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AME Fall 2012 Review

The AME is pleased to announce the results of our Fall 2012 Quarterly review!

The following Neverwinter Nights 2 Golden Dragon Awards have now entered the finals:

NWN2 2009-2011 Most Replayable Module Award

  • Edinmoor (by Dorateen). As all Dorateen’s modules, Edinmoor features SoZ’s party creation and conversation systems. The author put an effort in providing specific conversation lines for a variety of classes, races and alignments, as well as different quest paths.
  • Lowena (by Jezla9). Lowena is a short module that features a surprisingly amount of story paths and endings in roughly half an hour. Its short duration makes exploring the different options much easier than in other, longer modules.
  • Dark Waters 3 (by Adam Miller). Following the trail led by its predecessor, Dark Waters 3 is a sandbox module with lots of exploration. Aside from a strong plot with multiple endings, it features naval battles with two factions to choose from, and a remarkable number of minigames, such a “Lute Hero” or “Pirate Cards“, which you may find yourself liking as much as the main story.

Congratulations to all finalists!

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