Looking back at 2008 (ii)

The review of 2008 continues…

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Big news! After 210 votes the 35 finalists were wittled down; the NWN2 Golden Dragon winners were announced! Highlights were a double win for Zach Holbrook and Adam Miller, whilst Alex Hugon completed his NWN 1/2 pair. Grinning Fool scooped the Community Contribution award, and Sorceress Ashura clinched the Custom Content award with a wonderful VFX pack.


We returned for our second public IRC chat, with community questions for the nominees of the NWN1 awards, including such weighty matters as how to model for ninjaweaselman’s animations. The chat generated a long free for all, including some attempts to get a winner modding group together…

Finally I manage to track down Fester Pot for our final 2006 Golden Dragon winner interview. He was late to the party, but forgiven, since he scooped two of the NWN1 2006 awards: Best Adventure and Debut Author. In 2008, his second module Shadewood also came out. The interview with Fester Pot was the 9th for the NWN1 Golden Dragon winners of 2006.

2007 Tag

Even bigger news was the release of the NWN1 2007 Golden Dragon Winners!. After 258 votes, the 34 finalists had been culled to the final 11. The clutch of winners featured a second dragon for savant, a pair for the Citadel team, and second time lucky for Andarian and WoRm. On top axe_murderer took the coveted Community Contribution award, and Lance Botelle scooped the Debut Author award.

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