A New AME Chairman for 2010

Now that we’re approaching a new year and beginning preparation for a new awards cycle, it’s time for me to announce that I’m stepping down as Chairman of the AME. After a call for volunteers and a vote, I’m pleased to announce that 2009 Vice-Chairman Tybae has been elected as the new Chairman of the Academy for Modding Excellence.

Although I will be remaining as a member of the AME with a minimal workload, I also have a set of very ambitious plans that I need to start focusing more of my time and energy on during the coming year. Among them are a serious return to my modding and writing work, and to development of my Sanctum of the Archmage Saga. That will involve finishing the current part (The Miracle Worker) in NWN, as well as developing the final part (The Alliance) in Dragon Age. I’m in the process of forming a modding team to undertake those projects, so it’ll be a lot of work and I’m taking it very seriously.

I’ve known and worked with Tybae about two years now, and I can definitely say that the AME is in good hands with him. Congratulations, Tybae, and best of luck!


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