The Academy for Modding Excellence is pleased to announce the latest Golden Dragon Award winner!

NWN2 Best Storytelling Module of 2010-2011: The Last Days of the Raven by PJ156

The Last Days of the Raven provides a strong and interesting story that includes plot twists, happy and sad moments, and well developed characters both old and new. A sequel to Caravan Club, the action takes place in Thunder Bay, a different setting than previous modules in the series. The combat is fun and complements the story by taking place when it makes sense, rather than as a hack and slash fest.

Last Days of the Raven starts after the eventful Caravan Club, bringing the player back on track after what only seemed a time of rest. Defining elements, such as the finely crafted environments and innovative sense of time, are brought to a height as exciting as the events surrounding Thunder Bay. At the same time, those searching for action are drawn to fights stacked against all odds. It provides an experience that is also backed by a soundtrack bound to sway the bravest adventurer.

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