Which is the most desirable Golden Dragon?

AMe LogoWe recently ran a poll on NWVault on which Golden Dragon interests people the most. We got some pretty interesting results - not necessarily matching what authors or panel members might like to win. Here’s the results from the poll on the Vault:

1. Best Roleplaying Module
2. Best Adventure Module
3. Best Custom Content
4. Most Replayable Module
5. Best Multiplayer Module
6. Best Tileset
7. Best PnP Conversion
8. Community Contribution
9. Debut Author
10. Best Action Module
11. Veteran Author
12. Best Sound/Music

Perhaps it’s not surprising that for the general community most of the module awards come top, but there are definitely a few surprises in there. If you didn’t get a chance to have your say (or you simply want to say it again), why not check out the poll here on the forums of AME? Or just post your comments there…

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