2010 Winners

These are the Golden Dragon Award winners for the NWN 2010 AME cycle (awards for 2009).
GD Award Winners

Community Contribution Award
Community Contribution Award:
Project Q
Project Q earns this year’s Community Contribution Award for providing an extraordinary and comprehensive custom content update, enabling module builders to give a high quality new look and feel to Neverwinter Nights.

Veteran Award
Veteran Author Award:
John “Gestalt” Bye
John “Gestalt” Bye’s work includes both award winning modules such as the Good vs. Evil series, and groundbreaking custom content such the Gestalt Cutscene Scripting System. His important contributions to the Neverwinter Nights community are honored by the AME with the 2009 Veteran Author Award.

Debut Author Award
Debut Author Award:
McV wins this year’s award for Best Debut Author for his modules Revenant and The Immortal. Both were unique and innovative works that broke new ground in NWN modding.

Best Tileset 07
Best Tileset:
Wildlands by sixesthrice
In an exceptional year for NWN tileset development, sixesthrice’s Wildlands stands out for its high quality and attention to detail, artistic use of textures, and ability to effectively evoke a bleak mood appropriate to the setting.

Best CC 07
Best Custom Content:
Wizard Arcana Placeables by Ben Harrison
Wizard Arcana Placeables is an assortment of high quality scrolls, crystal balls, and candles that is very useful in most magical fantasy settings. Exceptional quality, variation, and attention to detail can be seen throughout the set, making it a worthy recipient of this year’s NWN Custom Content Award.

RP Award
Best Roleplaying Module:
Revenant by McV
Revenant is a role-play module that rewards the use of skills and encourages problem solving. It also offers several class-specific quests, and a leveling system that allows the player to select memories to focus on and to thereby shape the past and present of their character. These role-play options are embedded in a polished module with balanced gameplay and a gripping and motivating story.

Action Award
Best Action Module:
Good vs. Evil III by John “Gestalt” Bye
A successor to the award-winning Good vs. Evil II (GDA winner for Best Multiplayer module of 2006), Good vs. Evil III provides fun, addictive, sometimes challenging, and always engaging action. The two game modes allow for tactical gameplay or simple and fun combat, and the army AI is a remarkable feat of scripting that makes gameplay stand out compared to typical H&S modules.

Dramatic Award
Best Storytelling Module:
Revenant by McV
Revenant has a very interesting plot that is full of surprises and details. The setting is fleshed out (including a wealth of complimentary information spread around the module in the form of books), and the writing is polished and interesting to read. Overall this is one of the finest productions of 2009 and worthy of the NWN 2009 award for Best Storytelling Module.


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