NWN2 2008

Winner Interviews - NWN2 2008 Cycle (2007 Winners)

Here you can find interviews with the NWN2 2008 AME cycle Golden Dragon Award winners (awards for 2007).

RP Award
Best Roleplaying Award, Wyrin D’njargo
Replayable award
Most Replayable Module, Markus ‘Wayne’ Schlegel
Multiplayer Award
Best Multiplayer, BM Productions
Action Award
Best Action Module, Alex Hugon
Community Contribution Award
Community Contribution, Grinning Fool
Best Tileset 07
Best Tileset, Robinson Workshop
Veteran AwardAdventure Award
Best Adventure & Veteran Author awards, Adam Miller
Debut Author AwardBest Sound
Debut Author & Best Music awards, Zach Holbrook


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