The Academy for Modding Excellence is pleased to announce the 2009 thru 2011 winners of the NWN2 Debut Author Award!

NWN2 2009 Debut Author: Tsongo (for Serene)

This module, the first of three to date, has you playing the role of the younger sibling of your sister, Serene. The module opens with you following in her footsteps, initiating into the Order of the Moon — a group of monks who, you hope, will give you training, a life outside the small village you live in and a chance to see your sister again. Things don’t turn out the way you hoped, and you soon find yourself embroiled in a tale of deception and revenge — locked on a twisting path that you hope will lead you to your lost sister, before it is too late.

Serene is a strong first module and has been well recieved by the community at large. It is a linear, story led, module which takes you through a number of environments in your quest to find Serene. The areas are well made and the story well thought out, and the pace of the module keeps the player interested all along the way. It has good, well fleshed out NPCs and companions, and a challenging set of enemies to fight along the way. All in all a worthy first module and winner of the 2009 Debut Author award.

NWN2 2010-2011 Debut Author: Shaughn78 (for Risen Hero)

Risen Hero is a story-driven module that carries the protagonist on a journey of self-discovery, from a mysterious beginning to an epic ending against a world-shattering threat. All along the way, the player has the opportunity to recruit an unusually high number of companions, as well as completing quests through stealth, smooth talking, or in many other ways, making this one of the most replayable modules of its year.

Congratulations to the winners!

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