2010 Finalists

We are pleased to announce the Golden Dragon Award finalists for the NWN 2010 AME cycle (awards for 2009)!

Module Awards

Best Storytelling Module
Revenant by McV
Resurrection Gone Wronger by KooKoo
Revelations / Blood and Tears by Fabien Cerutti

Best Roleplaying Module
Revenant by McV
Agrenost - Beneath the Cobbles by Bubba Thudd
Revelations / Blood and Tears by Fabien Cerutti

Best Action Module
The Immortal Module (TIM) by McV
Shadows of a King’s Justice (Director’s Cut) by Glenn Pudney
Good vs Evil III by John “Gestalt” Bye

Recognition and Custom Content Awards

Best Tileset
Wildlands by sixesthrice
CTP Babylon by The CTP Team
NWNCQ by Chico400

Best Custom Content
Kotor Heads by Estelindis
Wizard Arcana Placeables by Ben Harrison
Improved Creatures by Baba Yaga
3rd Edition Orcs by Ancarion

Veteran Author Award
John “Gestalt” Bye

Debut Author Award
Tempered Moon

Community Contribution Award
Ben Harrison
Project Q
The NWN Lexicon Website


About AME

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