NWN1 Fall 2013 Finalists

The Academy for Modding Excellence is pleased to announce new finalists for Neverwinter Nights 1!

NWN1 2010-2011 Best Storytelling Module - Finalists

Prophet - Chapter II - The Century of Sorrow by Baldecaran

The Prophet series features one of the most gripping plots ever written for a NWN module. A mystery thriller set in a fantasy universe, it is the NWN equivalent of a page-turner.

The PC has a strong personal involvement in the story right from the beginning and it’s kept up all through the series, never losing anything of the menace and mystery connected to it. This is conveyed by the convincing and highly polished writing as well as by the use of cutscene and atmospheric scenery, featuring intelligently complex construction and stunning cinematic presentation. Baldecaran makes perfect use of selected custom music and some of the best tilesets available, and he manages to exploit their full potential by careful use of lighting and well thought-out area design. Every new area is a surprising sight, and every conversation is interesting and adds to the plot.

The Relbonian Chronicles - Chapter One by Quillmaster

This is a strong story driven module with a good immersion factor. The attention to detail, area design, well written conversations, cutscenes and last but not least the numerous custom books, were all impressive features of this work. Relbonian Chronicles is not set in the Forgotten Realms but has an original and interesting setting with its own history, pantheon and a mythology that’s exciting to learn about.

FA1 - Halls of the High King by Udasu

This module has a strong story/plot that keeps the player interested. The polish level is very good, and there is lots of background information to be had as the story progresses. It is visually impressive, with lots of attention to detail and a fun romp for low level PC’s. At first glance it may seems more of an hack and slash action module with only basic story and NPC development, but the care towards atmosphere, area design, lighting and music, as well as some hidden side stories and books add greatly to the storytelling experience and drive the player on with curiosity to see what’s next.

NWN1 Special Recognition Award: ‘Coffeebreak Module’ - Finalists

This is a special recognition category covering the whole of the history of NWN1, for development of a short module that can be played “on a coffee break” (typically under an hour).

Celestial Chronicles Part 1 by Madhenchbot

This short module is a very polished and professional-looking work, and an excellent example stylistically of a dramatic NWN module. The writing, scripting, cutscenes, structure, pacing, and attention to detail are all flawless. The area design was well done, the story pulls you in nicely, and all the NPCs had well written believable dialogue.

Science Macabre by Tempered Moon

Science Macabre is a very well written and dialogue-heavy module that packs a great deal of reading into its short, “coffeebreak” format. Designed essentially as a “portfolio work” to showcase the author’s writing skills, it combines well structured dialogue and conversation options with an intriguing “alternate history” setting that does a good job of delivering what the title claims: a combination of science and the macabre.

The Sunken Shrine of Ahmenkatja by Jesse Sky

This is a short and enjoyable mini-mod from 2007 that feels just like a full NWN story, only more compressed. Its forte is the story-telling, drawing you in with just the right amount of background information and well-made cutscenes to get the story across, without requiring lots of reading. But it also features exploration, combat, puzzles and neat scripting ideas. A good recommendation for anyone who wants to learn what NWN is about in less than an hour!

Congratulations to all the finalists!

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