Recognition Awards

Community Contribution Award
These are contributions that make significant impact in the NWN & NWN2 community - it includes utilities, tools, plugins, community websites, tutorials etc, or even just plain helpful individuals. Any work is eligible, but anything from the Developers (Bioware or Obsidian) or the publishers/licence holders (WotC or Atari) is not.

Eligibility for this award is based on whether the nomination is a tool or a service:
A hard submission date within the award year for a single tool. This will be the upload date to the Vault. Such submissions include tutorials, plugins, tools, utilities, etc
An ongoing eligibility for a service. The service must be continually kept up to date. Such submissions include websites and other community services.

Note that module authors are not eligible for this award for their module contributions, as the Recognition Awards below cover them.

Veteran AwardThis award is for module (or potentially very strong custom content) makers who have consistantly produced great work over a number of years. Think of it as the Oscar’s Lifetime achievement award. Teams are not eligible for this award, but any individual is, even if some of their work is professional.

Debut Author AwardThis is awarded to module builders who have produced a module in the Award year for the first time. This should be the ‘best’ work produced by a new author in the year. Team work and Premium modules are not eligible for this award.


About AME

The AME (Academy for Modding Excellence) is a group... for Neverwinter Nights.