Looking back at 2008…

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Since we’re now deep in the 2008 nominations cycle, I thought I’d take a time-out, and take a look at some of the highlights from last year for the Academy…


After a time on our temporary home hosted by the Review Guild, AME moves to it’s brand spanking new website, designed and implemented by AME guru Qkrch. What more need I say - you’re looking at it now!


With the members of AME now slaving over their nominations, the public forums went silent for a couple of months… much like this year!


In the first of several awesome videos led by Qkrch, the inaugural nominations for NWN2 were released. Leading the charge for awards were Wyrin D’njargo, Zach Holbrook and Adam Miller, whilst Alex Hugon was going for the distinction of taking a Golden Dragon Award for both NWN1 and NWN2 (in seperate years).


May saw the release of the NWN1 Golden Dragon nominations with Jim Grimsley featuring heavily, with 5 nominations. Coming back for a second try at gold from the previous year were also thegeorge, Andarian, WoRm and previous winner savant. But who was to go away empty handed?

In our first ever public IRC chat, we fielded questions from the community, and shot them straight at the NWN2 nominees, in a highly enjoyable chat. Getting a group of nominees in channel proved no easy task, and controlling them once there even harded, but the session was a great success, and so we planned to do a second one for the NWN1 nominees…

More to come…

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