AME Spring 2012 Quarterly Review

The AME is pleased to announce the results of our Spring 2012 Quarterly review!

Christopher Escalante has won the 2009 Joint Best Sound or Music Award for his body of work published to the Neverwinter Nights Vault in 2009. From heroic to sad and light guitar to serious piano, Christopher delivers a wide range of musical themes that provoke the listener and provide excellent resources for builders in developing a module score.

The NWN1 Best Conversion or Remake Module Award (2008-2011) has completed the nominations phase and qualified to enter the finals. The finalists are:

We’re also pleased to announce the first of the finalists in the AME’s new “Special Recognition Award Series” for Neverwinter Nights 1. Spanning the entire history of NWN1 rather than only recent years, each Special Recognition Award will focus on a different theme. The first of the series to enter the finals is NWN1 Special Recognition Award: Module Series, and the finalists are:

Two other Special Recognition Awards are currently in the AME Nominations Phase. These are NWN1 Special Recognition: Coffebreak Module (for short modules that can be played in an hour or less), and  NWN1 Special Recognition: Original Setting (for creativity in creating a unique module world or setting).

Congratulations to all the Finalists and Winners!

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    […] addition to our ongoing award categories (and as described in my last update), we also began a series of “Special Recognition” awards last year. Spanning the entire […]

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