Award

  • Wild Woods by Sixesthrice — This is a truly extraordinary NWN tileset, both in terms of visual quality and creative use of effects. Wild Woods is gorgeous, effective, and has an efficient design that doesn’t try to be everything — allowing for greater depth to the design as a result.
  • Senemenelas’ Underdark Tileset — This tileset package brings Terror back to BioWare’s tamed Underdark, along with both claustrophobia and agoraphobia. Vast halls and caverns or deep dungeons, large or narrow staircases, well of souls and irradiating mushrooms - Senemenelas’ tileset finally offers us a convincing impression of what the Underdark really must feel like.
  • Roman City Tileset by Zwerkules — Part of the November 2010 Custom Content Challenge, this tileset looks good and has a number of original features in it. Zwerkules tilesets excel not just in how they look, though, but how well they play. Form and Function are well linked in his work.


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