2009 Winners

 GD Award Winners

These are the Golden Dragon Award winners for the NWN2 2009 AME cycle (awards for 2008).

Community Contribution Award
Community Contribution Award:
The Neverwinter Nights Podcast
The Neverwinter Nights Podcast has had a long tradition of providing an opportunity for module authors and builders to receive recognition and attention for their work, as well as a very entertaining forum for news and information about the NWN community.

Veteran Award
Veteran Author Award:
Wyrin D’njargo
Wyrin wins the Veteran Author Award this year for his impressive portfolio of NWN2 module building. His 2008 submission, ”Dark Avenger 2,” was a very strong work overall that demonstrated modding excellence across several different categories.

Debut Author Award
Debut Author Award:
Azenn takes this year’s Debut Author award with Asphyxia. Very interesting in its conception and well executed, his work was hailed by the AME panel as “brilliant,” “a masterpiece,” and “more polished than from most veteran authors.”

Best Tileset 07
Best 3D Custom Content:
Bounce - Beholder by BouncyRock
This extraordinary work by BouncyRock’s Jonny Rhee combines excellent 3D modeling and animation to provide a very effective rendering of an iconic D&D monster.

Best Tileset 07
Best Sound/Music:
Troy Sterling Nies - Composer Award
Troy Sterling Nies is recognized for his 2008 contributions to an already impressive body of top-notch musical work. Described by one AME member as powerful and ”immensive,” his music provides an atmosphere well-suited for NWN modding.

Best CC 07
Best Other Custom Content:
Jaesun’s All-In-One by Jaesun999
Providing more than 100 new textures that can be used to design an NWN2 building, this 2008 submission combines Jaesun’s retexuring works for rugs, tapestries, and various floor and wall interiors into a single and very useful package.

RP Award
Best Roleplaying Module:
Dark Avenger Chapter 2 by Wyrin D’njargo
Dark Avenger 2 combines the best of both kinds of role-playing – presenting the player with a rich set of choices with consequences, as well as a stylized and plot-centered role for the player — with a fascinating story and well implemented influence system.

Action Award
Best Action Module:
Dark Avenger Chapter 2 by Wyrin D’njargo
The winner of this year’s Best Roleplay Module, Dark Avenger 2 also provided an excellent and challenging experience as an Action module. It included an interesting variety of well-designed — and in some cases, truly epic — battles that encouraged tactical thinking.

Dramatic Award
Best Dramatic Module:
Subtlety of Thay Chapter 2 by Dirtywick
A large and detailed adventure that ”kept me captivated all the way through” and that “gets better and more professionally done the closer you examine it,” this sequel to one of last year’s finalists for Best Roleplaying wins the 2008 award for Best Dramatic Module.

Replayable award
Most Re-playable Module:
Fate of a City by AmstradHero
A strong debut module with some good roleplay elements, Fate of a City offered a large array of highly replayable player choices and quests that emphasized the varying consequences of different actions on the storyline.


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