Looking back at 2008 (iii)

Our look back at 2008 continues…


August saw a furious burst of NWN2 winner interview posting, culminating with an interview with Zach Holbrook, a double Golden Dragon winner for Best Sound and Debut Author with Harp & Chrysanthemum. All told, 8 NWN2 Golden Dragon winners granted us interviews.

Also in August we closed a poll of over 800 people on the most important Golden Dragon award that was running on the Vault. Topping the charts were Best Roleplaying Module, Best Adventure Module and Best Custom Content. If you think otherwise, why not vote on the poll here on the forums?

And all this while the olympics were going on!


Not content with written interviews with the Golden Dragon winners, we teamed up with NWNPodcast to produce a series of winner podcast interviews with several of the 2007 winners. We also got together with a number of the NWN2 winners for a public IRC chat and then followed that up with the NWN1 winners, which was a blast!


In October I took a break from looking at NWN works, and headed over to Edmonton, Canada, for a top secret look at Dragon Age. Together with a handful of other lucky NWN modders (including 3 Golden Dragon winners), we not only saw the game, but got a first exclusive hands-on with the toolset. I then returned to Greece and tried to keep my mouth shut for the next few weeks while I waited for Bioware to go public with the news!


In our final NWN1 Golden Dragon Award winner interview of the year, we tracked down savant, winner for Best Action Module with his final instalment of the Aielund Saga. His interview marked the final of 8 2007 NWN1 Golden Dragon winner interviews for the year.

The AME members then took some well deserved downtime, with a few of us heading over to the NWNPodcast for a roundtable, where we answered what we really get up to inside the private forums of AME!

I finished the year with something of a fall to earth though, following riots in Greece. But we all survived to make it to Christmas, and to gear up for…

The 2008 cycle!

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